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    [Solo Job] Blood Drive


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    [Solo Job] Blood Drive Empty [Solo Job] Blood Drive

    Post by Satorius 13th June 2020, 6:57 pm

    Having to walk around without being copvered by his hood or mask always got Satorius tensed up just that little bit as it made him feel exposed to everyone. He didn't care about his looks, or how others viewed them, but he was firstly a doctor and needed to keep safe distance to others and be safe and on the other hand did feel vulnerable. But here he was, once again foregoing his tendencies and preferences to do something good. He had heard of the Rose Garden's Blood Drive before, but hadn't managed to come here earlier. He couldn't help but gaze at all the different people that came here, some even with interesting magical powers hidden inside them that would be fun to disect closely, but that wasn't why he had come here. He also hadn't come here to donate blood himself, because paranoia dictated that his blood was to precious to be given out to anyone, so he came here to help, being more inclined to be one to help through his medical practices anyways. Dressed in a more casual attire of black pants and a white jacket that while open still covered most of his black shirt, he made his way to one of the staff to make his presence known. While he didn't belong to any guild, he didn't have much trouble of proving his trustworthiness and ability. Being rather pretty he was in fact rather popular with the nurses it seemed but didn't care for their reaction and quickly found his groove while working with them. First he had to guide a young man back to his girlfriend who thanked Satorius before leaving with her boyfriend. Next up was providing the full cre package of food for a group of women who were more then eager to be served by a younger man. He had to force himself to smile for them as they complemented him on the abilty to carry so many plates at once - which was secretly aided by his magic - and quickly excused himself to not get dragged into a conversation for too long. The longest time at the Blood Drive was occupied by him having to look after a sizeable group of children which at first only looked at him, but gradually lost interest in him trying to get them to play ball with him, so instead he told them of his 'epic' adventures, of how he had to fight a dung beetle the size of a house and found a treasure inside a mountain cave that was guarded by mountain lions. He made them more exciting then they were by putting emphasis on the parts where action happened but managed to keep them occupied long enough for someone to come and change spot with him, after which he got to get back to assisting tired donors. One man had a particular case of fatigue and thought he wouldn't find strength in his legs for quite a while but that was only until a young white haired man appeared infront of him and laid a hand on his shoulder. "Don't worry, as a doctor I'll make sure you have to worry about nothing." and with that he used a magic spell on the man and color returned to his face. Satorius used his magic to make him recover and quickly got the attention of some of the nurses and doctors after they heard about him and was able to aide more such particular cases. It felt good to aide in such a direct manner sometimes as practicing his job as a doctor wasn't as easily done while travelling but it was these times when he thought that he had chosen the right path, even with him sometimes feeling like he hit massive walls. And while he was at it, the young magician also had the opportunity to improve his ability both as a doctor aswell as using his magic. As the event inevitably came to a close, Satorius got to look a few doctors over the shoulder and watch their work, but wasn't too much impressed, sure they were skilled but showed him nothing new, so he made his last round to see if there was anything left to do, but quickly got the grren light to finish up. Those who worked with him praised his ability and like that his first job in a while came to an end. Tiresome but enjoyable was the best way to describe it, a pleasant distraction from day to day life.

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