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    Silver Wolf Guide

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    Star Silver Wolf Guide

    Post by Silver Wolf on 23rd March 2018, 9:18 am

    Silver Wolf


    If one wishes to join the guild, they may post an intro thread in the Silver Wolf board with their character approaching the guild hall. This is by no means required, but helps establish how your character joined, as well as help you find some roleplay partners from within the guild. The setting should be the guild hall itself, or its surrounding area. Both of which are described in a separate topic, linked at the end of this guide.


    Silver Wolf is an independent guild that looks up to and respects the world of magic, a place that can often be a place of unimaginable cruelty and misfortune. Far out of the reach of the Magic Council, Silver Wolf was created as a place, a refuge for anyone and everyone. Accepting equally and regardless of person's nature, past, methods of work and goals. To be a pack of individuals that can survive together through anything and persevere, loyal to one another. That is what Silver Wolf strives to be.

    The guild focuses on the research and development of magic itself, as well as magic-powered technology. Be it through their own development, hunting for ancient and lost magical inscriptions or tools and trading with other individuals or organizations, the members are given free reign over how they wish to pursue this goal. To top into the unknown and reveal what could not be seen until now is the primary focus, results of which are the benefits for members, ensuring their ability to survive or even standing in the society.

    Those who are not afraid to dabble in things that are common in this world, yet their workings are still mostly unexplored to most of the individuals that use these powers. Taking all learned and using it to gain an advantage over others, as well as help where help is needed. Remaining in the neutral spectrum, Silver Wolf leans toward the side it feels most comfortable with without any restrictions of the regular magical world, for their knowledge of magical powers themselves frees the members from the conventional shackles.

    The guild also looks at packs of wolves as inspiration and tries to create a similar system, one that is based on a strong sense of loyalty among all the members. To be part of a bigger group that brings power, but to keep one's individualism in the process. Whether one looks at a guild simply as a workspace that provides different jobs and rewards, or as an actual family, it will provide. It is a place that wants to help its members with their desires and goals.

    As such, the guild wishes to create a space where anyone can exist without the worry of being judged or undermined by others. A group that can achieve just about anything by cooperation that is essential to the hard work of being a mage. And to help anyone and everyone survive in this world that is not always as welcoming as it might seem on the surface. A place full of free spirits that do not wish to be chained down by anything. Silver Wolf welcomes all! But what of the guild's goal and ambition? It comes from that very respect toward the magical world all mages live in.

    All members of the Silver Wolf are required to have the Wolf's mark on their body, a practice that all guilds of Ishgar indulge in. However, there are no real requirements aside from that. The mark can be anywhere on person's body, though it is highly encouraged that a normally visible location is chosen to make the process of verification easier and less embarrassing for everyone included.

    The same goes for the mark's color, as it is entirely up to each individual member to choose however they wish to color it. It is even possible to have the mark consist of multiple different colors, or have a gradient overlay. Members are encouraged to express themselves through their guild mark however they want, so that their individualism is not lost within the ranks they have joined. After all, this is a collection of people forming a single pack, rather than a pack becoming a single individual ego that operates without any care for the needs of individual parts.

    Laws & Alliances

    As anyone can be accepted to the ranks of Silver Wolf, every single individual is free to set their own moral system in place for their work. However, it is asked of members that they try to not turn the entirety of Fiore and more against the guild, as such actions would bring great disadvantages to the rest of the members, as well as yourself. Other than that, do not betray other members of Silver Wolf and you will be golden.

    Onyx Moon/Fairy Tail
    Silver Wolf is allied with Onyx Moon and Fairy Tail. This three-way alliance was formed due to the three guilds having similar values along with the potential to aid each other in various ways. Silver Wolf completes research and provides Fairy Tail and Onyx Moon with weaponry and other technology in return for large sums of jewels. Silver Wolf has also been known to hire out the mercenary guilds to aid them in their endeavors to obtain rare magical artifacts and items to further their studies.

    Guild Ace System

    As members become part of Silver Wolf, they become part of the Pack. Silver Wolf, like other guilds, recognizes certain individuals as Aces. The individuals bearing the title of Ace have contributed to the guild in ways that go above and beyond the contributions of a rank-and-file member.

    Every member has a title associated with them. New members with low ranks (D and C) are referred to as Cubs. Upon reaching higher ranks (B and onwards), members earn the title of Wolf. If a member aims for higher ranks within the Guild, they have a chance to become an Ace. Ace of the Guild acts as a second-in-command and takes care of things that the Guild Master cannot; the title of Ace comes with a quite a bit of responsibility.

    • Within Silver Wolf there are certain rules and requirements to becoming an Ace. The primary requirements are that a member must be at least B rank (or higher) and be active within the Guild for at least a month. If one has met these requirements and is interested in becoming an Ace, message the Guild Master on the site or Discord with a declaration of interest along with OOC and IC reasons as to why one believes that they merit the title of Ace. If the request is approved, a personalized Ace exam will be conducted. If the exam is passed, one earns the title of Ace.
    • A special note about Aces within Silver Wolf is that upon receiving the title, they get to pick out a customized title that is based around their IC qualities and what they provide for the Guild (ex. Alchemist, Diplomat, Archivist, etc.). The title is in a format of ‘ of the Pack’ to reflect their position within the Pack that are the members of Silver Wolves. With this title an Ace will be given an extra IC room that will serve as their office and a space that is dedicated and tied to whatever title they have chosen for themselves.
    • Guild Masters also receive a custom title of their own. To reflect the fact that they are the leader of the Pack, their title format is as follows: ‘Alpha of the Pack’.
    • Members who have departed from the Guild for one reason or another are regarded as ‘Solitary Wolves’.

    Guild Scoreboard Rewards

    Members of Silver Wolf can earn a reward by being the member with the most points posted to the Guild Scoreboard. That reward is a magic firearm made by Aspen Azarov that can either be premade or fully customized by the winner. It will be paid for out of guild funds and will be the winner's to keep for their own since it is a reward.

    • Any member of Silver Wolf can win the reward if they put the most points on the board for the guild. This goes from Guild Master to Ace to rank-and-file members.
    • While any member can win the reward, no member can win the reward twice in a row.

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