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    Passports [Job]

    Ivan Dragunov
    Ivan Dragunov

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    Passports [Job] Empty Passports [Job]

    Post by Ivan Dragunov 19th December 2021, 9:46 pm

    It had been a few months since Ivan had arrived at the ace of spades, he had been neglecting take care of his paper works for awhile and decided it was time for him to sort out his documents. Along with Ivan was his good friend and mentor, Rowan. Through some sort of miracle the two survived. Ivan had to take quite sometime to convince Rowan to come join him, begrudgingly his Goliath of a brother agreed. As the two walked through the city, the eyes of residents followed them as the passed by. It was only natural, after all, Ivan stood tall at a solid 6'2" while Rowan stood at a whopping 7 feet tall. Rowan naturally toward over the normal folk. Although Ivan was indeed muscular and well built, Rowan on the other hand had arms like tree trunks, despite Rowans heavy clothing it was clear that he was built like a bear.

    "Is this really necessary?" Rowan muttered, his voice deep and gruff. His words were seasoned with a repressed Pergande accent. The behemoth of a man looked down at his brother. Ivan sighed and nodded. "Yes brother... it would be wise for us to get these documents...." Ivan spoke, his words more formal and his tone clearly ladened with respect. The two eventually arrived at the embassy where one could procure their passport. Ivan was the first to enter the building. Then was Rowan, as he entered through the door he had to bend down and lower his bed to be able to pass through the door. Everyone in the room turned to look at the two giant brothers enter the building. Ivan had helped his older brother fill out the forms, they had taken the measurements to hide their identities. After a few strings pulled all required documents were made, all the they had to to do was turn their documents in and acquire the passport.

    The two brothers stood on line, towering over the normal folk. Like two lions walking into a room full of lambs the crowed naturally parted when seeing the two brothers approach. Ivan wanted to keep their presence as low-key as possible, but that was essentially impossible with the eldest brother.

    The woman at the counter called Ivan who was waiting in the line. "Next please." The woman called out, Ivan and Rowan walked upon to the counter.. The woman finally looked up from the papers, upon seeing Rowan she nearly fell off her seat. "EEP!" She yelped as fumbled with her pen. She adjusted her glasses nervously. "P-papers please..." She spoke sheepishly.

    "I apologize if our presence disturbs you but here is our papers..." Ivan said softly, with a warm smile as he handed her the papers. The woman blushed and checked the papers.

    "Alright e-everything seems to be in order. Here are your passports. Please don't lose it, you will need to pay a fee to have it replaced." The woman explained. The two brothers took the passports, the document was comically small in the hands of Rowan. The two thanked the lady and left the building.

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