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    Helping the Donors [Solo/Lance]

    Aiden Ainsley
    Aiden Ainsley

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    Helping the Donors [Solo/Lance] Empty Helping the Donors [Solo/Lance]

    Post by Aiden Ainsley 18th December 2018, 11:51 pm


    Job :
    Lance walked through The Rose Garden with a dark look in his eyes. To the outside world the mage looked like a very shady person but in all reality, that was just how he looked. His long white locks of hair draped over his eyes as he looked around silently. Beside him a tiny orange demon, Ambit, fluttered next to him. It was a pretty bright day in Rose Garden, the sun shining down on the streets even made Lance look a little less creepy.

    The white haired mage sighed as he scanned the surrounding area with his bright golden eyes. “Tell me again why we are here Ambit.” He muttered, unable to see a reason behind Lex taking him to The Rose Garden. The small demon made a circle around the man's head before landing on top and resting “Lex told me to help you with your rehabilitation into being a good citizen again so we signed you up to help with the blood drive!” Ambit leaned back on his hands. Lance picked him up and placed him on his shoulder instead “I can do without the help… and I sure as hell don’t want to help with a blood drive.” he muttered, stuffing his hands in his coat pockets. His remarks made his companion shrug “Hey it’s not my fault you decided to become a killer.” Ambit sighed and shook his head “Just… Just please make this easier on everyone involved and lend a hand to those in need. It will only be a few hours I promise.” the demon pleaded with the man. Lance opened his mouth to protest but gave in “Fine.” he grumbled.

    Lance tied his hair back with a hair tie as the pair finally reached the sign in sheet for the blood drive. The man with the sheet didn’t even bother to look at Lance when he first stepped up. “Name?” the man said. “Lance Knighthunter.” the mage replied simply, his full face now visible since his hair was pulled up. The man flipped through the pages before finding the name “Ah, Mr. Knighthunter… it says here that you don’t have a guild… That may be a proble-” Lance cut the man off “Please. I only want to help.”. This was the first time the man would look up from his sheet at the mage in front of him. He would look him up and down before sighing and shaking his head “Alright. I’ll allow it this once but I will be keeping a careful watch on you.” Lance shrugged at this statement “Sure. Just give me a job.”. The man with the list nodded and set the list down “Ah. Yes a job. I am sure you are aware that you will be performing a multitude of jobs today?” Lance raised his eyebrow and nodded. He was not aware of this since he was not told by his companion. He gave the demon on his shoulder a side eye but kept speaking “Yeah? What’s the first one?” He would try his best to make this job as successful and end it as quickly as possible. To him, this only put a dent in his day. The man gave Lance a list of jobs before going back to his work.

    The first job that was given to Lance was to entertain the children whose parents decided to give blood that day. As he walked into the room where they put all of the children he sighed “Children… Ya know I used to love them but now all I see is a bunch of snot nosed brats…” he thought to himself. He got up in front of the group of children and spread his arms out wide “Hey Kids!” he said in his best cartoon mascot voice. The children all turned towards him and suddenly it was like a big spotlight was upon him. He scanned the audience and gulped, closed his eyes and took a deep breath. “Do you guys want to see a fun little magic show?!” he kept his act up, the kids applauding and cheering for him. He had to think of something quickly as his magic wasn’t exactly used for fun. He decided to juggle his chaos swords for the children but since the spell was mainly used for attacking he had to improvise his spell. He closed his eyes and imagined the swords appearing in a circle around his body, blades facing upwards. Since he had never tried to cast this spell this way before it took a bit of concentration and the cheering of the kids didn't help at all.

    A sweat drop dripped off of his forehead as his golden eyes burst open and and the chaos magic flowed all around him, forming into five blades. He single handedly grabbed the swords into one hand and tossed each one up into the air, catching them with the other hand slowly. Eventually he would start to speed up until he was going faster than he expected. The faster the swords got, the harder it was to control so he threw the swords up in the air and called off the spell by slicing through the air, the magic bursting into sparkles of red and black.

    He looked around at the kids who were in awe at the strange and unique magic, his chest heaving up and down. After a couple seconds of silence the uproar of applause burst out from the children and filled the room. Lance was out of breath and tired from the show but the kids brought a faint smile to his face as he gave a slight bow, gave a quiet “Thank you.” and left the room.

    When Lance and Ambit got out of the room the demon flew to face towards Lance “I didn't know you could do that!” the demon exclaimed, amazed at the control the mage had just shown. Lance chuckled a little bit “Me neither.” he said before shrugging.

    The next thing that was on the list would be serving food and drinks to the people who had given blood already but as he was heading to the dining area he heard a thud and saw someone collapse to the ground. The pair rushed over and stood over the man, Lance kneeling down next to him to check for a pulse. He faintly felt the beat of life which caused a sigh of relief to come out of the mage. “Ambit go get a cold towel so we can cool him off.” Ambit enthusiastically nodded and flew off, returning a few moments later with a towel which was then placed on the feinted man’s forehead. Ambit would then use his wings to flutter a breeze onto the man. Soon the man’s eyes would open to see Lance and Ambit standing over him.

    “You okay?” Lance said, standing up straight and dusting off his knees. The man nodded and grabbed the mage’s hand, helping him up. “Put one arm around me sir, let’s get you something to eat and drink.” Lance offered a kind smile. The man did as he said and they set off to the dining place.

    When they reached the dining hall, it was full of people that looked like they were about to die. A few mages ran around, arms full of food and drinks but definitely not enough to see to everyone there. He sat the man on his shoulder down and nodded to him, taking one last look around and sighing “Talk about short staffed…” he muttered to himself as he went off to the kitchen.

    Ambit eyes all the food in front of him and Lance clapped his hands together “Alright Ambit! You take a tray of food, I’ll take a tray of drinks!” he exclaimed. Ambit gave a loud cheer of agreement before taking a tray in his hands and heading off the serve. The two would serve the multiple donors for a few hours.

    When they were done they exited the dining hall and Lance collapsed onto the wall, sliding to the ground with a groan that led to a laugh “I’m exhausted!” the mage exclaimed, placing his pale hands behind his head and staring up at the sky. The sun was setting perfectly so it cast a bright, beautiful orange and pink hue across the sky. Ambit sat next to Lance and looked at him with gleaming eyes “See I told you it wasn’t that bad!” he gave a small laugh. Lance closed his eyes and smirked “That was actually kind of fun…” he muttered gently. “So what now?” he asked Ambit before standing up to be on his way.

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