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    It had to be a blood drive (Solo Job)


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    It had to be a blood drive (Solo Job) Empty It had to be a blood drive (Solo Job)

    Post by Ricken 10th December 2016, 4:16 pm

    Ricken couldn't believe he was going to a bloodrive... the thought was making him queasy, he reassured himself that as long as he did not have to see the blood everything would be fine besides, helping people sounds like fun... sort of. Ricken walked through the bright town, it felt extremely lively compared to something like Magnolia Town.

    Ricken had noticed a sign hanging on the door to a large white building, "Rose Garden annual blood drive here!" Ricken took a deep breath and whispered under his breath. "Don't look at the blood, don't look at the blood..." As Ricken walked in he noted how the clean the inside was, white walls, white tile, everything white, It also smelled strange like a mix of medicine and cleaning supplies.

    A young blonde women sat a desk organizing a stack of papers, as he walked up to her she looked up and asked if he was here to donate today. Ricken shuddered "N-no! I.. i'm here to help some of the patients..." She looked through her stack of papers again and pulled out one saying something about volunteer assistance. "Oh you must be Ricken! If you follow me i'll lead you to the changing room, and when your ready you can meet the donators. Ricken froze, he forgot his outfit sitting at home! "Um... I may have forgotten my work clothes..." The nurse turned to look and began to chuckle "Well lucky we have a solution for that, follow me."

    Ricken stepped out of the changing and with a slouch to his step, sighing at his situation. "Did you really only have female outfits left...?" Ricken said as he was adjusting his short skirt. "Yep sorry dear, follow me now if you would." The nurse said with a smile plastered on her face.

    Ricken walked into a room full of people waiting for their turn to donate. There was about 7 people all waiting in small chairs. A young woman with red hair, an older man with white hair and a matching beard, a very large man with slicked back brown hair, two young men with matching outfits and almost identical appearances, blonde short hair. The only notable difference was one silver airings.(Must be twins, he thought) Finally there was two old women, both with white hair, one with shorter hair in a pony tail and the other with hair going down to about her shoulders.

    One thing everyone had in common in the room though... it was dead silent, you could hear a pin drop. As everyone looked at Ricken he stood stiff expecting a remark on his outfit but got nothing. "Uh... Hello everyone... we ready to donate today!" Ricken let out a nervous laugh, everyone here must be nervous about donating.

    "I-i'm guessing everyone here is nervous about donating...?" The larger man scoffed, "I hunt dark mages for a living and am always face to face with death... you'd think a needle wouldn't scare me so much."He looked down in defeat. Ricken knew all about being scared... he deals with that almost everyday.

    "I get being afraid of things I... look I know something that will help!" Ricken brought out one of his keys and opened the gate to Ursa Minor, a white light filled the room and a small bear appeared in the middle of the room. "If i'm ever nervous about anything I just try to think of something.... happy, like my spirits I know I always have them either with me or in my mind." Everyone in the room smiled at Ricken, they all looked as though they gained atleast some newfound confidence towards the situation.

    Just then the nurse popped back in "Were ready for the next group, is everyone here okay?" Ricken nodded as the group walked past him, "Thanks a ton girly." Ricken smiled until the realization hit him. "Wait! its not what you think!" Ricken said chasing after the group...


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