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    Information Fairy Tail Guide

    Post by Fairy Tail on 29th June 2016, 4:11 pm


    Magnolia, city of festivities remains as busy as always, the colorful banners hanging from storefronts and above the streets evoking a sense of joy and cheer at all times. Merchants hawk their goods on the street, voices intermingling with the chatter of schoolchildren and couples enjoying their afternoon – tourists and locals alike often stroll down Main Street with food from carts grasped in their hands, spreading an atmosphere of delight.

    It is tucked within the heart of this town that the humble guild of Fairy Tail resides, a nondescript office building of red brick that would seem like any other in the neighborhood if not for the name inscribed above the obviously very old wooden door. Walking on down the short path before the door to enter the guild, you press your hand to the cool, worn oak. The power of mages throughout Fairy Tail’s long history can be felt coursing through your body, warm and strong, able to last through any and all challenges that have descended upon them.

    So here you are, at the front door of the formerly grand guild, now diminished to a cozy center of business – a home for all mages seeking a prosperous future in the magic industry. A single step is all it takes to enter our abode.

    Welcome to Fairy Tail. We hope you enjoy your stay.


    Fairy Tail is an independent mage’s guild made up of a variety of mages hoping to pursue a prosperous future in the magic industry. With all the potential difficulties that one can face in struggle to make it big as a professional mage, the guild offers a place for neutral mercenaries to sell their services, exposing them to a wide variety of jobs and opportunities through Fairy Tail’s unique position and history. These jobs and targets are chosen by the authoritarian Fairies (the Aces and the respective Guildmaster), and as such, it is expected for those who dwell in the mercenary work to execute these. Despite mercenary work being controversial and outright considered an illegal activity for a guild not directly acknowledged by the Magic Council, Fairy Tail's work always aim to better the guild's own interests and values whenever one's morals get in the way of doing what is right and best for the guild and for the clients chosen by it.

    The mercenary work given by the guild itself usually involves assassinations and guiding/supporting freedom movements, tracking down dark guilds in Fiore, spreading propaganda to worsen the position of an official and corrupt authority and, if necessary, keeping the Fiorian Royal Family in check for anything that would be considered oppressive towards the civilians. The guild and its members are willing to go through with these activities to ensure Fairy Tail's views on morals and sense of reason.

    As a guild that has experienced the limits of legal alignment (specifically the 'no-killing rule' and protection of a potential danger to society) as well as the struggles of dark alignment in itself, Fairy Tail is willing to accept a wide variation of personalities, so long as they do not ever jeopardize the guild’s neutral position and obey its authority over oneself. With conductors of legal and illegal business alike under their wing, members must have flexible and adaptable minds in order to accommodate the preferences of their guildmates. It is to make clear that the guild's mercenary work is not an excuse to be excessive in illegal work; despite what the guild has been through, its moral codes from its old days are still highly preserved. The jobs that mercenaries can take are not random; they are imperative to what the guild believes will better the guild's stand in the world/area in their executions.

    However, despite the clashes between them in the past, the guild still wishes to keep peaceful relationships with the Magic Council and other legal guilds. This means that members with darker tendencies such as illegal mercenary work, propaganda spreading and more must have disguises when performing illegal tasks as to prevent persecution of Fairy Tail. As should be expected, after having split off from the Magic Council's grasp, said Council is still suspicious of the guild’s alignment due to their past actions, and they will not take any revelation of law-breaking lightly.

    lore & history

    Fairy Tail was a legal guild once known across Fiore for both its friendliness towards strangers, as well as its unfortunate habits of destructive nature. Famed throughout the country and even the world despite their various faults, this legal mage’s guild had been much adored by the city it protected, and generally the entirety of Fiore. Time and time again, the Fairies barely got the Magic Council to put up with the guild’s shenanigans, sheer luck getting the close-knit group past disaster after disaster, complaint after complaint.

    However, as with all long-lasting luck streaks, an end must come eventually. After year upon year of this pampered, on-the-edge living, the eve of the fairies’ golden age would eventually arrive – as one could expect, it was not pretty. A single young girl had been taken into the guild recently, the small, pale-faced Lucie. At first, she had simply been shy and not oft seen around the guild, just another young mage searching for a place to stay. However, it was soon discovered to the shock of the whole guild that the seemingly innocent young girl had been marked as Coming Storm of Fiore, a title that struck fear and hate into the hearts of the average Fioran citizen due to her possession by an unknown demon. If that wasn’t enough, the current guild master Heero Reyold had disappeared at the same time, leaving Fairy Tail in tatters and conflicted on what direction to go next. Seeking a solution to the problem, a current ace, Kanix Laspor, gathered up the guild and came to a conclusion: Family always came first, and this family could not simply turn one of their brethren away so quickly - especially when they believed that they could help said member.

    Kanix Laspor, the Sixth guildmaster of Fairy Tail would lead the formerly revered guild into exile on the planet of Tetsukazu, a peaceful, wooded land located in a remote area the Magic Council couldn’t interfere in. Here it was that they resided, hidden and living in exile until Kanix Laspor’s departure, when the members of Fairy Tail would gather and decide what was to be done with their problem child under the Seventh guildmaster, Sorano Granon.

    A decision was made: one to cast out the possessed one, and take up a role as a group independent of the dark and light forces that battled throughout Fiore. However, while the guild continued its shaky life as an independent guild for a while, it was an unprofitable one that kept the infamously restless mages of the guild bored and sick of such a dull existence.

    Quietly, the members reduced to but a few, and as such, they made a crucial decision to transform the formerly extravagant and booming guild into a quiet but efficient center of business - and for a long time, they stayed this way to preserve the guild and its invaluable status to them. That was, until a shocking day came upon them when the Guildmaster, Sorano Granon, suddenly disappeared without a trace...

    The guild had been through hell...

    However, overtime, their numbers grew once again. Mages from all corners of the known world joined and filled the halls like the old days, and while they may never trust the Magic Council to monitor them ever again, Fairy Tail are getting rid of the rust and shining even brighter every day.

    The adventure is truly never-ending...

    rules & values

    Rules and restrictions in the guild are very few, but necessary and absolutely crucial for the continuation of Fairy Tail’s business. A mage must not harm another member through physical means, nor are they allowed to “out” them in their controversial work, turning these members in to the Magic Council. Damage to guild properties must be fixed by the one who caused it in the first place, and the citizens of Magnolia (and the city itself) are sacred ground; they are to be treated with respect no matter what. Even during Fairy Tail’s most difficult times, the guild has sworn itself to be protectors of the town, and the citizens have always been the strongest defenders of Fairy Tail’s reputation.

    When embarking on mercenary work or a controversial, illegal job either given by the guild's upper body or chosen independently, the mage must disguise themselves completely from their known identity within the guild. This means that appearance, name, personality, and even magic must not be the same as the official person registered in Magic Council records or known to the general public. This is to prevent damage to the guild and the guild’s reputation. If a member’s mercenary work is not aligned with Fairy Tail's views or are destructive and extremely immoral in essence - as well as any actions that put Fairy Tail at risk from either illegal or legal forces - then they will be promptly punished and exiled as a traitor, never to return. The traitor can expect no sympathy towards their plight to prevent past mistakes from being made again. The guild has, simply, learned from their past mistake and will not repeat it.

    Besides basic rules such as these, Fairy Tail encourages creativity and freedom in conducting business and working as a mercenary mage. Supporting mages, battle mages, magic researchers or professional assassins are all welcome. Open-mindedness is encouraged as well, and members are expected to behave in a mature manner towards their guildmates and clients.

    The guild is also a place where one can find partners, teams, and mentors – despite these mages’ independent origins, interaction is also encouraged to form bonds throughout the guild, keeping it working like a well-oiled machine instead of conflicts breaking the members apart. Fairy Tail still sees itself as a family-based guild in its deepest core, and as such, members should be more than prepared to work together in face of a common threat. Fighting between members is heavily looked down upon.


    Allies: Silver Moon Fairies (Onyx Moon and Silver Wolf)
    Enemies: N/A



    Member Count

    frequently asked questions

    How do I join?
    There's not much you need to do - simply create a character, and register Fary Tail as their guild! An introduction is definitely recommended, as it is thorugh these means that your character may earn their guild mark and get to know other members! You will be considered a guild intern at first, meaning you have no knowledge of the guild's illegal activities unless you prove that you are okay with that through a social approved by the guild master or aces or this job.

    Can I be an Ace (Or anything pertaining to “Can I be a…”)?
    Yes, of course! There is always the possibility of becoming an ace, bartender, librarian, whatever it is that you wish your character to be. When it comes to simple, decorative positions such as bartender (by far the most important decorative position), all that is needed is for you to post in either the Requests thread or PM the GM about this. They will listen to your idea, and let you know whether you can go ahead or not. However, Aces are a bit different, seeing as their position gives them quite a bit of power in the guild. Firstly, you must be at least B-ranked and have been in the guild for at least a month before applying. To apply, simply go to the Guild Roster topic and use the template there. PM it, or post it below for the GM to check over! If it is found acceptable, an ace exam will then be conducted.

    Can I be a Guildmaster?
    In order to be a guild master, the member must first be B ranked or above, and have been in the guild for at least a month with constant activity. It is preferable if this member is an ace, as this goes for smoother plot movement. They will be selected by the previous GM, or, if the previous GM has gone inactive, the guild members will vote on one of the current existing B+ ranks in the guild.

    Do I have to write an intro?
    Nope, not at all! However, it is definitely preferred, as it would create a plot reason for you to have your guild mark, as well as giving guild members a chance to get to know you better. Intros do usually fade off pretty fast as well, so they aren't too important. If you choose not to create one though, please do have a plot reason for your character having a mark.

    Do I have to kill/act evil if I'm in Fairy Tail? What does being independent mean?
    Independent guilds are essentially legal guilds with slightly fewer restrictions. This means that while members should be prepared to possibly perform tasks outside of the legal sphere, we do have to act in accordance to the magic council's laws. If you are to perform a dark or illegal job, you must go in disguise, and without revealing your guild mark. Putting the guild's status on the line will result in being kicked out of the guild. On the other hand, acting legal and morally upright is good and well too - however, you must be willing to let your guildmates go about their more crooked paths without turning them in. That too will result in expulsion.

    What if I have a question or suggestion?
    The GM, aces, and even normal members are always open for you to chat with! Most everyone is more than willing to answer your questions, or point you out in the direction of those who can. If you have a suggestion, PMing an ace or GM are both great options, seeing as the holders of both positions are normally in communication with one another. If you are uncomfortable with PM, please visit the Requests thread to ask a question! Another popular way to ask questions is to contact people on Discord – simply ask someone in the guild to add you onto the FT Discord server, or click on the handy link below.

    important links

    FT Guild Roster
    Discord Server
    Guild Updates
    Guild Property & Territory
    Guild Jobs
    Guild Bank

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