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    Assisting Blood Donors | Solo Job ♥


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    Assisting Blood Donors | Solo Job ♥ Empty Assisting Blood Donors | Solo Job ♥

    Post by anastasia 27th August 2017, 9:14 pm


    It had been a gloomy Sunday afternoon in Rose Garden, and Tia had been called to aid a Blood Drive which was occurring in Rose Garden. She took this job at her guild's hall, but her reasoning for doing so was kind of ridiculous. She said it was "for her education," but it was really so she could see if she could have another encounter with the waitress from the winery she had experienced earlier in the week. She thought she was truly beautiful, and wanted to do anything for her to be Tia's. However, she did remember that she had a boyfriend, but she was convinced she could convince her to leave him for Tia. This was bold of Tia, considering she has such a passive attitude on many situations. She was going to Rose Garden via boat, which was a freight boat for transporting food and crafting items. This was the only boat going there from her guild hall today, so she had to make due of what was available. She was wearing the same outfit as what she wore last time she went to Rose Garden, but this time it was because there was a strict dress code to prevent dark mages from taking blood from the vicinity. As Tia arrived in Rose Garden, she began to walk toward the hospital that was taking donations of blood.

    "Hello, name please?" the receptionist asked Tia, which appeared to not want to be there. "Tia Haiku, of Golden Phoenix." she responded, pushing one of her bangs out of her eye's view. "Okay! Your task is to ease the blood donors as they take their blood. Preferably males." the woman said, looking Tia up and down. "Great." Tia responded, showing no emotion. "They are making me act sexual to ease men giving blood? Whatever." She thought, walking into the donation room. This one was all men, and the donors seemed to be acting nervous. "I can't believe I have to do this." Tia exclaimed, bending over revealing her panties. The men all began to gush, thus causing the doctors being able to withdraw their blood without fuss from the donors. She continued to do this type of thing, as well as acting like a ditsy dumb girl. She did this for a few hours, upset that she never would be able to see the girl she was crushing on at the time. This was causing the speed of the line to pick up, as no fussing meant no waiting time for the doctors to withdraw the donor's blood. In the end, Tia got her blood taken from the doctors to show her generosity, and headed back to her guild. She was very upset that she could not run into the girl she had mega feelings for one last time, but she felt as though it was for the better cause that she didn't. After all, the last time she saw her, she was messy and drunk. Tia boarded a small boat, and rode it back to her home.

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    Assisting Blood Donors | Solo Job ♥ 8qhOnIb

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