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    iLac (Solo Quest)


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    iLac (Solo Quest) Empty iLac (Solo Quest)

    Post by BunnyBunny on 19th February 2019, 2:28 pm

    It was funny. Bunny didn't mind not having magic. Heck, she had grown up not being allowed to use it around her parents. They had always been scared of what her songs could do. They didn't even realize that without her staff, Bunny couldn't use her songs anyway.

    Maybe that was why she hated this place already. The people on their iLacs, laughing and smiling. They weren't really doing anything. Could you really contribute anything without magic? Her mother and father never did. Nope, it was always her and her brother. Doing things that her mother and father... would never do.

    Was she ever a child after her grandmother died? Or was she just a tool to those who bared no magic? The thought made her feel... icky. It made her remember the first time she-

    How old was she? Who thought it was okay to do something like that? Aren't your parents supposed to protect you? That's what school had taught her. She stopped going when she was 14.

    Is that when it happened?

    It wasn't like that guy had magic either. She could have easily overpowered him if she wanted. But, in the same way a child gets all A's to please their parents she did jobs like that. All she ever wanted from them was their approval. Their smiles as they said 'Good Job, Astrid.'

    She wanted just to hear those words that a mother spoke to her child. The words that bunny had heard before she discovered she had magic.

    "I love you, Astrid."

    Those words. Four beautiful, deadly, caring, manipulative words strung together to create a sentence that would have put Bunny's heart back together. No one would say that to her.

    Bunny looked around. The same way she wanted her father dead, she wanted to see all those people suffer as she had since she was five. Be lead on by a promise that you think has to be fulfilled but it never comes.

    Bunny never her name to anyone. It was a secret.

    She held it close to her heart. Because she knew that those four words would bring her world crashing down around her.

    So when the non-magical worker asked, "Name?"

    Bunny answered. "Bunny Dubois."

    She got a Rose Gold iLac. Of course, cases were a whole other ball game. So many choices, so little time. Bunny wanted out of this place, fast.

    She traced her fingers on the cases, finding herself in luck. There was an adorable bunny case, with fluffy ears and a tail as well. It also had a little heart charm that dangled off.

    Yes, it was perfect. She was happy she didn't have to pay for the phone as she left. She was running out of Neutral Grounds so fast. She was getting away from all those with no magic as fast as she could.

    Yes, Nightmare was the perfect place for Bunny to realize her dream.

    A dream of driving those who had once drove her into despair, into despair themselves.


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