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    Just an Assassination Contract[Private/solo job]


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    Just an Assassination Contract[Private/solo job] Empty Just an Assassination Contract[Private/solo job]

    Post by Raiza 21st March 2016, 5:21 am


    Doing this by word count alone, following the rule G. Doing Jobs Based on Word Count Alone.  300 words per post & 25 posts minimum turns into  (Base word count total for thread/ number of players) + (minimum word count per post * number of additional players in the job)(this means the number of players in the job minus 1) becomes (7500/1) + (300*0) = 7500 words needed. HF n GL Me

    Words 7600 of 7500. Word requirement finished.

    Also following the rules that small things(such as names) can be changed so despite it being Olivia Sutton. The target will be 'Jasmine Nuiweather "The Gold Weaver", and while the general concept will all be the same, you'll notice small changes, such as name will have occurred, yet I'm still following all rules.

    'Pop', the loud silence breaking noise came from a piece of chewing gum Raiza had in his mouth. He was currently reading over a letter addressed to him.

    Dear Raiza:

     Assassination is the deliberate killing of a prominent person, and this is exactly what you did to a late mr. Greggory Cassel. This was by far an excellent kill, who ever contracted you out must have been pleased. You hit the news all the way to me. Now I am a very old man, in my 80's now, and a Mistress named Jasmine Nuiweather, or otherwise known as Jasmine the Gold Weaver. She has been known to use gold-make magic, and weave perfect golden threads, and make a fortune with dresses. She is roughly 60 years in age, and while younger than I, she was still able to best me and those details I will not give. The details I will spare is she is a very seasoned veteran, and my money has set a bounty on her head. Except there are a few things. One, you must kill her discretely... meaning no audience. You draw an audience, and then you fail. End of story. You.Will.not.be.paid. understand me? I've ensured the black market gets this letter, and will be paid to ensure you do not get paid if you fuck this up

    Now I may be old, but remember, we old people have not gotten this old by being stupid. I hope you too, become old, and in other words. I look forward to working with you in the future Mr. Raiza.  Just know... you've become quite the coming storm, and have been listed as one in the infamity records. Make sure you do not disappoint.

    Sighing when he tossed the letter down towards the trash. Raiza would sit up, hands folded over one another and his chin rested on them. "Word is spreading fast of my deeds in that city, and more so, another assassination contract has come my way. There have been plenty I've turned down. I work for the guild, and jobs that come to the guild, but this still draws my attention. What do you think?" Raiza's gaze did not shift, but rather stayed focused on the fire in front of him. He was sitting on one of the couches in the guild hall, it was empty at this time of night, all but a few members were around, and the typicl 'aid' such as a butler or two.

    Though who he was talking to (Npc) was another mage, about his rank, whom he had passed his last contract to. "Raiza, in all honesty, this could continue to bring more attention to the Savage Skull guild, and the alliance"

    While this was true, it only angered Raiza "With all respect to the guildmasters... fuck the alliance. It was formed when Master Harrigan was around, and frankly, now that I've taken an interest in guild politics, I've learned a few things. The world is thinking the dark guilds are dying. More so... I'm inclined to believe them. When has the last time Basilisk Fang or Tartarus has tried to interact with us. Has the alliance been reinforced since Mistress Janneline took the throne? Even so... I dont think the world, or the dark alliance would miss that alliance. it should be reborn anyways. The alliance, reforged with new terms, new laws, and a new power"

    It was harsh words, but true, and the mage near Raiza knew it was true "Raiza, those can be treasonous words if those guilds heard you. While you're safe to say that here... I'd not advise you going to either guild and saying such. You'll defiantly have you're head removed from your body"

    Sighing only more, Raiza shook his head "A perk of being in an alliance, each guild knows who leads. Famine is of Basilisk fang, and I've not even heard of them being part of the eleven sinners. So this means they've kept a low head.... why? I'm sure they're strong, but I don't know. Then there is Tartarus. The leader is Gil, no? Another mage I've not even heard so much as a lick about yet. At least when I joined Savage Skull... I heard of Lord Harrigan prior to joining. A fear hit me prior to stepping through those doors, and a fear hit me hard when I met the first member. Thorn was lethal just to look at wrong. Then there was Alleria, she nearly killed me, weather I wish to believe it or not, it took everything I had to stand against her in my training. There were members i still hardly know yet... I know their power. Yet, we're in a state that recently, we slowly begin to rise up. It'd not be a surprise to me ifeither Tartarus or Basilisk fang would attack one another, to consume the other guild. It'd be better anyways, or someone to finally get fed up and leave the guilds to start their own."

    With his last words, a knife was swiped towards Raiza's face. A soft sigh escaped his lips, and the reality faded. The 'game' had ended. "Shame you had to attack in that game. It was fun". Though before he finished, the man had already walked away. It was only thanks to Raiza's reality changing magic, the 'lets play a game'. He had changed and allowed a private conversation to go down, along with an un-finished.

    "Shame... but the game was already over anyways. One move would have been checkmate"

    All too true words as Raiza began to walk out of the guild hall. "Fine... job accepted" Though a killing like this meant preparation. This preparation was no easy feet either. His target was estimated to be a B-rank mage in terms of power, but an A-rank mage in terms of experiance. She was supposed to be an A-rank mage back in her youth, but now that shes gotten very old, she was lucky to be B-rank. Even the typical thoughts of how to kill began to run through Raiza's head as he started to head towards the ride he had long pre-arranged just in case of this moment. A simple undead horse(npc) to take him to the edge of the forest, where he'd be taking a black market cab ride(npc) to the town where the target was said to be residing, as well as his contractor would be for delivery payment.

    It was always good to plan ahead, had he simply decided not to take the job, he'd of gone anyways for provisions to take home, but now that he was headed there, time to do some work, and continue to make a name for himself. This 'gold-weaver' was going to die when he put his mark on her.

    =time skip to near end of the cab ride=

    'hmm... a poison could work, although one thing just kept popping up regardless. This woman was supposed to be a seasoned veteran. Any possible body guards would be an issue. However, first was to learn her daily 'routes' to figure out when and where she went. It'd be a typical task, although Raiza already had a nice little plan. He knew a new spell he had picked up after an attempt to combine two spells, his H.U.D showed him a new flag called 'fusion spell acquired'. It was called 'sniper fire', bringing his range with the gun sword to a whooping 600meters. Roughly 2000 feet to be exact, or enough to snipe from a high towering building, down to an ally way if he could detour her. However, to do such he required a distraction. Another spell could do that, however mana loss was still a factor he had to consider in all of this.

    Stealth could be an option too. He had aquired a stealth spell, silently hide in the shadows, strike and kill her before anything can be heard. However if the contractor was right, then this woman would have enough experience to know when she was being followed. How many eyes did she have in the town? Was she so well known she had enough eyes to catch her opponent off guard before they even stepped into the town? If she truly used gold-make magic, then a potential defense layer around her body existed... which could pose a threat to Raiza's sniper fire, as well as any kind of offensive attack at all. Not to mention, any form of explosive damage must be excluded from his plans.

    Silent, no watchers, kill the target, this has to be planned accordingly, and it was no easy task either. "Hey, cab driver. You know much about the general structure of Hargeon town? Where are the most busiest of places?"

    A snide grin and a chuckle from the derranged cab driver "looking to screw the general public again with a big bang are we Raiza?"

    Though a smile on Raiza's face as his eyes seemed to glistened "You see, two can keep a secret, if one of them is... dead, so can you understand?" His words held meaning, one that he was not afraid to kill the cab driver, it was a mutual respect at this point

    Though the insane cab driver only chuckled "so thats it...hehe.. well then I'll tell you. The port and any of the shopping districts are the most fluent with people. Next would be the areas of residency as kids are typically at play. So I suggest elsewhere, and obviously... at night"

    A smile as Raiza nodded "Good. Then I'm assuming a park perhaps. Has quite the number of places to do. My contractor didn't tell me to hide the body. Only to have no onlookers." The cruel sound of his voice rang when he spoke the words of death. He knew the cab driver was sworn to an oath to never tell, and besides...he was already dead to the public, the only one he could tell would be the underground, which they never dealt with anything. It was a guildless group that many guilds bought their supplies, or 'rides' like this from, rather than traveling all the time.

    Though soon, he felt the car slide to a stop. His ride was over, and the jewels were handed over. "my gratitude goes out to your service once again, I'll think about the park, but to me it may just be too open", his straight and narrow expression never changing once as he turned away, a flick of his cloak over him as he began the walk towards the metaphorical hanging he'd be giving to another.

    The cab driver vanishing behind him, the tracks slowly vanishing with them. Nothing short of the hidden black market cab service after all. No trace in or out of the edges of any town. Keep it clean, keep it off their heels. It was no problem at all. "Right...so" Raiza whispered to himself, keeping the thoughts of exactly how this job would go down, once again trying to calculate everything in a split second.

    Every small detail was calculated until once again the spell popped on is Heads up display. It was the same that popped up back when he got out of the infirmary and had done the job with Thorn. The spell was called 'in the zone', and the description of it when he actually brought up the file, it was interesting. Heightened calculation power. However it was quite limited. This lasted a few minutes, but it allowed him to calculate entire fights...no entire small wars within a second no doubt. Things he already could calculate but take small fragments of time.

    It was an interesting theory to work with, being able to calculate that much at once. He remembered using it on his past job with Thorn, but the calculations were not that vast. In fact, maybe this use of the spell would come to a new fruition of use. After all, perfection comes with practice.

    The day was still bright, and the sun still rising. Raiza had only today to draw in every key detail, every small fragment of information he could, and he had already had no idea where his target was. Start small, start discreet that was how he was going to get this job done no doubt about it.

    Deciding to indeed, take it small. Raiza went off towards the market street, to the most obvious place ever, but not before a snide little change. Activating his character generator to mask not just his physical but his magical presence. Many changes, from his entire wardrobe would change into an older man, late fifties, yet clearly defined as a well respectable guy.

    Not to forget the good ol' cane in hand, Raiza smirked. 'one hour, that is my limit' he muttered, keeping the appearance up, he brushed his hand through the now white hair of his, ensuring to have gotten a couple bald spots here and there. The easiest place to start? Gold-weaver's shop. The one and only shop that is said to sell the unique golden dresses. A smart move on Jasmine's part, monopolizing by only letting one shop sell her brand, and market at a price she felt was fair. Increase the revanue, this woman was a tycoon as well as a veteran mage. Then again, this is why gold based magic was nearly unheard of. Said mages typically are killed or abducted for their power.

    While Raiza had a few plans for how to take care of the gold-weaver, most notably, would be the chemical compounds of it. Gold by all rights was a highly conductive element. Only to be topped by silver and copper. immediately this makes electrical and heat based magic highly useful, however what about going the non-magical route. Destroy the gold entirely. After all, if  he could do something to eliminate the gold-make's physical properties it'd work perfectly.

    Though Raiza was far from a chemist, and had no idea any possible chemical ways to beat gold. Even if he did, such a win would not even be fun for him at this point. However, what about integrating fall back plans. Simple, once he finds out where the gold-weaver lives, he'll head out to a library, then... time to persue while he works with his various plans. However when should he activate the calculations ability? before or during the fight? During the fight could give him an extreme edge. While before the fight, may help his preparations. It'll be interesting but time to focus on just task one. Find and seek out the gold-weaver.

    His slow walking eventually did make it to her shop. The golden dress being the first thing that popped in his mind. All it would take, is a quick theft, and he'd have a nice little present for Thorn, however that much gold, even Thorn would find tacky no doubt. Though back to the job at hand, Raiza took notice of the shop, scanning everything possible before making his way to the counter.

    "H..H-Hi", he would make a bad coughing sound "My grand daughter's wedding is soon, and I'd like to buy the best for her. I'm new to town, because I heard of the fine woman that made these dresses. Would it be possible to set up some sort of appointment to get sizes made up?"

    His ruse seemed to work when the worker only smiled "Yes Sir, Lady Jasmine is out right now. She'll be back in a couple hours before she heads home, however don't expect the dress to be made today, today is her bird feeding day. You can stick around here if you'd like"

    While it confused Raiza, he noddd "bird feeding?" he'd reply back, trying to understand not what, but where she did. After all, such a hobby was sooo cliche, and the fact it was part of this woman's routine for this set day was just dumb luck. However, it'd be too boring to just go kill her in her house or something like that.

    "Yeah, she goes to the park every weekend. Sits and enjoys the day. Shes a busy worker, once she stops, the brand will stop, shes simply working too hard." Seeming concerned, the woman smiled.

    Accepting this answer, Raiza turned to leave "Hours you said? A...alrighty, i'll be back if my back lets me. I need to go back to the place I'm renting, get my pain killers in me, and then come back later. sorry for the trouble" hobbling away, the dark mage only began the first part of his plan. Location was a key detail he still must complete. Now that he knew a time-frame to perform the action, now all that was left for planning was three last details. Location, the route, and any guards that can spring up. After all, body guards were not a thing, but the potential patrolling city guard still existed. They could defiantly be a nuisance to the mission at hand.

    First up, the route. He knew the city fairly well himself, having done a couple jobs here in the past made him aware of the town's back roads, and main roads. The elderly women no doubt would be taking the shortest route possible right? or was she one of the kinds that liked to go the nice and long route. Either way... digging must be done.

    "and that digging...will be an easy task." Raiza's words escaped just as he paced around the busy streets. Perhaps limit her? Take out what possible routes could be made, however one thing that was holding his calculations back was the fact that this job required no one else to be involved. As much as such an ordeal like this made it harder to not just get it over with by simply bombing the house... ney the entire block

    This alone just did not set right with Raiza, too many factors laid against him, and his entire hour he had left on the character generator spell was almost over. His face may be well known soon, and by this time, he knew the job could be an utter failure if he did not act fast...fast enough at least

    Then it hit him. "In the zone activated!", the moment he did such. Calculations began to spread out before him. Entire text books he had read, even from what seemed like past memories. Even the smallest calculations began to fly by withinin a second, but this second felt like an eternity. His mind nearly feeling numb as this entire spell went down again. The first time had not this great of an impact, but now he was stressing the spell.

    The calculations were as follows

    -Begin calculations(skip calculations if you're too bored with it)

    5,378° F is the boiling point of gold. 6,256° F is optimal for the combat based heat that will be needed. White phosphorus burns at around 5,070 °F which is too low for such a heat that is needed. My explosions can reach upwards from 9,635° F to estimations of 16,258° F. Too loud but still effective. The chemical contents of an explosion, based on Raiza's magic are entirely due to the burst of magical energy from his spell. Closest examination could be an electrical bomb, possibly war scenario games taking a play meaning the explosions could be that of a hand grenade. Hard to compare as even Raiza has no clue which origin his splash damage spell was created, however another thing came to mind near instantly

    Salt water, and an electrical current could easily become a nasty surprise and much more viable. The town is near that of sea water, and is no doubt a downside to Jasmine's gold-make magic that even she did not plan out to. Raiza could enlist the help of the dock workers to haul salt water to contain some pet fish, but the ammount needed would be far too much, and furthermore, finding a great electrical current would be too hard.

    No potential fights being able to ensure perfect success, routing to sniper fire for silent death.

    It was then an entire photographic memory appeared as if walking down the ally with a measuring tape. 11 feet, 10 feet, 12 feet, 12 feet, 10 feet, 11 feet, 11 feet, 9 feet, 5 feet, 10 feet and 13 feet. Those were every single alley way that was or could be used from the target's house to the shop. The lengths of each alley depended greatly as the town was built not in a block fashion. The lengths were 37 feet, 40 feet, 52 feet, 29 feet 30 feet, 33 feet, 42 feet, 46 feet, 39 feet, 28 feet, and lastly 46 feet. Each ally was not that long. The 11 foot wide, and 52 foot long ally was optimal for longer range, however not from that ally. It stretched past a rode, only to continue another 40 feet. A long 92 foot scope range. The heighest building that has entire scope of that is the church. The clock tower is a total of roughly 55 feet up. Total distance from this building to the far end of the ally? 284 feet at the longest. Zero blind spots, and the shortest distance for the ally stretch being 192. The street zone at either spot of the ally is not recommended. Calculations for the encounter being the first ally. Scope gap of 52 feet is not plausable, needing at least 10 feet both ways to prevent any pedestrians from overhearing any chatter. total scope zone being 32 feet. Meaning 274 to 242 feet. Bullets travel 75 miles an hour. Time to reach target at furthest distance equals two seconds. Time to reach target at shortest distance is still within the two second time frame. Potential reaction time too great. Must reduce to 0.1 seconds of reaction time. Target is calculated to be able to move at least 30 to 40 mph with magical help despite age. Calculations going with highest possibility of 40 mph. Potential travel time within two seconds equates to 117 feet at best. Too great of a possibility to dodge or get into public.

    End result...job failed

    Ally street # two recommendation. Blind spots found, three. Potential threat risks minimal, potential scope zone 22 feet of 42 feet. Encountered on the second side of the street. Blind spots deny any close to inner wall. Blind fire plausible with detonation for kill. Silence still needed, but no on-lookers will have occurred. With calculation number one already present, target may move too fast for this encounter

    Re-routing calculations to 'slow' target or to take by surprise. Adding into calculations of self encounter using 'Gank em' spell. Replication of one's self to cast spell. Total mana cost required for combination of spells 55% potential mana consumption for all spells required. Gank, sniper, rouge's shade, and giving a leeway of few combinations plausible for potential use. Potential mana required for fight equates to 75% mana. Gap too large. Haste being calculated in for miss fires and mana recovery. Too great of gap required. Optimizing a better solution. Potential second fire using momentum. Re-locating and optimizing a sniper fire location for one second bullet travel. Current chance of success routing fact advanced sensory. 52% Not optimal enough for perfect success. Recalculating for other options.

    Allies 3, 4, 7, 11 found. Optimal encounter rate, 10% 50%, 25%, 15% of the four. Distances have been put into calculations. Potential cab drivers, or automative magical vehicles. None in photographic memory bank. Chance of success 24% rate. Target too advanced for any ally fire Target walks to shop, no other form of travel found. Potential travel is used, if performed, re-calculate to another day or at night. Target lives within town, will be prime target in house.

    Distance from bedroom bed to best optimal sniper location is 762 feet. Time calculated to react to sniper fire is only one second. Calculation of best optimal time finalized. Target location for assassination found. Bedroom 'bed'. Chance of success 92.5% with distance being still too close. Target may potentially sense sniper's location and sudden spell use. Must relocate to near maximum range. 1968.5 feet calculated prior to bullet vanish. Distance found to said target. Accessing memory of any potential sniper locations near that range

    Target found at 1624.4 feet. from potential assassination area. Target being a sea bound buoy. Using 3 degee arc change. Room for error is marginable. Rate of success calculated to be 99.8%

    Re-optimizing for 100% if possible.

    Optimizing for perfect time of day to further increase possibility of rate of success being 100%.

    Night time found for optimal success rate. Increases by .0533%

    Optimizing for weather conditions for rate of success being 100%

    Found optimal weather condition being Thunderstorm. Improves rate of success by .07683753567935789%

    Potential of storm over head during time is 24% Potential causes being 'fires' Cause evaporation, and potential increase to clouds. Re-routing potential causes to mass fires.

    No potential causes without jeopardizing mission. Reverting back to last calculation, optimizing for 99.8533% rate of success

    Target time and location found. Target shall be in room, and optimal time being 6Pm to 3PM of time.

    Now searching current weather patterns, potential rain storm of a 75% chance or greater found. Three day from now.

    -end mass calculations-

    Now that much of the calculations were over, Raiza knew more than ever he now had to wait for three days. Not to mention the slight ruse of him talking to the worker may add up suspicion if he never showed up again. However that was just one idle thought. His main concern now  was to leave town, contact the black market to stop the cab from arriving until the right time.

    It was no hard task, most dark mages would know the rigth ally to turn, the right wall to knock, and the right box to move to reveal the entrence perfectly. The smallest of details had him sitting in the back of the black market. Small arms being sold, documents, pass ports, identifications, and appearance changing lacrima. Everything here was the typical norm, but a smile on a few faces to those that Raiza knew were new to this game. Key thing, is those that go here do not normally smile, and for good reason.

    "Contact the lurker for me. I'll need my ride changed. Time for pick up will no longer be tonight at 11pm. Instead, four days from now. Time will be 12:30am for pickup. My usual spot will be good. I'm also paying for a 'window' time of an hour."

    The man only grumbled taking the small far of jewels Raiza passed to him "Not enough" the shaded man would speak out in a nasty tone

    "Not enough? What the hell man". Obviously not impressed with the rate, Raiza thought long and hard of all the calculations he had "I paid for the ride. I'm paying for the change of time. Its more than twelve hours in advance, and the window time is flat rate"

    Shaking his head the man only grumbled "Easy Raiza, the rates went up since you became more known to the world. It is a lot harder to get you in and out of places. I'll give you the old rate this last time, just remember now your rates have gone up by 10%. Careful you do not get too well known. You'll be marked as one hell of a rogue mage."

    Hearing the man's words he slipped the extra jewels forward anyways "Erik, you need to eat too. No need in me skipping out on an honest charge. I may be evil, but at least I'm honorable to a few. Take it, and ensure my ride is there. Bye "

    Before the merchant could respond, Raiza had cloaked himself and was gone. now all that was left to do was to prepare for the next three days. Mark the target, make sure every calculation was precise. In fact, his prior calculations, everything done within a second was just a fraction of the number he could have calculated. The description of his magic while accessing his Heads up display showed it could calculate well over a thousand attributes at once. What he just did was not even a hundred yet he did calculate roughly ten fights worth as well, all ending in various outcomes with X-factors winning and had been back logged so far that he knew this target would be a required target to take from long range.

    So, time is not to be wasted, as Raiza headed out of town. Time to ensure deadly calculations could be prepared, and unison with another spell he had in mind. Though one thing he wished entirely to be able to access right now was Thorn's plant magic. It would be a nice detourent to cause some small poison within the town, cause a tiny illness to cause his target to be for sure within sight of his scope.

    Another issue he had was just because his gun sword could fire near 2,000 feet away, he couldn't see that far in such a minor degree that he knew to extend his sight, he required a second pair of eyes with a binocular to see that far.  Which involved a new thought to his way he was going to perform this spell combo.

    Once Raiza was a well far off distance, something he had planned was to cast the spell 'gank em', causing two replications of himself to appear. Both seemed shadowy in appaearance, evil while wearing his clothes. "If I could use the plants like you Thorn... I would. I promise not to miss, I wont hurt your kin with this shot, I do promise you this".

    Posting up his sniper position on a rock while one of his two copies would run off into a distance equivalent to 1,900 feet away. No trees or plants in the way, a straight narrow shot with an arc. as the clone went on top of a hill.

    "I may make only a few shots before my mana runs out. Time to practice a couple fires at that range." He even had his clone in the distance close their eyes in attempt to prevent a close up sight to the bullet. While the one clone would grab Raiza's binoculars and peer through them. Target is identified at 1899.4 feet exactly. This was a perk of the hive mind. Raiza could control the three flawlessly, and he had to make sure he was able to control the bullet from this far away. After all, such a shot would no doubt be a bit harder than normal without this method.

    Regardless, Raiza would exhale a deep breath, pacing every single moment before inhaling. Training his breathing to slow before the trigger was pulled. The bullet traveled fairly fast. In fact, Raiza wished it had gone faster, but only had a split second to use the binocular'd clone to hive mind link exactly how far he had to curve the bullet at the end. He only got a margin of 3degrees from the point the trigger was fired, but at that distance, it allowed for one hell of a curve. 3 degrees after all would allow a margin of at least the entire window from such a distance. The bullet at that range even appeared as it would have missed had Raiza not curved perfectly to the head of his clone, except discounting the fact a curve like that made him over shoot, hitting the clone in shoulder instead.

    Sighing, and waiting for the cooldown to occur, Raiza had picked back up only to try again. Luckily his haste ability kept his magic up, and he had twix to thank for the stability as it provided one hell of a bipod by using it's morphable body. Everything had to be right at this time, and something he knew was the rocking of the buoy would happen with rain, and a storm going on. This was simulated by Twix actually rocking both Raiza and his clone.

    It wouldn't be wrong to say firing at this distance was no easy feet, not at first. The days went by fairly quickly, The number of clones he had to re-make was astronomical because they'd die from being shot in places not the direct head, and just re-fired upon. Or the magical power in their body would just simply 'run out'. Eventually Raiza had perfected the curving ability of the bullet, and was able to hit his mark. "Just for insurance... I am so going to activate that calculations spell the second before I pull the trigger."

    After all it was that spell that made sure he was able to calculate how and where to take the target out. Even now storm clouds were over head just like his calculations predicted. The speed the clouds had been moving, and the wind traveling speed. Everything was calculated up to this very day. The day for the assassination was upon him. having slept in the woods the past few days to prepare while he trained his shot, ensuring he would be able to make such a distance before setting off back into town.

    However this was far from a simple job. Now that he had this down pact, he knew he had his sniper unit. Oh no, he wouldn't be the one firing after all. Why waste such a shot from him, rather use his gank em spell to create the two clones, and then using hive mind, have the perfect shot, then simply fade away. The bullet's origin would have no trace that way, while Raiza would be able to close in just in case anything went down. Besides, just in case the woman had some gold-woven defense, he had to be sure to finish her off one way or another, no?

    Well that is where his other half of his plan came down to it. Use his real body to approach her in true combat, while his two copy clones would pull the trigger from far away, it'd allow him to have a single sneak attack, one that was designed to be done if he were to require it, and more so, allow him to deliver alternate means of the death. What he couldn't calculate would be the X-factors, and this was his method to avoid the X-factors.

    Starting off his plan was to wait for the potential storm to happen. The time of day was now 6:53 PM. The target should be at the store, and about to head home. Clouds were overhead and quickly darkening. So it seemed the calculation of rain was ineed correct. The first sign of a drizzle had Raiza smiling. The target's route was unsure, but Raiza knew Jasmine's current location was at the store. This ensured him he would be able to keep an eye on the target once more.

    Transforming using his character generator spell just to idly walk around town. This time he appeared as a man in their late 30's. He looked youthful, but worn as if a hard day of work. Even so much to ensure he spent time near the port to have that distinct smell on him so while he tailed his target, they would have no possible clue, or at least so he hoped they would have no clue.

    Quickly the storm picked up. The first crack of lightning happened near the park, and this qued Raiza to activate his gank em' spell, sending both clones off into the water where the buoy would be.Dressed in a dark blue color, ensuring no one would try to see him. The sun had long set and it was now close to 8pm. The target had started to leave the shop exactly two minutes prior to the hour. Raiza however, kept his distance, allowing his clones to keep a sniper's watch while they could. One clone had climbed onto a boat nearby for the height, while the other remained on the buoy.

    The real Raiza however began to make his way to the target's place of residence, activating his rogue's shade technique to slip into a shadow near by. It would not be long now until the target would be dead, and this kill would profit him some nice jewel income. Though what he planned to get out of this was more than just profit. He was getting his name further out there for black market deeds. Hopefully a new assassination with much harder requirements would make it's way to him someday.

    Either way, time to think of that was done, it was now 8:25 and the target arrived home. It meant she took a long way around, while Raiza cut straight there.  All pieces were in place and now Raiza watched his target unlock the door. A piece of cake this mission would be Raiza thought as he kept his rogue's shade spell in use, quickly making his way from the shadow into another, and until hand, would reach inside the building.

    So far the woman did not seem to notice Raiza lurking within her house as she went so far to prepare food for herself. Typical... the target has no reason to head to bed yet, which only forced Raiza to stay longer, slowly keeping his aim precise with the clones. Though he could attempt to make the kill here, except this wasn't calculated, the fight downstairs left him too well unprepared, and more so, his preparation of sniper fire then casting gank em, and rogue's shade left him with roughly 60% of his mana left. Not to mention the casting of character generator also dropped him down, as well as his barrier spell to ensure no traps would hit him. This meant he actually only had 40% of his mana left for a fight.

    Though he was well prepared for the target now too. Once she finally ate, and began to make her way upstairs, next was a shower. 'please do not come out naked' was Raiza's thought process, slipping past the hallways and making his way into the bedroom that was marked as the assassination room. He would hide within the shadow of the dim room by using his rogue's shade spell. All that was left now was to just wait. Time was now 9:48

    Though the wait was not long, and even Raiza knew this outcome was starting to be too well done. His target had walked past his hiding spot behind the door. He slowly would creep out while the woman stood facing away from him preparing her hair in some curlers.

    "You dark mages sure have slipped in that stealth factor. Back in my day, they were a bigger threat" The woman had caught him? but how? When? Where?

    Raiza had instantly jumped forward with his Gun sword at hand aiming to for her torso with the pull of a trigger. The shot being deflected by a golden strand that seemed to come from...the carpet

    "The carpet... its gold woven isnt it..." grunting is distaste of the last ditch defensive measure, he knew this would have been a hard fight, but now trying to fight someone with gold all over their entire house would be a lot harder.

    "My sensory... is golden you see. The moment you touched that gold dress three days ago I sensed your true magic, an illusionary magic. I will admit... the only thing that stumped me is why you vanished out of town for a few days. Shame really, though you'll be arrested or dead in a few minutes anyways." Jasmine spoke like a true veteran of magic, she  had golden threads already floating all around the room, making any slight bit of light reflect and make the room seem to sparkle. The threads had even tangled around Raiza's entire body, yet unable to break past the barrier of his, yet they did seem to start to destroy it by applying pressure.

    "if it wasn't for your barrier, you'd be missing all of your limbs right now. Count your blessing, I feel it weakening already." She only taunted Raiza whom was stuck in the spot he was in right now,

    "so... who sent you? Oh... wait I'm guessing it was the same that has sent the past two dark mages my way? No matter, Good bye" Acting as if she won the threads began to crack the barrier spell, it was already almost gone, but Raiza used another spell, a warping one to avoid being sliced to pieces by the threads. The woman still not near the window could not be fired upon, but Raiza had to ensure she was going to be killed with that tactic. Which is why he activated his haste's ability, to refresh his barrier technique, as the cooldown on it was reduced signifigantly, dropping him down to 20% mana left, and at least giving him a potential shot. Four shots in fact to fly towards the woman, whom would step back into the window's death area. Each shot aimed towards her, but the strings got to him again.

    Warping once more, and that was all his spell use allowed was two warps, he eagerly pulled the trigger three more times. Each shot aimed for her, and Raiza had already calculated one thing. If she was using gold make thread to block, then she had no gold make skin. Her entire gold-make was thread based!

    "You missed, every single shot so far. Now, you're dead!" It was true, he had missed every shot so far. The threads wrapped around his body once again, this time they began to move his body like a puppet. Cracking the barrier around his skin just by applying pressure, Raiza's gunblade began to start moving towards himself, the barrel slowly making its way towards his face. Yet Raiza could only chuckle. "all except this next bullet...right?" he questioned. However it wasnt the bullet that he was about to be forced to fire upon himself, no it was the bullet now just being shot by his clone.

    "Of course, now you will Di---" she had been cut off by the fact a bullet crashed through her window and make it's mark through her head, avoiding the use of the reaper's scythe ability, Raiza wanted to ensure physical brain damage, and a ensured death. The woman would fall onto the gold woven bed spread, releasing Raiza. The deed finally done and the plan a success. However, he was still all too bitter about this. Had he not had that plan, then the shot to him would have no doubt started to cause a rather hard battle. Even his pet Twix would have no doubt been barely enough to fight this gold-maker whom had some number of years of experience.

    "No Jasmine, I may not be as experienced, and yes the dark guilds may have weakened, however this is not a problem to me you see. We will rise up eventually... and we will be known soon. Even now, I will ensure the ones that clean this place of your body, and your death, they will know to fear the coming storms"

    Going so far as to use Jasmine's blood to write a message on the wall

    'Death is just but part of the game to me. Darkness will rise!'

    Now, going so far as to enter the woman's kitchen, find a sharp knife and quickly heat it up over the stove he would brand the word 'Checkmate' onto Jasmine's body before leaving the house, and to ensure everything would be found, he had stabbed the knife into the front door, blood still dripping from it.

    "Target down, now to just get paid", a sinister chuckle radiated from Raiza after those words were spoken. In fact he went so far as to head to the black market, to show the picture he had taken to the man "Target Eliminated" , his words struck the room cold. Some were here in the room for not as dark things, be it drugs, or passports, but for Raiza this was more than just some intimidation factor.

    "I'll inform him that the gold-weaver is dead. will you need a clean up crew?" the voice was deeper than before, yet Raiza knew it was still the same guy he talked to days ago.

    "no, I left a message for the legal guilds. Besides Lamia Scale will be in for a shock that their home town was struck with a loss of one of their profit makers, and a veteran mage. I wonder if she was still part of Lamia Scale or not. It matters not to me, but they know now, they may just be... next"

    With those words, and receiving his payment he knew he had to get out of town fast. Though he just spoke with words of insult to Lamia Scale, he had no intention of waiting for that guild to hear word someone was killed within their village. Besides, who ever saw a black streak over the buildings and curve into that woman's home would no doubt have called authorities by now.

    Even leaving the town, he had noticed guards, and potential Lamia Scale members(assumption and npc) would have made their way to investigate the matter. Raiza didn't exactly let it be known who had done this, but his words were no doubt going to strike deep into some. This was the marking of a new string of assassinations he would be performing.


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