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    Guild Information & Availability


    Important Guild Information & Availability

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    Most magicians opt to join magical guilds while growing their power and exploring the worlds. However, which one is best suited for you?

    Guilds are put into three alignment categories: Legal, Dark, and Independent. A legal guild is in good standing with the Magic Council; the missions they take benefit the nations and help save the nations from terrors and chaos. A dark guild is in bad standing with the Magic Council and most nations of Earthland; the jobs they take are to benefit only themselves, and bring ruin to others. Independent guilds are not in good standing with the Magic Council, but are not seen as a threat either. These mages are able to take on any job; but be warned, choosing the dark path can cast you from the favor of the nations and Magic Council.

    Below are a list of the current guilds in alphabetical order, categorized by their alignment.

    L E G A L

    Sabertooth, once a guild that went out of their way to uphold it's virtue is now a guild that has separated themselves from such conviction. After the sudden destruction, its glorious floating fortress Sabertooth set in motion a couple of new priorities. The lives worth protecting from forces beyond the constant conflict of light guilds vs dark guilds but possibly the most important is the message that they represent. No how many times they get knocked down and no matter how hard the forces at work try to keep them down one truth remains. We will rise again.
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    Kite Wilhelm
    Ryo Kntagawa

    Kenna Terryhhain
    Gaia Sabin
    Imai Uchuuken

    I N D E P E N D E N T

    This guild is an independent mercenary guild at its core, willing to sell its services that range from battle, assassinations, to different types of craft. Imbued with family values, Fairy Tail is a tightly-knit group of mages that accept newcomers no matter their alignment. As long as a mage’s actions do not clash with guild rules and values, all are welcome. While they appear to be a simple business guild who performs legal transactions, there is a darker side to them as well, willing to take on illegal jobs if paid properly.
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    Sorano Granon

    Mura Kensho
    Rina Everglades

    Onyx Moon/The West Fiore Trading Company is two sided neutral guild. The West Fiore Trading Company works like a legal guild that helps with the shipping and receiving of products while also helping those who are in need. Onyx Moon is the masked darker side of the guild who act as mercenaries for the darker jobs they take.
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    Ruvel Mizune

    Johann Von Weiss
    Sol Terumi
    Adalinda Ortinbras

    Survival and progression, those are the themes of Silver Wolf. A guild that accepts anyone and everyone, regardless of who they are or what their methods of work. Hidden within the snow-covered mountains, this guild has chosen research and development of magic itself as their goal, aiming to use this aspect that permeates the whole world to their full advantage.
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    Leona Jarnefeldt

    Eero Saarinen

    D A R K

    Basilisk Fang is a guild that treasures its privacy and ability to plan away from the prying eyes of the Magic Council. In secrecy, they gather intel waiting for the perfect moment to strike an unsuspecting Fiore. The ultimate goal? To collapse government, cast the land into anarchy; let the only rule be survival of the fittest and take a spot at the top of the countries food chain.
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    Ahote Laspor


    Chaos, that is all that really matters in the end to those who bear the mark of blood. Only the true warriors are welcome here, no challenge may remain unanswered. The ones who claim to be strong best beware, for the blood-covered Nightmare will rise to the challenge and slay you in combat. With a lust for blood, a hunger for death and a want for combat, these monsters leave a trail of blood in their wake and strike fear into the hearts of those around. They are your worst nightmare come to life.
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    Mythica Soulscar


    Light Population - Under 10 Members
    Moderate Population - 10-15 Members
    Heavy Population - Over 15 Members

    Open Factions:
    Basilisk Fang - Moderate Population
    Fairy Tail - Moderate Population
    Nightmare - Moderate Population
    Onyx Moon - Moderate Population
    Sabertooth - Moderate Population
    Silver Wolf - Heavy Population

    Closed Factions:

    You are encouraged to join a guild over going Guildless, if at all possible with your character's plot and story. It is encouraged to join a Light-Medium Population guild over a Heavy Population guild.

    It is the Guild Masters responsibity to message a member of staff if the guild information needs updating. Guild populations are updated by staff.

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