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    Passports? Empty Passports?

    Post by Nadarr 4th October 2017, 8:58 pm

    Clearance looked At the crowd of people at the docks, Passports were being issued again, which meant that he needed to get himself and coco one,  now normally he would wait in line like everyone else had to, however they were only available for so long today so he had to use some...undermining tactics.  He looked at Coco who was also staring at the crowd.  “Come coco” he would say simply walking to the crowd. He could even tell where the line started or ended.  “He wasn’t one to push through a crowd but he may have to.  He shook his head then started to walk around and squeeze his way into the crowd.  “It was as packed as a concert would be if it was sold out.  People were shoving and pushing.  A few people fighting for a spot to get it.  Eventually Clearance backed out, he wasn’t making any progress with his endeavors as he returned coco just looked down at him.  He looked at her shaking his head then turned to the crowd.  He looked at Coco motioning for her to follow.  As he looked for a opening he found nothing.  Getting annoyed he would have to use a tactic he wasn’t fond of.  He stopped looking at coco. “Coco can you create a distraction for me...something that won’t raise to much alarm.  “She nodded walking over to some boxes.  Clearance was curious what she was going to do.  She tossed something on a roof and then climbed up and “fell off”  making a loud crash as she screamed.  Attention then shifted to her as a gorgeous woman was in distress.  A Lot of the crowd even women went over worried if she was okay, she was playing it like it was really bad.  She was feeding them a sob story about how a ball for her kid was on the roof and she fell.  He acting was as good as ever, or good enough to fool them.  Clearance too this time to shove his was through the smaller crowd to get two passports, one for him, and one for Coco.  As he got to the front he looked at the man issuing them.  “Hello sir...two passports please,” he said giving the jewels and information for them both.  He then eventually got them the crowd much smaller as they surrounded Coco.  Now he got there passports, but now he had to get his maid...that was in the center of the crowd…  Clearance sighed pulling his evoker out pointing it in the air firing it, while not a real gun, it looked sounded like a gun. As he fired the crowed turned to him. He holstered the gun walking to her shaking his head.He eventually got to her “Come on Coco” he said walking away.  Coco then got up perfectly following her the crowd had a moment of clarity that they were tricked. But it left quickly as a mad dash for the passports again like nothing happened.  “Clearance handed her the passport  “this is yours don’t lose it...I’m not doing this again” he sighed walking.  That was hell...

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