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    Drink some water boi [Job/Solo]


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    Drink some water boi [Job/Solo] Empty Drink some water boi [Job/Solo]

    Post by Izo 12th July 2017, 8:47 pm

    It would be a sunny day yet again, and the sun would be shining so bright that the heat wasn't helping some folks. Especially the village that was in the blazing hot country of Desierto. All that was known was that the villagers of a small village had been calling for help, but because of them not being with the tri-power, they had no one that could aid them with their dehydration problem. Now, when you think you have experienced heat, you haven't experienced like those villagers have, so all the need is someone with a caring heart to travel across the world to save them. The one massive problem is that the problem cannot be fixed by a mage simply bringing water to the villagers, they need to be migrated to a new village with a reliable water source, and a bit of shade would be nice.

    Izo decided he should take on the job and traveled to Desierto thanks to his passport. As he was dropped off in the middle of nowhere with nothing but instructions on how to get to the dehydrated village, he had already been burning up by the sun, he couldn't even imagine how much pain the villagers had to go through for just survival in the desert. As he began to walk towards the village in the blazing sun, he would follow the map that was given to him, using it effectively so that he could make it to the village as fast as possible to help those poor people who have already suffered enough.

    As the harsh walk continued, just from the top view of his eye, he was able to spot houses up ahead, as he took a long breathe in and out, sighing in relief that he was close enough. Izo would dash towards the village as the villagers began to cheer in happiness that they're savior was there in time for the rescue.

    Izo would kindly explain to the villagers that as he was walking here, he saw that there was a water source not too far from their village so all they had to do was make the walk and rebuild a new village if they were up for it. So without a second to waste, Izo would guide the whole village to the reliable water source and if one could no longer walk, Izo would pick them up for a certain amount of time until they could get back up.

    After three grueling days of pure torture, they made it to the water source and without a second to waste, they begun the rebuilding of a village.

    The villagers waved Izo off, happy that he helped them so much. As he left the scene, Izo would be proud of what he had done and how he had helped them. So he walked back through the blazing desert as he had a gentle smile on his face, the smile that would only be seen when looking at flowers, but he did it now.



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