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    [Fairy Tail] A Foot In Both Worlds


    [Fairy Tail] A Foot In Both Worlds Empty [Fairy Tail] A Foot In Both Worlds

    Post by Guest on 4th May 2018, 10:15 am

    Job Title: A Foot in Both Worlds
    Rank: D
    Player Requirements: Must be an "intern" member of Fairy Tail, any rank, with a number of 1-3 members. 500 words minimum per player. If you have completed the job before, you may complete it again ONLY to help another member complete it.
    Job Requirements: You must prove that you are accepting and tolerant of the darker and illegal aspects of Fairy Tail through some way or the other.
    Job Location: Anywhere
    Job Description:
    So you've arrived in Fairy Tail, and are ready to participate in this new world of business and mercenaries! However, somehow you don't ever feel quite as connected as the other members are, and have always wondered what exactly you were missing. If all goes well in this task though...maybe you'll find out! You must somehow prove to the guild that you are accepting and tolerant of the darker and illegal aspects of Fairy Tail in this job. Of course, your character will have no idea of the guild's illegal side, but this is where you can show that they are worthy of full membership. Whether it is through a confession to another member, doing something more aligned with the illegal side of things, or some other plot of your choice, you will demonstrate your open-mindedness and why you should be considered to be a member of Fairy Tail!

    Please remember that an intern member should have no access to guild grounds besides the guild hall and Fairy Hills, and should generally be unaware of the guild's illegal activities unless for plot reasons discussed with the guild master or aces. Additionally, if you choose to go on the route of performing an illegal task, a disguise should still be used as a normal member might.

    Reward: Advance to regular guild member position in Fairy Tail as well as D rank exp

    -- credit to ivyleaf33

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