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    Basilisk Fang

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    Important Guild Description

    Post by Basilisk Fang on 5th November 2015, 12:37 pm

    Basilisk Fang

    Basilisk Fang is a dark guild that works to collapse Fiore's government and cast the land into anarchy through heinous acts; to let the only rule be survival of the fittest and take a spot at the top of the food chain consisting everyone and everything in the country. Akin to the serpent-like predators they name themselves after, the guild slowly gathers power among themselves and others, waiting for the perfect moment to strike an unsuspecting Fiore. Anyone foolish enough to get in their way would be eliminated, any member who wishes to act against the guild would be eradicated.

    But this goal is not their only one existing in darkness. Basilisk Fang also contributes to the development and marketing of chemical, biological, nuclear, or otherwise known as "weapons of mass destruction" within their laboratory and experimental facilities deep within the mountain in which they hide atop. To research, sell, and develop such destructive tools is believed to achieve even greater magnitudes of strength by this syndicate.


    Although Basilisk Fang is picky with their recruitment, each and every individual is free to have their own set of morals and beliefs. However, it is expected that and every individual that wears the Basilisk Fang guild mark contributes to their cause in one way or another. Whether that be through the development of weaponry or the collapse of the Magic Council, the idle, lazy, and unmotivated are not tolerated.

    More than activity and motivation, the guild treasures privacy and respect shared among both standard members and their superiors. Should either of these values be violated by any member, punishment is due.

    All members are required to create an intro in order to officially join the guild. If you do not make an intro, you cannot officially join Basilisk Fang. However, if you are, for any reason, unable to do this, you may discuss how your character is let into the guild with the Guildmaster and have that acknowledged In-Character. This can be done through Direct Messages on Discord or Private Messages on-site.

    Guild Hall

    First Floor, Second Floor, Third Floor, Fourth Floor, Fifth Floor, Sixth Floor

    Mt. Hakobe, a quiet, snow covered mountain that seemingly only harbors  bitter winds and even bitterer settlers in the Mt. Hakobe Settlements. Few have dared to scale this treacherous feature, often never returning and those who do only baring chilling tales of their quests. But the few who excel in both bravery and brawn might make it to Mt. Hakobe’s peak, and there one may find the desolate, quiet fortress of Basilisk Fang.

    This large, aged fortress has been home to many Basilisks since the guild’s founding. Hidden under cloudy skies and atop of a dangerous feature (which is constructed of a special type of stone and metal that suppresses magic), this fortress has managed to stay out of the Magic Council’s prying eyes, its existence known only by their secretive habitants and those they confide in. When one steps into this fortress, the interior looks as worn as its exterior. Thin to thick layers of dust nearly coats each and every tangible object. Cracked windows, broken stone pillars, even most of the furnishings look like they're a thousand years old.

    But looks can be deceiving. This fortress is only the first of many floors to the Basilisk Fang guild hall. When one first steps into the fortress, although dirty, there are several presentable areas that are constantly maintained by guild servants. Corridors adorned with statues and constructions of forgotten ages, chandeliers lit with dim light lacrimas, and carpets with designs of unknown weavers. On the first floor, one may uncover the entries to several of the members' dorms through these seemingly abandoned corridors. This floor is the guild's commonplace.

    By taking a long trip down the first floor's staircase, one will find themselves submerged in a floor with even less light than the first one. Unused chains hanging from the wall, metal doors, cracked stone pillars. This floor harbors the prisoners of Basilisk Fang, along with several spacious rooms in which torture typically takes place. Some rooms are even dedicated to storing torture devices dating back to ancient Pergrandan ages.

    The prison is entirely composed of strong, unique metals and stone known for their magical resistance and suppression. Each cell is accessed through a magically resistant door and can be observed through a window of equal resistance. Though most cells are more or less the same, deeper on the second floor holds special containment cells in which all magically resistant material is enhanced. Torture cells can also be observed with windows of the same material. The prison is all on one large floor in the mountain.

    Taking a longer trip down the second floor's staircase, one will reach the third floor of the guild fortress. This floor is most commonly known as the Hospital and Medical Bay, or sick bay. This floor is used for treating the wounded and ill and is the first to contain modern, even technologically advanced designs compared to former floors. The ceiling is close to the ground and most everything is composed out of strong metals. This floor contains many medicines off the market and developed by scientists and biologists located within the guild hall. Most material that constructs this floor is constructed out of Mt. Hakobe's magically resistant and suppressive metals, apart from some rooms used to treat clients.

    Even deeper into the mountain is the fourth floor of the guild fortress, also known as the Quarantine Zone. This is more of an extension of the third floor, where people, animals, and objects are isolated to contain the spread of illness or disease. This is mostly a result of failed experimentation and negligent testing of biological weapons and substances. This floor closely resembles the Hospital and Medical bay in its design, with its space mostly constructed of Mt. Hakobe's unique metals. Infected organisms or objects are placed into cells with wide, open one-way windows for observation.

    Deeper into the mountain is the fifth floor, the research laboratories. This floor closely resembles the third and fourth floors, except everything is much more compact and there is far more visible technological tools in the space. There are several spaces for both private and general labs with numerous tools and technology available to analyze and gather information and to test substances on organisms and objects. On this floor are rooms dedicated to the experimentation and testing of a substance created by those who work down there as well.

    The last and deepest floor accessible in the guild fortress is the sixth floor, the storage, or most commonly known as where the guild stores their weapons of mass destruction. This level is dedicated to the storage and testing of nuclear, radioactive, chemical, and biological weapons with large rooms for that purpose. Being the deepest level in Mt. Hakobe, the effect of the weapons are minute compared to their intended effects and are generally safe should they not be tampered with. The rooms for testing are constructed from material that if told to be nearly indestructible, making it ideal for explosives to be tested. This floor is mostly constructed out of unique metals and is generally dimly lit.


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