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    Blood Drive | Solo


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    Blood Drive | Solo Empty Blood Drive | Solo

    Post by Reiya 27th November 2016, 11:16 am

    Mavis week would only get more and more eventful from telling a small child her pet goldfish died, then to rebuilding a house in the middle of a storm, what else could be more exciting. As well as voting for the next Guild Master for Blue Pegasus. However after talking to the bartender they assigned Mavis to take on a mission to help out at some sort of annual Blood-drive. Mavis was too entertain children and help anyone who wasn't able to walk alone to the dining room to calm down, and then to take care of the ones who fainted from over-heating. That didn't seem to difficult for someone of her expertise in human services, well helping out ones who are in need of care.

    Mavis quietly walked around her apartment to her bathroom, grabbing a towel from her dryer, the load of clothes she had set in the dryer after they got washed. Then she prepared her shower she started to strip from the pajamas she wore to bed the night before, her favorite pajamas decorated in pandas and small hearts. She slowly prepped the shower, getting the water ready. Turning the knobs to the perfect position for the perfect shower. As she got in the shower the sound of water hitting skin began to fill her apartment.

    Mavis sighed of relief. This was just what the Pegasus woman had needed. After the incident the night before she had, having to rebuild a house before a huge storm was coming, it was the most stressful thing she had ever done in weeks. However it was fine, in the end she made a new friend and was better because of the experience she gt out of the mission. 

    Mavis made sure to use her conditioner and shampoo set that would make her hair silky-soft and as well as smell like cherries. Her body-wash however was a totally different scent, it smelt like strawberries, she had a knack for mixing more than one scent, especially if the scents complimented and went with each other. The woman had washed her hair and body, making sure to leave nothing unwashed. Shutting the water off she would step out of the shower and dry herself off, with a previously obtained towel. As well as brushing her teeth with her minty toothpaste.

    Mavis then headed out for her mission heading to Rose Garden, to help out the Blood drive.

    She quickly would work in entertaining the children by showing them fights between wizards in tournaments on her projected-screens. The sounds of children cheering on their favorite Wizard's filled the room. Mavis leaving the kids occupied headed over to help some of the patients walk to the dining-hall so they could replenished some of their energy. One particular woman had almost fell, she must've been at least sixty or something. Luckily Mavis caught her, probably would have broke a damn hip if she didn't catch her.

    She then went to switch out the ice-wrapped in towels on the patients who had fainted. This was to prevent them from over-heating. Then it was basically rinse and repeat the rest of the day at the Blood-Drive. However she was pretty sure she was a big help, surely she would get awarded. She took her leave, after saying farewell to all the leaving patients. Making her way back to Blue Pegasus.

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