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    Of Knights and passports


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    Of Knights and passports Empty Of Knights and passports

    Post by Ban 26th November 2014, 7:44 pm

    Kaido sighed as he plodded through the streets of Hargeon town, a fresh bandage on his side and arm, covering the injuries he had sustained against Jacob Goodnight, Hargeons most recent, and most recently deceased, criminal. The foul man had spent weeks preying on people from the lower docks, everything from orphans, to drunks, to hookers, to even poor children just getting water for their parents. A truly despicable man, who had done it for no other reason than the pleasure he gained. Such an act was unforgiveable in Kaidos eyes. He himself was a father, though he had not seen his daughter since she was a baby, and so he took an assault on children as a special kind of evil.

    Kaido sighed as he thought of his daughter. She would be about twelve now, almost thirteen, with red hair, like his own. Probably looked a lot like him, he thought to himself, before picturing what that would look like and shuddering a bit. "No. No, definitely looks more like her mother." he said with a chuckle. He wished he had gotten the chance to know her. Unfortunately, when her mother had died, Kaido had taken the losee very badly, and had been a bit unstable for a bit. As a result, he had been declared an unfit father. His in laws had gotten his daughter then. They had never liked Kaido, and blamed him for the death of their beloved daughter, even though Kaido had been found using his own body as a shield, to stop a collapsing house from smashing his wife and daughter. He had stayed there for three days before rescue workers had dug him and his family out. But by then, his wife had bled out, from a wound Kaido hadn't even known she had. The old couple had then taken his daughter, and to merely spite him, he knew, had then moved, with absolutely no hint as to where they were going. Kaido feared Pregrande, or some other land he would never get to. Not even his contacts in the rune knights had been able to track them down, and after some time, Kaido had given up. His in laws might take her away, but he knew they would at least take excellent care of her, and give her the best.

    That did little to comfort Kaido though when his thoughts kicked in like this, and he mentally scolded himself. He had come down here for his passport, not to reminisce! Admittedly he wouldn't even be here if not for Jacob Goodnight, he thought with a small smile. All rune knights were supposed too have their passports, to be ready to go anywhere at a moments notice. Kaido had put it off as long as he could, but since he was here, he figured he might as well do it for a change. Try and break the old Motomiji lazy streak. He thanked the lady at the counter, who couldn't help but stare, and smiled as he wandered off, passport in hand.



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