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    The Lair [Area Description]

    Black Sails

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    Information The Lair [Area Description]

    Post by Black Sails on 3rd November 2016, 8:41 pm

    Tucked inside of the Divide Island's split mountain is a hidden entrance that leads to the watery cavern, home of Black Sails Pirate Guild.  This entrance may only be accessed during certain times of the day on ships with diving capabilities.  Upon finding a way underwater and through a system of watery caverns, the ships will find their way into a cavern where the main base of Black Sails reside.  

    The dark and damp cavern came to be known simply as "The Lair".  The Lair houses the Pirates as well as provides entertainment and storage for all stolen goods.  This cavern was here before the creation of Black Sails, so it was assumed that the Guild merely took over the remains of a previous crew.  Unfortunately, there wasn't anything left over as an inheritance other than a Black Book and a Red Egg.

    The Lair has many wooden ladders leading to look-outs, catwalks, and various other locations.  Several drawbridges line the edges of the waters, used for easy transport of good from within ships to the Holding Deck where all of the things "commandeered" will be sorted and divvied up among those still alive to tell the tale.  Further into The Lair is a door with a large bronze figurehead is seen above the door.  The figurehead is that of a topless mermaid with bountiful assets sticking out of the cavern wall.  Once you have reached this figurehead, you have found your way to The Siren's Song; the bar of Black Sails Guild.

    The Siren's Song

    The Siren's Song is the name, passionately given, to the bar within The Lair.  Many shanty are sung and drinks are drunk within the Siren's Song.  When the men and women of Black Sails  aren't out getting money honestly (or dishonestly), they can be found here.  This is also the first room found within The Lair, working similar to a gateway before going inwards to the rest of the guild.  

    The Siren's Song is a large bar, capable of comfortably accommodating up to 120 individuals with seats and glasses to ensure everyone that appears has a good time.  The Siren's Song also comes with instruments for those men or women of the guild brave enough to play an instrument without getting boo'd off the stage from their fellow privateers.  

    Inside of the Siren's Song is the very popular bar-maid, Alisha, who is able to cater to Black Sails Guild's needs when it comes to drink or even lap-warming.  However, she isn't THAT kind of girl, so don't bother asking.  She is also known to sing and dance for the members of Black Sails.  Don't worry, she knows what she's doing and she's free to go as she wishes; she works at the Siren's Song on her own free will.  Just be sure to keep your hands from roaming where they shouldn't and she won't clobber you.

    NOTE:  The Siren's Song will be where your character will be escorted, IC, for Guild Introduction Thread.

    Personal Cabins

    Cabins are, what you land-lubbers would call rooms.  These personal cabins are given to each member of Black Sails upon joining the guild.  Not only will they be given a room, but they will also be given a key to protect their valuables.  While Black Sails honor a code to not steal from one another, extra safety precautions are kept in the instance it ever happens.  

    Each member of Black Sails are given a decent sized room, big enough to house 3 people.  However, due to allowing each member of Black Sails a bit of privacy, it is only 1 to a room.  Co-habitation IS allowed at your own discretion.  Each room is furnished with general amenities such as their own kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom.  The rooms can be personalized with other amenities as the member likes as these rooms are all fitted with electricity.  

    Each room is also made of wood, to look similar to the inside of the guild ship where each member would reside, but far more spacious and comfortable.  

    There is no separation between male and female living quarters, meaning that your next door neighbor may be someone of a different gender.  When roomed near someone of the opposite gender, each member is to respect their space and not sexually harass them.  

    Each room is also the same size regardless of station within the guild.  The Captain (Guildmaster) will have the same size room as the Quartermasters (Aces); The Captain and Quartermasters will have the same size room as everyone else.  It is the Captain's belief that the room sizes being equal would make the members of the guild also feel equal without giving off a superior air to the rest of the crew.  

    The Glowing Pool

    What is a guild of pirates without a way to soothe and soak their bones.  Deep inside of the cave there is a pool of water that has a strange blue glow to it.  This water came to be known as "The Glowing Pool" due to the bio luminescent algae that is found in the water.  Not only is this pool a fresh water spring in the middle of the ocean, but it is also on top of a volcanic area, giving the water a nice and warm temperature all year round.  The heat of the springs excites the algae to giving off it's eerie blue glow.  

    A room had been carved out and lockers installed for the storing of clothing and other items.  Towels are placed in a neat pile for those wanting to go in.  This is a co-ed bath, but strict regulations prevent any "hanky-panky" from occurring within the spring.  After dipping in the spring for a while, the algae stick to the person, causing them to glow for a short while before the algae ultimately dies when out of the water.  

    This spring also has strange healing properties, accelerating the healing of minor injuries to beyond a natural pace.  Cuts instantly close, body aches instantly disappear, and even massive gashes could close up.  This is a popular place for the members of Black Sails to come and socialize (whether covered in a towel or completely naked).  Remember, there will be no "hanky panky" in this hotspring.

    The Hidden Beach

    A mysterious beach that resides just outside of the lair. Through a strange door, with runic flourishes upon the border of the door, the Hidden Beach can be found. This beach isn't effected by the outside weather (being a nice tropical feel all the time with the occasional rain shower). Not only is the weather within the Hidden Beach not connected to the outside world, but it can't be found from outside of the island. However, incoming ships could be seen from the beach. Some people theorize that this beach may exist on a different plane of existence.

    When the members of Black Sails want to throw a party outside, they generally come to the Hidden Beach. Parties, BBQs, and the casual day of fun-in-the-sun is had here. Think of a typical beach episode in an anime and that is what happens here on this beach. Due to the strange 'cloaking' on the Hidden Beach, the guild has the utmost privacy here and even flees here when things get TOO dangerous.

    This beach not only serves as a place of leisure, but also as an escape route. Rafts are stationed out on the Hidden Beach, which can be rowed out to the open sea. After 500 meters out from the door entrance, the strange cloaking is not effective and the rafts can be seen by the outside world.

    While bikinis and trunks are the main clothing out here, try not to lose your clothing too often!

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