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    Obtaining Two Tiny Passports // Solo Job


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    Obtaining Two Tiny Passports // Solo Job Empty Obtaining Two Tiny Passports // Solo Job

    Post by ly Sat Sep 30, 2017 12:20 am

    Faye's Appearance.
    Cherry's Appearance.

    "Faye, how much farther until we are there? I'm starting to get tired!" Cherry exclaimed, as her and Faye hopped and glided from the rooftops from building to building in Hargeon Town. "We should be there soon. We are headed to the docks, so it will be on the outskirts. Haven't you been in the city before?" Faye asked her companion, Cherry, which was scaling the walls of the buildings they were hopping across with her sticky pads on her humanoid fingers. If she were to be in her insect form she would be able to fly, but Faye decided to dress her in a rather photogenic outfit for the photos that would be on their passports they would be receiving that day. Faye was wearing a small, black dress with a red cardigan, which featured long white socks and beige boot-heels, while Cherry was wearing a ladybug-print skirt with a white tank-top and beige hat. This made them appear rather human, even though their size was at the abnormal height of two inches tall.

    After hopping from a few more rooftops of buildings stretching across the city, they had finally made it to the last buildings on the outskirts of the city of Hargeon. "I need a break!" Cherry exclaimed, as she sat down on the edge of the building with her commander. Faye sat next to her, and held her Koropokkuru leaf over their heads to use it as shade from the hot sun. After they sipped a few drops of water out of their flasks that Faye had been carrying in her beige-purse, they proceeded to stand and hold hands. "So the plan is that we will both jump while holding onto the leaf, and we will glide onto the front desk of the area they are handing out the passports. It looks like it is just opening, so we may be able to be the first ones there. Deal?" Faye asked her ladybug, as she held onto the leaf. "Aye!" she exclaimed in response, as they began to sprint across the ledge and proceed to glide across the calm sky.

    After they had glided across the area to the desks, they had made a perfectly-suited landing among both individuals. They were standing in-front of a man in a royal uniform, which appeared to be registering the information of the passports in their database. "Hello sir, two passports please." Faye told him, as he looked down and raised an eyebrow. "Hmm.. Guild please? I did not expect to see such small individuals here today." the man said, as Cherry began to giggle. "Lamia Scale." Faye told him, as she turned around to show the green guild-mark on the back of her neck, which was covered by her hair which was tied in a pony-tail. "Now all I need are photos." he said, as he pulled out a lacrima that focused on both of the girls and snapped their pictures immediately. "Thank you, here they are." he said, as he slid two tiny pieces of paper toward their direction. "Thank you." Faye told him, as Cherry burst into flowers to turn into a ladybug.

    "Now time to go back to Lignum Minores Villas!" Cherry exclaimed, as they both began to run across the flat and wooden hand-railings of the docks to the areas of the outer houses. Faye caused an updraft of wind to shoot them to the roofs, and they began to hop across each and every one until they made it back to their hidden nation in the same town.

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    Obtaining Two Tiny Passports // Solo Job ZyLEllh

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