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    Blood Drive { Job, Solo }


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    Blood Drive { Job, Solo } Empty Blood Drive { Job, Solo }

    Post by ChloeofFairytail 17th April 2016, 11:29 am


    Blood Drive

    Job Title: Blood Drive!
    Rank: D-Rank
    Player Requirements: Any Rank, Legal Mages Only
    Job Requirements: 500 words per player, +200 words per player beyond the first
    Job Location: Rose Garden
    Job Description:
    The time has come for Rose Garden's blood drive! The person running it has asked for legal mages to assist in doing the drive to make the patients feel a bit more at ease. They have a list of all legal mages, and the dress code requires no hats or hoods to be worn inside. Dark mages are instantly arrested, but those with a neutral guild insignia that they willingly show are permitted. In short, you will be going around entertaining the children, serving food, serving drinks, helping those who had blood drawn walk to the dining area and catching them if they fall, as well as aiding to keep those who fainted from over heating.

    Reward: Notice from the Magic Council for your selfless efforts.

    Chloe stood by the job board wondering which job she would take next. She looked around for something that might interest her. She found one that caught her eye " Blood Drive" it was about entertaining children, serving food and drinks and much more, it sounded quite exciting and the best thing about it was that she got to meet new people so she took the sheet off the job board and skipped towards Rose Garden.

    She stopped in front of a sign that read "Blood drive inside" So she opened the door to the building and fond ton of people, everyone seemed happy especially the one that had just donated blood, after all, who wouldn't be glad to be helping people. She looked for the person who was in charge of the blood drive. She waved when she saw him " Hi, I'm Choe, I'm here for the job," She said showing him the job request sheet. " Oh hello, I'm John, whenever you're ready you can start helping the patients," John said.

    Chloe went off to the food and drinks stand to see if they needed any help, she took a few drink on a tray and started giving them out to the patients. She then went to help a man who just donated his blood to stand up and she brought him to a chair. She did that for a couple of other patients then she then went to the children to see how they were most of them were enjoying themselves but some seemed bored she solved this by playing some music and starting a "dance party". She was glad when people started dancing.

    She then settled down with the rest of the people for a lunch, she ate a bowl of salad with a cup of orange juice. She then assisted a mother by feeding her baby the baby was adorable, he'd let out a giggle whenever he tasted something sweet or pleasant. She watched as the baby drank apple juice and nibbled on a peice of watermelon, the baby made a surprised expression when it tasted a seed she laughed reaching for a tissue for the baby to put it on. After the baby was done eating the mother thanked her and she walked away to help someone else.

    She stopped in front of a man that looked thirsty she ran to the snack booth to grab him a glass of water. The man drank the water gratefully and thanked her when he was done. She then helped a couple of people get comfortable after donating their blood, giving them water and some snacks.

    When the day was almost over she decided to donate some blood herself, she sat down in the chair she was nervous since it was the first time she had ever donated blood. The docter put a needle into her flesh and the blood started to come out, in a steady stream, it didn't hurt much but it did make her a bit dizzy. She stood up after it was done, glad that she would be helping someone. She was a bit tired but it was worth it.

    525 words


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