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    Tag [job~solo]

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    Tag [job~solo] Empty Tag [job~solo]

    Post by Shipping Goddess 27th November 2017, 9:56 pm

    One day Mai was walking along the gardens of Magnolia, finally spending some actual time in her hometown. It had been ages since she was here... First there was the whole Savage Skull and the Kasha incident, then there was the fudge recipe person, and along the way hunting yōkai, studying tactics, etc... There was just no time to explore the town she was born and raised in, as fast as she was raised in it. The mage put her dolls away, there was no need to fight today, as she was going to go meet with her uncle for another lesson in onmyōdō, until some kids stopped her along the way.

    "Hey miss! You wanna play a game of tag? You're it!"

    The young child tapped Mai on the wrist, then bolted off, expecting the much older Mao to immediately chase after her. What the child didn't account for was the shock factor of being randomly approached by a stranger, but she decided to give in anyways. She wanted to practice onmyōdō with her uncle, sure, but those lessons could happen any day. These kids wanted to have some fun now, and Mai would feel bad if she didn't appease to them.

    The mage immediately began to bolt off, but about on par with the children, only slightly faster so she could catch up. She didn't want to run as fast as she could, because it would ruin the fun of the game. So, Mai soon caught up with one of the kids, and tapped him on the shoulder, exclaiming out 'tag, you're it!" like she heard kids do many times before. Truth be told, Mai never played a game of tag, since her childhood literally flew by too fast to enjoy the little things. So, this was quite possibly a luxury to her not because she was hopping into some kids' game, but rather because she was enjoying a part of childhood that she never got to. It was wonderful, honestly, that she could do such a thing. However, just as Mai began marveling at the beauty that was a simple game of tag, a kid tapped her on the leg and bolted off. She was 'it' again.

    The game went on for about an hour more, with Mai continuously becoming it and passing the role of it onto others. She formulated a sort of horror movie strategy to the game, as she didn't have to be the fastest in the group (although she was, by far, she was just limiting her speed), she just had to not be the slowest in the group. That way, she wouldn't get tagged, but she wasn't completely annhilating the competition like she thought she would. Regardless, when she had enough of the game, the summoner simply said her goodbyes, and thanked the children for allowing her to play. But all good things must come to an end, and this game of tag was a simple, yet very good thing for Mai that made her realize that she was missing out on the finer aspects of being a child, but it was still possible to get all of that done.

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