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    Onyx Moon
    Onyx Moon

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    Onyx Moon Information Empty Onyx Moon Information

    Post by Onyx Moon on Sat 24 Mar - 8:03

    Onyx Moon Information UwXcVqg

    Onyx Moon is a unique guild indeed, the reason for this is that it is compartmentalised and this is for everyone's safety. For the most part if you want to work for Onyx Moon as a full member you must work for both West Fiore Trading Company and its darker persona Onyx Moon. This being said a character may work for only one side of the guild if they so desire but would be stuck in that alinement (Example: WFTC only people would only be allowed to do legal/neutral, where Onyx Moon only members would only be allowed dark/neutral.) Only for the Onyx Moon side trust must be earned before a Keeper or the Guildmaster will approach the character with the invitation to join. (Please note that icly these are the only two kinds people who have the right to mention this to other people and this is for everyone's safety.) Where the West Fiore Trading Company is seen as an unofficial legal guild of traders, Onyx Moon is the darker side often taking jobs or matters into their own hands (if the price is right) working outside what would be allowed by law.

    Each side of Onyx Moon has their own distinct guild mark that will change not only from one to the other but will also change colour as you put on the guise that protects your true identity and so the West Fiore Trading Company. Below the two sides will be explained in more detail. Onyx Moon might seem like a guild with few morals but they are far from a dark guild who kills for little to no reason. With that said, the guild could take jobs to deal with possible threats for jewel. Killing being an option in these jobs but severely frowned upon.

    Onyx Moon Information DbjR0g1

    Guild Tattoo:
    Onyx Moon Information F38cd7cdb3d0bcba07d2aa0e073fdbde

    Onyx Moon is under the guise of the West Fiore Trading Company with a headquarters set up on divide island. This guise is as much of a guild as Onyx Moon is and is held up by members who take on more 'good' personas and help with shipping and trading objects all around Earthland. The WFTC can also take merc-like jobs too. They are to keep up the charade that the guild is only made up of the trading company and help with making the guild profit through that like doing jobs where they escort items from one place to another for one of our clients or jobs where they are to find an item for a client. The Guildmaster is known as the CEO and the Aces are known as the VPs while under this guise. The West Fiore Trading Company is also known for helping those in need like any legal guild would which helps in getting more income as well as keeping up the disguise more for Onyx Moon.

    Onyx Moon Information JtLbW0n

    The WFTC members are to wear a white, light or bright uniforms(Examples below). This look is also accompanied by a crest or collar pin that is the same symbol as the guild tattoo. When out on a job they are still required to wear the uniform. Exceptions may be allowed for darker coloured uniforms but there would have to be a good reason and permission would have to be given by the CEO/Captain or a VP/Keeper.

    Example Wears:

    Onyx Moon Information 40cb23c653ac9553004178abbf2e8521
    Onyx Moon Information Fc28742534bb94d804e1eb1ab491da9b1237627291_full

    Onyx Moon Information F4ec35391eafe677a4a9bc92994ec1a5

    Onyx Moon Information GF78Fo9

    Guild Tattoo:
    Onyx Moon Information 4nbrVVJ

    The Onyx Moon's hideout is located underneath the headquarters for the West Fiore Trading Company. This is where the merc mentality is really shown and the members who take up this part of the guild's persona will be the ones who are sent out on jobs that would not necessarily be for the lighthearted. They are to take more aggressive jobs requiring stealing, dealing with targets(Not killing unless necessary), protecting a target from assailants, etc.

    Onyx Moon Information HwgKk3z

    Those who take up the mantle of what the guild truly is are to be masked during their jobs to hide the identity of the guild members and protect the guise of the West Fiore Trading Company. They are also need to come up with or find their own mask design and find a battle look that they prefer. This look must include a pin or crest of the guild tattoo on it somewhere. The mask is a weak armor when in comparison to other things and every OM member will be given one upon joining the OM side of the guild. It is up to the member how their masked attire looks. The members who go use their masked look will also have their West Fiore Trading Company guild tattoo changed to the Onyx Moon guild tattoo with an alternative colour from the trading company. The masked look can also be registered as a secondary FC if wanted.

    Example Wears:

    Onyx Moon Information Ecm0224-1

    Onyx Moon Information 703a63544902e63ca422b05cfcd70d4e

    Onyx Moon Information 2a044964b5b6a57c0443b82b85af79b7133dd4ec_hq

    Onyx Moon Information 36CAT8J
    - When this mask is placed on the wearer their body is covered in the user's Onyx Moon battle wear. This mask also changes the West Fiore Trading Company guild tattoo to the Onyx Moon guild tattoo. This mask also will regenerate itself and the battle wear once removed from the wearer. Magic abilities can affect this item. These masks also add a scent of burnt coal to the user which can be used to throw off any who know their scent. Guild (state if it is a crest or pin here) is located (state where it is located on the battle wear here).

    Onyx Moon Information QEtsCKm

    People who come to join the WFTC will be shown around the headquarters of the building and explained on the day to day activities of the guild. They might also be tested on their skills with their magic and other things. This will then end with the members being allowed to join or being sent on their way if they do not fit with the guild.

    Members of the WFTC who the GM/CEO or Keepers/VPs deem trust worthy will be brought to the hidden underground area of the OM known simply as 'The Lair' where they will be told about the goings on of Onyx Moon by the masked members at first. If allowed to join, they will be shown around the hidden hideout and given their own mask as a new member of the masked mercs of Onyx Moon.

    Onyx Moon Information FbtYD3F

    Those who leave the guild knowing the secret the guild has can leave on good terms but if they leave on bad terms then the guild will have issues with them. Possibly trying to track them down to capture them or more. This is all story though so no character will be forced into any of this story due to site rules.

    Members who leave solely as WFTC members will not have to deal with any possible repercussion because they never knew of the secrets of OM

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    Onyx Moon
    Onyx Moon

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    Onyx Moon Information Empty Re: Onyx Moon Information

    Post by Onyx Moon on Sat 24 Mar - 9:07

    Onyx Moon Information UwXcVqg

    Onyx Moon Information KbTvDy9
    We are both traders and mercenaries! We don't have any political affiliation on either side of our guild, that just isn't our thing, though we do take what the Magic Council say into consideration. We don't care what happens around us really, as long as our homeland of Tolgalen and the people that reside within are safe. There are times that Onyx Moon hear the cries and pleads of the desperate individuals and may even accept to take on the person or groups problem as their own if the price is right, this being said sometimes dependant on the task the guild may take the job without payment but those are rare cases.

    Power and jewels is what we want! Sure, we will help protect the realm from the evil-doers and those that want to take what we class as ours, but don't expect us to come running as the saviours that this world doesn't need. We are also not villains; we will not kill needlessly.

    Onyx Moon Information ICwB4cO
    This is the code that all members must abide by as even we have honour.

    1: A member of Onyx Moon may not take from another member of Onyx Moon.
    2: If a member of Onyx Moon is showing signs of betrayal, they will be banished from the guild.
    3: Members are allowed to take titles such as Coming Storms, Sinners, Rising Stars, Saints, if they wish but are asked to be mindful on how it effects the guilds story/plot.
    4: Everyone is equal within Onyx Moon. No member will get better treatment than the rest. Everyone has the same living space and everyone gets the same amount of wage, however, those who put in the most work will receive additional compensation for their work.
    5: Squabbles or in fighting will be dealt with in any fashion necessary. Once a squabble has been settled, that will be the end of that dispute.
    6: We do not kill innocent people.
    7: Never betray other members of Onyx Moon.  
    8: Welcome all new-comers into the guild. Nothing is worse to a new merc than to not feel like part of a family.
    9: All Onyx Moon dealing with dark mages or going on dark jobs should be wearing a mask, the only exception to this rule is if you ended up in a job like 'Wedding Crashers' where it's unavoidable.
    10: To join there are a few options:

    Guild options and suggested :

    - To join the West Fiore Trading Company (WFTC) only all that is needed is an intro thread.

    - To join Onyx Moon only you are required to do an intro to go on three jobs with members.

    - To join both you are required to do an intro thread and six jobs in total with guild members.

    A merc is fully expected to follow these rules or they will be banished from the guild.

    Onyx Moon Information 1xCG2UW
    There are a few things that are expected from our guild members as well, OOC. Not asking for much, but these are the things I would like to see in the guild:

    + If someone posts a Guild Intro, the guild ought to jump in on the intro and welcome the new person. Everyone should feel welcome when they join the Onyx Moon! So pile in and show them some of our hospitality!

    + RP together! We're here on an RP forum, so be sure to RP with one another! Whether it be in the Siren's Song, in the Dream Room, or out in the wide world. RP together as if you were all family and everyone will have a good time!

    + Do jobs together! Yup, a family that drinks and does things together also get strong together.  So be sure to do jobs with your brothers and sisters in the guild so they, too, can get strong alongside you.

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