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    Repairing a Damaged Home [Job / Solo]

    Aeon Kendrix
    Aeon Kendrix

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    Repairing a Damaged Home [Job / Solo] Empty Repairing a Damaged Home [Job / Solo]

    Post by Aeon Kendrix 1st February 2018, 7:31 pm

    Aeon has been a member of the Lamia Scale guild for a little over a week now and she hasn’t really made an attempt to meet the other guild members. This was classic Aeon however, always keeping her distance from others and giving off a rather cold exterior. She has bumped into a few members here and there but hasn’t really made an effort in order to engage in conversation with them or to get to know them. The only person Aeon has spoken to in detail was the guild master … and that was only due to initiation into the guild. One thing she did tell herself was that no matter what, she had to make an effort in getting to know some of the members of this guild, though she didn’t know where to start. The young woman awoke after a relatively peaceful sleep, it was always a little uncomfortable for her to be staying in a bed that she wasn’t used to and this was why Aeon preferred camping over hiring an inn. In saying that, the bed that she was using in the guild dorms was something she was beginning to get used to considering she had been staying there for a little over a week, but that in itself was also an issue. Aeon never liked staying in one place for too long and although this guild was her new home, she needed to get out of the place for a little while before returning again.

    Climbing out of her bed, the young woman made a quick stride over to the nearby wardrobe and chose some of her basic clothing for the day. A black tank top, grey cargo pants and brown leather combat boots. Slipping her clothing on the young woman made her way out of her room and to the main guild hall where she could find the request board. She had not taken part in any requests since joining the guild and Aeon was itching to do something, she just didn’t know what. She looked over the board, reading the titles of the jobs in her mind as she passed over them but they were all classic jobs like ‘help get my cat out of a tree’ or ‘I need help shopping’. These kind of jobs were something that Aeon would have no problem doing but for her first request within this guild she wanted to do something a little more helpful. It was then that she came across one request that required someone to travel to travel to Magnolia Town as an elderly couple’s home was damaged in the most recent storm. There is another storm on its way and if the house wasn’t prepared before the storm hit, they would likely lose their home all together. Reading this, Aeon knew it was a perfect choice and took the piece of paper off the board. She took it to the barmaid and informed the woman that she was going to take care of this request and immediately set out on her first job.

    Aeon caught the next available train from Hargeon to Magnolia and because they were neighbouring towns, it didn’t take long for the young Lamia Scale guild mage to arrive. She stepped off the platform and proceeded out onto the main road, following it out of town like the information on the request told her. She followed the directions until she came to a small cottage just outside of town. She half expected to see a broken window or two, or perhaps a few broken roof tiles but much to her surprise, there was more work to be done. She could tell just by looking at the building that the gutters needed repairing too and there was a large tree branch that had fallen during the storm which damaged the porch railing and the floorboards, these would also have to be fixed. As she approached the house, an elderly man and woman walked out the front door and onto the porch to great her. The elderly man’s left arm was in a sling which was evident that he had an injury and why he made the request. “Did that happen in the storm?” Aeon asked as she approached, stopping at the foot of the steps up to the porch. The man nodded as he looked the young girl over. “Did you receive my request?” To which Aeon nodded in return. “Just you?” The elderly woman asked with a sigh of relief even though she was disappointed that only one person had come to help. “That’s correct. Just me, but I will make sure the job is done before that storm hits.” The elderly woman began to tear up but managed to choke back the tears. “Over there are all the necessary tools and supplies. I am truly sorry but I can’t help you.” The elderly man sincerely spoke to which Aeon simply shook her head. “It is not a problem. I completely understand your situation and I will be glad to help.” With that said, Aeon got started on the job while the elderly couple headed back inside.

    To get started, Aeon chose to begin with the front porch. It was the first thing she noticed that needed to be fixed and she also figured it would be best to repair it first so that the elderly couple could sit out on the porch while they waited for the rest of the repairs to be done. Firstly she replaced the floorboards and then removed the tree branch that had fallen on the stair railings in the last storm. She fixed the railings on the stairs and then took a step back, looking up at the entirety of the house just before turning to the elderly man who had just stepped out the front door again. “How is it coming along?” The elderly man asked as he walked to the stairs, placing a hand on the railing and attempted to rattle it as if expecting it to be loose, but it was perfectly stable. “I am just about to start on the gutters and the tiles.” She responded, walking over to the pile of supplies the man had provided and picked up a few screws, a screwdriver and various other things she may need. “Oh it is coming along nicely then. Thank you.” He responded with a smile. “My dear wife has asked that when you are finished that you would please join us for some ice tea and tea cake but considering you have done such a lovely job, we will come out here and sit on the porch instead of going inside. How does that sound to you?” The man was very sweat and Aeon couldn’t help but accept with what she called a smile but what others would refer to as a half-smile or grin. “That would be great. It shouldn’t take me too long.”

    With that said, the elderly man walked back inside while Aeon walked up to the edge of the house and leaped up onto the roof in one jump. She had grabbed some tiles while she was gathering the other supplies and would replace those while she was on the roof too. Firstly she began by securing the gutter to the side of the roof, it was as if it had been pulled on during the storm and ripped from the roof. Thankfully the damage wasn’t too severe and it could be replaced with just a couple of whacks with the hammer and tightened with a few screws.  She then moved onto the tiles, removing a nine that had been damaged in the past storms and placed new ones down, making sure to secure them along with the others so that they didn’t get damage by flying away and with that done. Everything was finished.

    The young mage walked over to the edge of the house and lightly stepped off of the roof, dropping to the ground and landing gracefully as if she had just simply stepped down off of a stair. She walked over to the pile of supplies and placed the remainder of the stuff she had taken with her, taking note of the tarp that was nearby and pulled it over the objects to protect them in the oncoming storm. When she had turned around, the elderly couple were already making their way out onto the front porch, the man held the door open for the woman while she carried a tray with glasses, cake, biscuits and a jug of ice tea. Aeon couldn’t help but think of her own parents when she saw this as they acted so sweet to each other in the same manor. Aeon’s father always held the door open for her mother and although many would see this as a part of everyday life and just common courtesy, it was somewhat nice to see an elderly couple so in love, taking care of each other and still doing the most sweetest and simplest of things. Aeon walked over to the couple and sat on the front porch with them as they began to enjoy the meal. The elderly couple expressed how thankful they were to the young mage and handed her a bag of jewels. In return, Aeon handed them a piece of paper that had more direct ways of contacting her, notifying them that if anything like this were to happen again, they could simply call on her and she would gladly do it at a cheaper price next time.

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