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    Helping the wheat farmer, Solo Quest ♥




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    Helping the wheat farmer, Solo Quest ♥ Empty Helping the wheat farmer, Solo Quest ♥

    Post by desirée 10th August 2017, 3:55 pm

    Helping the wheat farmer, Solo Quest ♥ UPQZfZA

        On a warm, Thursday morning, Desirée had found herself on yet again, another job, being transported to the location via ship. However, she had begun to enjoy these frequent boat rides to different areas of the world. It made her feel like a normal person, despite her celebrity status. She was wearing a pink blouse, with a dark blue-purple sweater vest, as well as white capris which matched her white-beige bag. Her hair was down, flowing just like the sea, and in her bag was the directions to where her job location was, as well as a small snack and a change of clothing if she got dirty. Her job was simple, to go aid a farmer at his farm to plant seeds for next year’s harvest. Since he had broken a leg in a harmful fall a few weeks before, he needed someone to plant his plants for him as the job entailed. If the seeds were not planted in time, the man would lose his job for an entire year. This would be awful for the man because he has to pay rent for his farm as well as living supplies for his family.

        On the boat, Desirée had been sitting near the back towards the motor. She was sitting at an angle which gave her a clear view of the ocean. The water shimmered a bright blue, and was magnificently transparent. It was like glass, but with a beautiful blue-green duo-chromatic shimmer, and in it were beautiful fish of all colors. The radiated energy similar to their colors, and the school of fish traveled tightly together. There were also crabs walking on the ocean floor, which could be barely seen. These crabs radiated a beautiful orange shimmer, and seemed to be walking towards the shore. The boat was a beautiful white and crimson red, and the red had an orange chrome reflection. Desirée stuck her hand down into the water, and felt the silky water that was radiating so magnificently. It felt absolutely refreshing, and was the perfect balance between cold and warm.

       The announcer on the boat came onto the intercom and said loudly, “shore is ahead, ladies and gentlemen, we will be arriving in Hargeon city in approximately ten minutes. Make sure to get your items ready, and sit back while we enjoy these last minutes on this voyage. We may experience slight rocking due to the waves arriving in Hargeon, but that is entirely normal. Thank you for choosing to ride the Rose Carnival Ship, and we would love to have you again sometime.” Desirée grabbed her bag from under her seat, and began to unwrap a small pink-frosted donut from the local Rose Garden bakery. She picked up this donut before her voyage, and began to take small bites from it. It was infused with strawberry flavoring, which gave a sweet taste and a pleasant aroma which filled the back area of the boat. As Desirée was eating the donut, she gazed into the horizon, which was reflecting the sun off of the beautiful waves. There were pink fish in the waves, which were being admired by the other passengers. Near the docks was a giant lighthouse, which was currently turned off because of the time of day.

        The dock pulled into the harbor, which was absolutely stunning. The wood of the docks was made of a beautiful beige-orange colored wood, and lining the edges were poles lined with red ribbons. The boats lining the docks looked to be party boats, as well as yachts and other varieties of vacation boats. Compared to the small boat Desirée arrived in, those boats appeared massive. Along the docks, there were many workers in white and red uniforms, as well as people arriving/departing from other ships. Fishermen were on the ends of the docks, trying to fish for those colorful fish Desirée saw in the waves. She began to walk down the docks, and was greeted by a bustling city full of shops, apartments, and people. The city was filled with very warm toned colors, and smelled like fresh berries and crisp air.

        Outside of the dock area was also a train station, which was filled with people of all ages, looks, magics, and personalities. There were multiple trains boarding, and Desirée was supposed to take train #4 to the small train hub outside the farmland. This area was a trading hub, which is where the local farmers would sell their produce to people that would like to buy it, such as wheat for bakers, and other restaurants for ingredients. Desirée began to walk toward the train she was supposed to be boarding, when she realized it was already beginning to board. “Shoot! I need to hurry,” She exclaimed, and began to run towards the train. She slammed her train pass onto the checker, and sprinted directly toward the doors. The doors began to shut, but luckily, Desirée jumped through and made it in as soon as the doors shut. Desirée walked toward the back of the train, and sat down near a window.

        The interior of the train was a beige color with cherry-red seats and clear windows. As the train began to depart, a familiar song began to play on the train radio. It was Desirée’s song, “Hope and Love,” which was a song about overcoming your fears and experiencing true love. “Well this is awkward..,” Desirée whispered to herself, softly. She looked out the window, and saw that the train was passing through a forest of wisteria trees. There were butterflies fluttering outside the windows, and everyone was in awe. The wisteria trees ended, the train crossed a river, and the train began to ride through fields of produce. “Now approaching the farm produce hub of Hargeon. Please collect your things if getting off at this stop. Next stop: Magnolia,” said the announcer on the intercom. The train began to come to a stop, and people started to exit the train. Desirée walked to the train door, and hopped off of it into the farmer’s hub. This was a giant cleared area surrounded by trees, and there were booths and stands lining the exteriors. There were paths leading to five farms, and each of the farms had sprouts coming from their fields except 1. “I think I have found the farm I’m working on,” Desirée thought to herself, and began to walk towards that direction.
        Desirée opened the gate to the farm and walked toward the house that the path led up to. The path was made of cobblestone, and seemed to have small green stones mixed into the cracks. These stones were a beautiful forest green, and seemed to reflect light. On each side of the cobblestone paths were empty fields, where holes were in rows every foot or so. This seemed to be where the plants would be planted, and there were occasional trees in some spots. The house that the path led up to was red, and looked very vintage. There was a porch in the front of the house with two rocking chairs, each with someone sitting in them. She began to walk towards the house, when the woman sitting in one of the rocking chairs got up and began to wave to Desirée. The woman looked elderly, and was wearing an old fashioned outfit. She had greying hair, and had a giant smile on her face. The man in the chair was also elderly, and was wearing an old fashioned shirt and shorts, and his leg was in a cast. The cast was fashioned with ribbon, and looked like it was crafted with magic. Desirée walked onto the porch, and stood in front of the couple.

        “Hello girl! Are you from the Black Rose guild?” the woman asked nicely. “Yes Ma’am, I am Desirée Blooms. I am here to aid you with some farming,” Desirée said, with a grin on her face. “Ah yes, my husband, Jared, will explain everything you need to know. My name is Rainy, and if you need anything to eat or drink, I will be inside.” She said. “Thank you for coming, darling. Due to my injury, I am not able to plant my seeds this season due to my injury. What caused this was falling off of a small cliff a few weeks ago. Therefore, I broke my leg, so I need someone else to plant my seeds in order to harvest them, and you seem to be the one! First, you need a shovel, which is in the shed. Also, in the shed, there is a wheelbarrow full of seeds in which you need to use to plant the seeds. Each hole needs to be filled with a wheat seed, and after all of them are planted they will be automatically watered due to Rainy’s rain magic. Please come back when you are finished, and we can give you your payment!” Jared said, and began to read the newspaper.

        Desirée began to take the path to the shed on the right, and noticed how big it looked from the outside, It was also red, and had a rooster-shaped weather-vane. The wind was blowing east, and the sun was shining brightly overhead. As Desirée opened the shed doors, she gasped in awe with all the beautiful clocks, trinkets, plants, and other varieties of vintage items. “How adorable! They collect vintage items!” she thought to herself, with awe. Sitting in the middle of the room was the wheelbarrow, which was orange with golden designs on the sides. The wheel was golden, and the wooden handling and stand were made of wood. The wheelbarrow was filled with hundreds of small golden seeds, each in the shape of a teardrop. The shovel was also golden, and had a teardrop shape etched on the metal.

        Desirée grabbed the shovel, and put it in the wheelbarrow. She took her purple-blue vest off, tied it around her waist, rolled up her sleeves, and began to push the wheelbarrow into the path. There, she began to push the wheelbarrow down the edges of the rows, so she wouldn’t mess up the holes of the plants while being able to access two rows at the same time for efficiency. She began to get good at burying them at a rapid place, and by planting so many, she eventually found out the perfect way to throw them into the holes without having to individually replace them. Then, whenever the two rows were filled completely with the seeds she threw, she would put the shovel in front of her and walk backwards to cover all the holes to make them planted.

        After hours of planting seeds in hundreds of holes in the farm, Desirée had finally planted the final seed. When she was finished, she wheeled the wheelbarrow and shovel into the shed and knocked on the door of the farm. “All finished, dearie?” Rainy asked, with a big smile on her face. “Yes ma’am! Can I watch you water the plants?” Desirée asked nicely. “Of course!” Rainy said, walking outside onto the porch. Rainy stepped out into the middle of the cobblestone path, and began to chant a song. In doing so, the green rocks in the stone began to glow, and they began to shoot up beams of blue-green water. This formed a giant bubble over her and the farm, and it floated there for a few minutes. “What do you do next, ma’am?” Desirée asked, curiously. “Just watch!” Rainy exclaimed, and as she said that, she formed a thin needle of water in her hands. She threw the water needle at the giant water bubble in the sky, and it popped, causing a drizzle of rain to cover the fields of wheat. “Wow, so cool!” Desirée exclaimed in awe. “Here is your payment, dearie. Jared and I thank you for helping our farm prosper!” Rainy exclaimed, giving Desirée 2,000 Jewel. “Anytime!” Desirée said, and began to walk back toward the train station. She hopped on the train, put her bag under the seat, and took the train back to Rose Garden. She was the only one on the train, so the peace and tranquility of the train track clicking under the train made for a nice nap for the long ride back to Rose Garden.

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