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    Helping the Kids!


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    Helping the Kids! Empty Helping the Kids!

    Post by Wolfe 27th July 2015, 2:54 pm

    (Wolfe has his limiter on)

    Wolfe was on a job to help a local hospital with collecting jewels for it's sick children ward. He had picked this one up for the hell of it. It was for a good cause and it might be kind of fun too. Wolfe had arrived in Hargeon just last night, but for the first time in a long time he had to use normal transportation. He had brought some very cool stuff with him to help with the show. Wolfe intended to have the show tomorrow night, and he was going to set up tonight and hide it all day to cause more of a stir.

    Wolfe decided to walk the town over that afternoon while he waited for nightfall. As he walked the streets he mentioned things here and there about a show the next night and how it was for a good cause. Wolfe did this for a few hours before he went back that evening and waited till it was dark outside before he started to set up. He worked though most of the night setting up his devices and doing a few small tests to make sure they were working and in their proper place.

    The next morning before anyone could see what they were Wolfe covered the up with lots of blankets and secured an area around the devices. Wolfe then decided to visit the children's ward that day and did a few small shows using his magic as small parlor tricks to make them happy. He did this until the late afternoon and told the children to get some rest for the show that night.

    Wolfe took a nap and was rested enough by the time the show was ready to start. Wolfe came out a little bit early and waited for the group to show. At first it was an ok sized crowd but Wolfe was going to change that. when all the children were there he uncovered all the devices to show 4 medium sized Tesla-coils in the four corners of the area and one huge one in the middle , but the middle of the huge one was missing. Wolfe then walked into the missing area of the huge one and held his hands out to his sides and smirked as he started focusing all his energy and then all he sudden bolts of lightning came crashing from the sky and started hitting the huge coil on the top where the coil ring was. Slowly it started to arc of of the large one and hit the smaller ones. Each time it did, it lit the sky up with beautiful light and made a sound.

    Wolfe then started to move his hands towards different coils and each time he did huge arcs if lightning would move between the coils and it would make more sounds. Wolfe then stopped for a second then he started to move his hands very slowly from one direction to another and started to control the arcs as they shot from coil to coil. As he did it started to light the sky up in a rhythm and it was soon obvious that he was making music. A very popular song that everyone knew. AS the song went on more and more people from all over the city started to show up and watch till finally it looked like almost all the city was there and watching.

    Wolfe then started shooting arcs from his arms too, which created even more lower pitched sounds and he started to do even more complex sounds and sights. Wolfe continued for a few hours as he did many different songs including a few request from the kids themselves. As the night went on, more and more people donated to the cause and it was a great success. At the very end Wolfe used all his magic to create a huge single arc that connected all the coils and then forced it up and away from the arcs, and after it shot into the air it began to spin and then stated to explode causing a huge fire works like show with little arcs flying in every direction and even more arcs shooting up from the coils to meet the ones in the air to make even more sparks. After that final bit Wolfe ended the show with a standing applause.

    After the show everyone returned home and Wolfe spent the rest of the night packing everything up for the trip home. The next day he visited the children to find out they all loved the show and it had been a huge success, which made him very happy. When he was about to leave one of the children stopped Wolfe and handed him a box. When Wolfe opened it there was a thank you letter colored in by all the kids in the ward and signed by them as well. Inside the box was also a lacrima, and when Wolfe pulled it out it started to project a video of the show from the night before. It was explained by the nurse that one of the parents of one of the children caught it all and made the lacrima as a thanks to Wolfe for all his help. Wolfe went to each child in the ward and gave them a hug and thanked them for the beautiful gift. He then left and grabbed all his stuff and head back home so he could put the picture up on his wall.


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