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    Guild Description

    Basilisk Fang

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    Guild Description

    Post by Basilisk Fang on 5th November 2015, 1:37 pm

    ☣ Basilisk Fang ☣

    Basilisk Fang, a desolate fortress hidden away in the snowy mountains around Mt.Hakobe, is a guild that treasures its privacy and ability to scheme away from all other forms of civilization and the prying eyes of the Magic Council. Like the serpent-like predators they name themselves after, the guild slowly gathers power here, waiting for the perfect moment to strike an unsuspecting. Fiore. The ultimate goal? To ultimately collapse Fiore's government, cast the land into anarchy; let the only rule be survival of the fittest and take a spot at the top of the food chain consisting everyone and everything in the country.

    Basilisk Fang's reputation is locked into the status of a dark guild, due to not following the rules of the land, engaging in self-benefiting missions and ones that threaten the stability of the nation, Basilisk Fang had pulled away from other dark guilds currently; gone into hiding --which has given many the impression they are an extinct criminal hive mind.

    Everyone who thinks such is wrong and drops their guar just like the Basilisks like. The guilds it's operations continued, just in silent stewing. Anyone foolish enough to get in their way would be eliminated, any member who wishes to- retire from the guild eradicated to save them the thread of information escaping. This all caused the guild to gain a higher spot in the midst of the underworld of Fiore, going up to the status of one of the three biggest dark guilds in the country.

    But that was not the guild's goal, it could care less about being known. Notoriety was more of a hindrance than an asset. This has lead the guild to become more secretive and to use tactics to overcome their opposition. Basilisk Fang isn't that much of a guild, as it is a criminal hive-mind, made to bring down all that controls Fiore.

    This hive-mind stretches all through Fiore and it's neighboring countries, collecting every bit of intelligence it can and recruiting all that the guild deems an asset. Though, getting recruited into the ranks of the Basilisks, isn't a simple task, they won't accept the help of just anyone. As if someone becomes a liability or disloyal they could easily set the guild into risk and ruining its plans. Only the most capable of members or those who prove their value are allowed to join the syndicate, that is Basilisk Fang.

    Its fangs may be hidden at this moment in time, to almost everyone, but be warned, the fangs of a Basilisk are sharper than rapiers.

    ☣ The Guild Hall ☣

    To most mages, Basilisk's Guild Hall would remind them more of a crypt. A bit chilly, and not very lively. Dust and webs decorate the hanging lacrima chandelier, while winds whistle through the cracks of stone between each lay. Very old-fashioned, but this is the way that the members of this guild prefer it.
    In a long rectangle shape, The Doors of the Guild rest at one end, and at the other sits a statue of a Basilisk that coils around a throne. Beside it is the tall staircase that leads to the second floor and in the center of the room is placed a roaring fire pit to warm the bones of the old that reside here.
    Dotted with tables and stone seats here and there, the guild hall of BF is where all can meet and converse, if they so choose.  

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