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    Blood Drive (Solo, Job)

    Takumi Yoshino
    Takumi Yoshino

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    Blood Drive (Solo, Job) Empty Blood Drive (Solo, Job)

    Post by Takumi Yoshino 7th September 2017, 4:43 pm

    Takumi had arrived at his next job location in Rose Garden in his more Kitsune-like appearance, since he figured the children would enjoy the form best. That, and he couldn't wear his hat inside. The short mage entered the building, where he received his Volunteer tag, and was told to assist people to the dining hall, and serve food later on. He started off with a middle-aged lady, who was slightly woozy from the blood that had been taken, holding her arm so she wouldn't fall. He assisted her to the table she had chosen, catching her once when she nearly fell. She thanked him and sent him on his way once they had safely reached the table.

    Next was a surly teenager, who repeatedly called him Faggot as he assisted him to the dining area. "Why Yes, I am gay. But, I do not have an interest in every guy I see, especially not teenagers like you." Was his response, to which the guy responded with trying to slap him, but lost his balance and Takumi had to catch him. The rest of the walk to the table was silent after that. Secretly, Takumi wanted to punch him, but refrained from it.

    Next, the mage was instructed to bring out food orders to people, which he gladly did, rather relieved to not gave to go through the same homophobic nonsense that teenager had tried. He had to bring out each order of food as fast as it was made, taking other orders and hearing any complaints anybody had at the same time. It was a bit harder than escorting people, but he did well enough, minus him accidentally bringing the wrong drinks to one table, for which he apologized profusely, though the people laughed it off.

    He enjoyed the simple fact that he was doing a more mundane type of work, taking a break from using his magic for a bit, and being a normal person for once. Even if he really wasn't normal, or in fact a person at all. Takumi worked on serving for awhile, until somebody told him that a mage was needed to entertain the children. Of course, he wouldn't deny the children entertainment, so he followed the person to where the children were waiting. He requested a wooden pole or stick of some kind, which was brought to him, and then the show would begin.

    The first thing he did was make a dozen butterflies of pure light to flutter around the children, who giggled and tried to catch the butterflies. After that, the Kitsune would reveal the use for the long stick. He promptly set the ends on fire, and began dancing with It, the stick and Takumi both moving fluidly, the fire reflecting off Takumi's ears and tail, making them appear bright gold. He was smiling, the children were entertained, everybody was happy. The dance went on for a few minutes, captivating the children at the man who danced with fire. Once the dance was over, Takumi allowed the children to touch his ears, though he forbade them from going anywhere near his tail. Luckily, none of them touched his tail.

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