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    [Job]: Blood Drive | Solo

    Kaido Kemono
    Kaido Kemono

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    [Job]: Blood Drive | Solo  Empty [Job]: Blood Drive | Solo

    Post by Kaido Kemono 3rd April 2020, 8:38 am

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    It was another day, and Kaido had another mission. As the sunlight bled through the curtains of the motel room, Kaido begrudgingly sat up in the bed and tiredly rubbed the sleep out of his eyes. He signed up to help out with a blood drive this afternoon, and he did not want to be late. Kaido arrived at rose garden from Magnolia the night before, now, that was honestly a long travel session for him. “Wake up, you need to get dress or else you’ll be late, idiot” Ao Gaung was an asshole, but he did have his uses. ‘I know, I know, back off of me you, you scaly brat’ he felt Ao Gaung snort in his head, but the dragon went quiet. He had to admit that Ao Gaung was the closet thing to family, and while the dragon king did hold slight resentment to the Kemono family, he respected them and vowed to protect Kaido after the incident. 

    Unfortunately for Kaido, Ao Gaung told him nothing about his family and he simply kept Kaido on his toes. Massaging a knot out of his neck, Kaido would swing his legs over to the edge of the bed and plan them firmly on the ground. “I need some coffee.” Kaido would say out loud, ‘You need a shower’ Kaido took a moment to smell himself, and silently agreed with Ao Gaung, the dragon king chuckled in victory. After a shower, Kaido would get dress and leave the motel to find wherever the blood drive was being placed. Eventually, he found it and was greeted by a nurse with pink hair, she was cute but not Kaido’s type. 

    “Ah, are you that mage? Kaido Kemono?” The nurse would question, Kaido would raise an eyebrow, finding it a little creepy that the nurse knew who he was, but then again, he gave her a description of him. “Yea, I am Kaido Kemono of the Fairy Tail Guild, what can I do to help?” 

    She took a moment to look at him from head to toe, Kaido got a little uncomfortable as she examined him, and he rubbed the back of his head. “Do you like kids?” she asked after a while, Kaido cocked his eyebrow and took a moment to consider his answer. “Yea, I like kids?” Kaido replied. She smiled and guided him to an area that had been set up to take care of the blood donator’s kids while they were recovering. It was like entering into a warzone for Kaido, the kids were throwing toys, and dominating the area like a bunch of miniature tyrants. One of them found Kaido and started to tug on his jacket asking for a piggy back ride. 

    ‘You should have said no, this is hell’ Ao Gaung practically screamed in Kaido’s head, and needless to say Kaido agreed with what the dragon king said, ‘I know, I know’

    Kaido gave about three or four piggy back rides within ten minutes of being there, and then he had a bunch of kids dog pile on him, try to wrestle him, kick him, and whatnot. But eventually, Kaido managed to get the situation under control and teach the kids some combat moves and told them stories. It got to the point that both Ao Gaung and Kaido were having some fun, which was rare indeed. Eventually, everything came to a close, and Kaido was able to return to the hotel after getting paid. Where he promptly passed out on the bed and fell into a deep slumber.

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