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    Blood Drive (Solo Job)

    Rowan Protegan
    Rowan Protegan

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    Blood Drive (Solo Job) Empty Blood Drive (Solo Job)

    Post by Rowan Protegan 27th April 2016, 3:27 pm

    Rowan found himself in yet another building for his next job. Apparently some philanthropist was running a blood drive and they needed volunteers to help out and other such things. Of course the magic council was ready to help and now many legal mages were here to assist the drive. Mages came and left as they fulfilled their shift, and now, Rowan was here to do his. While this job didn’t involve any combat, he did see the importance of helping out, which was a nice change of pace. He looked around for a few moments to figure out where to sign in and let the people running the event know he was here. Rowan quickly spotted a small table that had been set up just for signing in, and he quickly made his way over. It only took a moment for him to fill out a short form that simply stated that he was here, and another moment for the desk clerks to verify that he was a legal guild member. He was also required to show his guild tattoo, and he quickly moved to remove his jacket and raise his sleeve. He realized it was somewhat odd to have his guild mark on such a hidden place, but there was nothing he could do about it at the moment. Once that was out of the way, they directed the plasma mage to a small section of the building and simply told to help out whenever he felt is was necessary. Immediately, Rowan noticed that many of the blood donors were simply standing about aimlessly, and he quickly corralled them into a multiple lines for the nurses. While nobody came out and thanked him straight on, he did catch a few nods of gratitude from the nurses. For awhile it seemed everything was running smoothly and so Rowan stood by idly, simply overlooking the process.

    As time passed, other mages came to help Rowan at his post, and they worked together to move chairs and tables around, passing around some water and snacks, and a few other simple tasks. They were also in charge of morally supporting some of the more jittery donors, and Rowan found himself beside a young teen who was incredibly nervous. The plasma mage patted the young lad on the shoulder and reassured him that everything would be fine before directing him to a chair where the nurse prepped the equipment. The small interaction between Rowan and the teen seemed to calm his nerves quite a bit, and Rowan quickly moved onto help the rest of the donors.

    An hour later, Rowan wiped from sweat off his forehead as he approached the sign in desk. He had been running plenty of errands for the nurses in the last hour, and he was all tuckered out. The plasma mage was surprised by the amount of running around he had to do for something as simple as a blood drive, but thankfully his shift over, and the job done.

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    Blood Drive (Solo Job) Empty Re: Blood Drive (Solo Job)

    Post by Ninetails Derpfox 28th April 2016, 5:05 pm

    Blood Drive (Solo Job) MqXl8kK

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