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    Tesoro Family

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    Important Guild Description

    Post by Tesoro Family on 5th November 2015, 12:37 pm

    Tesoro Family

    The Tesoro Family is a growing mafia from the distant, mysterious land of Venalia, swarming into Fiore with all but good deeds in mind. While  the Magic Council and their civil servants hound about these rising harbingers and ne'er-do-wells who crave their services praise them, the Tesoros have one thing in common with just about any mobster -- money.

    Branded as a dark guild from the Magic Council, The Tesoro Family seeks to expand their wealth through selling recreational drugs (most of which are prohibited in Fiore) and using their influence and involvement in a wide spectrum of illegal activities in Fiore and Venalia, some of which have been rumored to be: extortion, gambling, murder, infiltration of Fiore businesses, corruption of public officials, information breaking, and allegedly more.

    The people involved or a part of this mafia is an unclear subject to many and would otherwise be difficult to know without speaking to one in person. Much, but not all, of what they do are infamously heinous and crude, but is equally problematic to acquire proof of these deeds, shrouding their open books in mystery and leaving rumors unsolved but publicly agreed to be true.

    Their guild mark, despite only hardly being considered a guild more than a syndicate, is an exquisite and perhaps overly complex mark with fine particulars and unique details. The mark itself has no apparent, deeper meaning but all who see it would know just who they're speaking to.

    Rules & Creed

    There's a spectrum of expectations set upon any person part of the Tesoro family that they're expected to meet and a set amount of unspoken rules each must follow. But there is, perhaps, only three which redeem to be most notably followed.

    1. Members of the Tesoro Family are expected to keep the family's dealings and business affairs strictly between them and the parties involved and make an effort to keep both themselves and their affairs disguised when engaging in them within a space that is not their own.

    2. Members of the Tesoro Family are expected to instigate as few or as many conflicts as necessary to keep the family's best interests in mind and to secure a profitable, personal venture for oneself.

    3. The Tesoros are expected to look out for one another in the event of a crisis but may dispose and deal with members who threaten the security or purpose of the family.

    Guild Hall

    The Tesoro Family owns a number of property across Fiore, some more secretive than others, but the most prominent of them all is the Tesoro Family mansion in Lavanitir Port Town.

    The Tesoro Family doesn't make particular efforts to veil themselves in darkness, like most dark guilds have historically done. They are especially overt with their headquarters, which is, in this case, a well-kept, enormous mansion in the center of Lavanitir Port City, shielded from the ravenous jaws of the Magic Council.

    This large, gorgeous mansion is but a prime example of the mafia's accumulated wealth. While this property prides itself in being a feature of the town and the home of the infamous Tesoros, any and all entrances are thoroughly guarded by the family and their hired associates, who ironically come from multiple sources.

    The exterior of the mansion is visually appealing to many, so much so that it regularly accumulates visitors from all over town and Fiore to marvel at it. Some curious writers might even come in hopes of speaking with the Don and their family, but the thoroughly protected entrances make this a difficult venture.

    The property is exquisitely decorated with verdant sand and vegetative gardens, fountains with clear, sparkling spring water, and stones masterfully placed to enhance the eye candy. Workers can be seen frequently entering and exiting the building to maintain this appearance.

    It is no surprise that the interior of this grand building is equally as marvelous as its exterior. The construct is mostly composed of wood and marble and is regularly cleaned to glimmer in its surprisingly gloomy atmosphere. The structure is decorated with rugs and ornaments from the strange and mysterious Venalia to as modern as Pergranden designs.

    There are many floors to this mansion and many include various rooms serving multiple purposes, including quartering, and larger spaces for group activities such as libraries, bars, and lounges that seemingly serve no other purpose but to be used to the family's delight.

    Out of all the lounges and general spaces provided by the mafia's property, one of a many bars seems to always be the most active. This bar contains some of Earthland's most exotic alcohols and most trecherous of mobsters and criminals, wanted from various places. Together they congregate here for many family dealings, announcements, events, and chatter.

    Many of the bars in this mansion is a site in which unaffiliated associates are welcomed with the consent of the Don or their underbosses, and illegal activities are lightened when such happens. It is but an open space for the Tesoro mobsters and their colleagues.


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