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    Helping the villagers move, Solo Quest ♥




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    Helping the villagers move, Solo Quest ♥ Empty Helping the villagers move, Solo Quest ♥

    Post by desirée 12th August 2017, 9:56 am


       In the summery heat, Desirée finally found herself at her destination: a small village in Desertio, which seemed to have an issue with the amount of water they could get their hands on. This means that every day, they had people walk miles to obtain water from the oasis six miles away. This resulted in many different issues, such as getting injured on the walks, spilling their barrels on hills,  and getting ambushed by desert animals also in search of water. Today was the day that they finally decided to pack up everything, and make a trip to the oasis to build a new village there. They deconstructed their houses, packed their belongings, and were going to begin their journey. However, they encountered one issue: they could carry their bags, but had nobody to transport the large amount of wood on their big wagon. Therefore, they sent word out to the guilds in order to get help.

        Desirée took this job, and began her journey to Desertio. She took the train there, but had to walk a mile from the nearest station to get to their small village. When she got there, she was greeted by a group of people sitting down in the sand fanning themselves. They all seemed to have red hair and freckles, and were wearing beige clothing that looked to be ragged. "Hello ma'am, are you here to help us transport our luggage to the oasis?" A woman asked that was sitting by the wood. "Yes I am!" Desirée said with happiness, and reached for her hoop in her pocket that she stores her magical summon contracts on. She held the pink stone in her hand, which had a small heart engraved into the middle. It also had some splotches of white, which blended into the pink perfectly. Desirée held the hoop above her head, gripping the stone with all of her might. "From Chrysalis, I summon thee: Rose Quartz."

    Appearance of Rose Quartz:

        "Hello Madame Desirée, what can I do for you?" Rose asked Desirée, in a very flamboyant tone. "I would like you to pull this wagon full of wood seven miles from here to the oasis that the villagers are planning on moving to. Can you do that for me?" She asked him. "Yes. Desirée and the children of the village, please sit down on-top of the wagon." Rose said to them. They all hopped into the wagon, and sat down on-top of the upper layer of wood. This wood was polished, so it made for a comfortable ride for the children and Des. On the trip there, they saw many beautiful sights. There were camels walking across the sandy hills, fennec foxes running in plenty of different directions, and leopard geckos absorbing the sun's heat.

        After about five hours, the group of people finally made it to the oasis. It was up against a beautiful mountain of sand and rock, and pumped a beautiful waterfall filled with shimmering, clear water. There were rocks lining the pool of water at the bottom of the oasis, which made perfect places to sit. When they got close enough, everyone, including Desirée, sprinted toward the oasis to get their hydration. It was nice and cool, and refreshed everyone. It tasted like pure nature, but also cleansed of impurities. Rose was sent back to Chrysalis, and Desirée accepted the payment of the kind village people. They began to re-construct their houses, and Desirée began her walk back to the desert train station to go back home.

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    Helping the villagers move, Solo Quest ♥ IY2eFxu

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