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    To Earthland... And Beyond!! (Solo Quest)


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    To Earthland... And Beyond!! (Solo Quest) Empty To Earthland... And Beyond!! (Solo Quest)

    Post by BunnyBunny 18th February 2019, 3:16 pm

    Ugh... Not a stupid crowd. Not today, as Benaiah and Bunny both shuffled their way through a crowd of people.

    Now, you might be thinking, why on earth might Bunny bring Benaiah with her to get a passport? Wasn't the crowd already big enough?

    Well, Bunny had thought it might be easier to masquerade as a normal wizard if she pretended to have a child. Benaiah, being his age and height, was the easiest candidate. Also, he was the only candidate, unless Bunny planned on taking the time to kidnap another child. Believe it or not, that wasn't on the agenda.

    Especially with the way the small dark mage was acting today.

    "Are we there yet?"

    "How long is this line anyway?"

    "Can we go eat and come back?"

    "This place smells like fish."

    "I think those people are looking at us funny."

    "Well, Benaiah, maybe they wouldn't look at us funny if you didn't ask the same questions over and over." Bunny sighed. Sometimes, she regretted taking the little wizard in. But other times, like last night, she knew it was the right thing.

    Bunny was looking through a bag she had brought with her when she ran away. She was actually looking for more bedsheets to set up a bed for Benaiah. Taking out this, and that, and just shifting through stuffed animal after magic item after antique.

    It was when she saw that picture that she started crying. The picture of her grandmother, her brother, and herself. It was that uncontrollable sob. The tears just started rolling, and they wouldn't stop. It was like this picture had just put her into some sort of immense pain.

    It was then when Benaiah came walking in. He had a large chocolate bar in his mouth, and some sass to boot.

    "Why are you crying on the floor? Is that your brother?" He sat down next to the blue haired mage, taking another bite of the bar.

    "Yeah. I'm fine, Benaiah." She said, wiping her eyes, looking to the young boy. "I just found this picture of him and my Grandma, so I-"

    "I did the same thing when dad would leave after mom died. I used to dig pictures out of the trash and-"

    "You dug pictures out of the trash?"

    "The dumpster, actual-"

    Bunny picked up the boy. "That's it! You're getting a bath right now young man!"

    "Ack! Bunny not tonight! Maybe-"

    "Nope! Right now!It has been at least two days, and I will have no dumpster scented little ones in my house!!" She said, grinning as she carried the little one to the bathroom.

    And yes, he did get a shower.

    Who knew flashbacks were such a good way to pass the time? Bunny and Benaiah had made their way to the front of the line. Bunny simply stated that her Runeknights marking was on her inner thigh and they took her word for it.

    Finally, Bunny had her passport.

    And Benaiah got his Hargeon Town fish.

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