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    Passports and big crowds (Job/Solo)


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    Passports and big crowds (Job/Solo) Empty Passports and big crowds (Job/Solo)

    Post by Killua 22nd July 2018, 4:12 am

    Job Info:
    Job Title: To Earthland...And Beyond!

    Rank: D

    Player Requirements: Must be at least D-Rank and have joined a Guild or be a wandering mage. If you've joined a Dark Guild, you must claim too be from one of the Light Guilds or your passport will not be issued.  

    Job Requirements: 5 posts. 100 words per post. (or 500 words total)

    Job Location: Hargeon Town or Rose Garden

    Job Description: A huge line of bustling people are going nuts in front of the Docks, it looks like Wall Street on a bad day. Families, children, old folks attempting to go on vacation; everyone's clamoring for a Passport! Count Sparrow and the Magic Council have reopened Fiore's borders to outsiders, and in turn, have opened the borders too Seven, Bosco, and Minstrel as a show of peace.

    Fiore, along with Bellum and Seven has always produced some of the most skilled wizards in all of Earthland; and so, the Magic Council has decided to offer the services of our wizards here in Fiore abroad in other Nations (for a hefty fee of course!); obtain your passport! Cut in line! Or wait in line! Do whatever is necessary! Because people are going crazy trying to get their entire families Passports registered!

    Enemies: (None)

    Reward: Passport (Access to International Jobs and Casual RPing in Other Nations)

    Sara was walking through the streets of Hargeon to its docks. For some reason the streets were empty, shops only had there shopkeepers their, restaurants had their staff outside on the tables just sitting there without customers. 'Odd' Sara thought as she continued walking through the empty streets of Hargeon. 'Don't tell me that everyone is for the passport' she thought as realization hit her ,face gaining an annoyed expression, she hoped that they were just somewhere else, doing something at home or whatever. Turning the corner she had only a little bit more before reaching the docks, the only problem was that she could already hear the sounds of people complaining or anything else, she could hear them and her worst fear for the day was coming true, waiting in line to get her passport, she really wanted to get this over with quick and go back to the guild to find a job that would pay her. Turning the last corner she was horrified 'GOD why do you hate me' she said in her mind while looking to the skies. While she was looking at the sky and berating whoever was up for her luck, she realized that more and more people were taking places in the line in front of her. Quickly taking a place behind the last person in the line she turned her head and saw even more people coming. Single's, couples and family's with children were coming to get a passport, they were flooding like crows. "This is going to be a long day" she murmured.

    The line was going slow her guess was a lot of families were getting passports. It was boring ,waiting in line, no one to talk to except the few strangers that tried to talk to Sara or tried to get in front of her that she quickly crushed their hopes. Some people even tried to cut to first saying they were there a few minutes ago and they had to get something from the back. 'I could easily skip them' Sara really wanted to skip them she could easily enhance her speed with her magic and waltz past them without even them noticing until the very end and how were they gonna prove she wasn't in front of them before that she wasn't that tall to stand out. The only thing  was if there was another mage, he would be able to track her and if he wanted he could call her out once she had cut the line. Not wanting to risk it and put a bad name for herself and the guild that she recently joined, Crystal Swan she would just wait the line out it seems. The slow almost as if its not moving line. She crossed her arms 'Its been hours' irritation was getting to her 'God if i wasn't at the end i would have skipp-' her thoughts were interrupted as she heard the man behind the counter scream "Next". Sara moved forward as the man spoke up again. "State your name and guild" "Sara Ravencrest of Crystal Swan" pulling down her coat to show her black with purple outline guild tattoo just bellow her left shoulder. The man took a quick glance at the guild tattoo before looking down at something that Sara couldn't see. A few moments passes and he pushed up her passport for her to take. "Here you go and have a nice day,NEXT" he finished as Sara quickly scurried away with her new passport. She took a final glance at the crowd of people before leaving, sticking her tongue out a bit in a mocking manner
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