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    Drink for Intelligence! Solo Job ♥


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    Drink for Intelligence! Solo Job ♥ Empty Drink for Intelligence! Solo Job ♥

    Post by anastasia 26th August 2017, 7:54 am


    It was a gloomy, overcast setting in the city of Rose Garden, and Tia was very excited about this. She decided to ditch her clothing that concealed her body for something a bit more revealing, since the sun was not exactly out. She didn't mind dressing in a revealing manor, as long as the sun did not hit her pale-white skin. She was walking alone through Rose Garden, and it looked to be that not a lot of people were outside due to the gloomy weather. It began to drizzle, which felt good on Tia's skin. She loved cold water, which is what she typically bathed in. But why had she traveled all the way from the underwater city of Oahu to Rose Garden? The task was simple, travel to Rose Garden to test wines for a high class restaurant. Wine was one of the few alcoholic beverages she was fond of, besides rum and champagne, so she politely accepted the offer. Rose Garden was a very different setting for her, considering she wasn't used to the big city. Sure, it was quiet because of the gloomy day, but she still felt nervous since it was unlike her new location. She brought a new novel she had picked up from her local library for the trip there as well as if she had to wait, which is what was keeping her from being bored of this job. She was doing it strictly to get used to traveling, which is what she predicted she would do frequently after joining a guild.

    As Tia walked farther down the street, she finally found the restaurant she was looking for. The sign read, "The Rose Winery," which seemed fitting for the job. As she walked into the restaurant, she was greeted by a woman standing behind a reception counter. "Um.. Hi ma'am, I am here to taste some wine for a job?" Tia stated, awkwardly. "Ah, yes! Can I get your name and guild please?" The woman asked, extremely cheerily. "Tia Haiku of Golden Phoenix." Tia stated, with no emotion. She was not one to have that much social interaction, but she did think that the woman was extremely beautiful. "Yes! Right this way ma'am!" The woman said, leading her to the back of the restaurant. Tia blushed, and followed her to the table. It was beautifully decorated with local flowers, and had an empty chalice in front of her. It seemed to be prepared for her since before she got there, which showed effort in the restaurant. A man walked out in a tuxedo, and poured the wine inside the chalice. "Drink up, dearie! And tell me your honest thoughts!" The man said, smiling. The chalice was excessively big, to the point where if she drank the whole thing she would most likely get tipsy. Tia took a sip, and immediately downed the entire chalice. "Wow! This is amazing!" exclaimed Tia, hugging the chalice. "Would you like any food, our treat?" The man asked, in which she ordered some pizza. As the pizza arrived, the alcohol kicked in. "Woooooww." Tia exclaimed, eating the entire pizza. She walked over to the entrance, and hugged the woman at the reception table. "You are like... so hottt." Tia exclaimed, leaning over the counter. "Sorry ma'am, but I have a boyfriend.." the woman said, which made Tia gasp. "No!" Tia exclaimed, running out the restaurant in tears. She ran to the nearest bench, and passed out on it. The next morning, she remembered nothing besides a chalice of wine and how hungover she was. "I wonder what happened?" Tia wondered, walking toward the docks to head back to her home.

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