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    Blood Drive [solo job]

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    Blood Drive [solo job] Empty Blood Drive [solo job]

    Post by Shipping Goddess 10th April 2017, 3:53 pm

    The Blood Drive in Rose Garden was something that Alex hadn't been expecting to go to today. She had other plans, a date even, however when situations occured that forced opened her schedule, she thought that she'd go help out some of her neighbors in the Rose Garden Red Cross that donated blood for the blood drive. So she left her small apartment, and left for the hospital. The woman arrived, and was greeted by a bodyguard that immediately told her that no hoods are allowed, and so the sleeping mage took off her jacket when entering the hospital, showing off the Golden Phoenix tattoo that was in the square middle of her forehead, proving that she indeed was a legal mage. Once inside, she went upstairs to find a group of children whom haven't had their blood drawn, but instead were just here accompanying their parents. And so, Alex went inside to play with the kids, and ease their boredom. She created small little playful animals out of Dream Magic, and had the small piglets, kittens, puppies, and other creatures play with the children. These animals were wacky, made of strange things like yarn or denim, which was strange considering they were animals, but not strange to the dream mage since that was literally some of the most tame things that she's dreamed about. After a short while, she heard her name called and Alex went a couple of rooms aside, to greet some people that were patients, whom had their blood drawn.

    When entering this room, Alex already grabbed a soda for an elderly man that was raising his hand and yelling... or rather talking above the average volume... for a soda. So she brought him one, and handed it to him, and was thanked earnestly for it. Alex simply nodded, having done this for no real satisfaction except that coming from knowing she's brought other people happiness. A teenaged girl was walking past when she fainted, however Alex was conviniently there to catch her on time before she fell and hit the ground. Alex then raised her up and brought her to a sofa, where she lay the girl's body down to recover from the fainting. The people that needed help walking were next, as they apparently knew better than the girl in terms of how much their bodies could and could not handle after getting a sample of their blood taken. So she helped out four people walk across the room to go see the television set, one that was playing a show about two men that lived in a house together, one being the comic and the other being the straight man, so to speak. The patients all seemed to enjoy it, so Alex didn't need to bother changing the television station. Soon after walking these people, she got a few calls asking for her to bring the food to the patients, and that she did. Walking the plates of hot food one by one over to the patients, they all replied with a nice "thank you" to the purple haired mage. Before Alex knew it, the simplicity of the job had caused time to fly by, and she was told that she can go home. Grabbing her jacket and walking, Alex just signed her name on a piece of paper attatched to a clipboard, notifying the Magic Counsel that she was here, and then headed home.


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