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    Izo Kaguya.


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    Izo Kaguya.

    Post by Izo on Tue 11 Jul - 4:23


    Izo Kaguya






    March 13th



    Special Characteristics:

    Two scarlet dots on his forehead which all the members of his bloodline possessed.


    Izo didn't have a particular interest in fighting or killing and saw his abilities only as a means to be of use to others. He was a calm and quiet individual who would dedicate himself to whatever mission was at hand. As a child, he was more gentle despite his natural talent for combat and unique abilities which made him the strongest of his bloodline, as seen from him not wanting to hurt others he had no involvement with, and his interest in flowers. His gentleness is also reinforced by how empathetic and kind he was to his best friend. He is a very caring person and is very protective of those he cares for, even willing to break his calm and non-fighting self to protect them.

    Izo has a very strong sense of honor in battle and is known throughout his family as the soft one since he allows people to have a chance before fighting them. He is a very calm and intelligent fighter and can be quite the hassle to deal with, especially when he gets mad. He is focused in battle and is normally difficult to distract in battle. Out of respect, he would never go easy on an opponent unless they wished to be graced with his kindness.

    Izo also has a very strong sense of justice and does not like those who oppose innocent others or kill for no reason. Although he has a very dense nature, Izo is understanding and perceptive of his friend's feelings. Izo has never shown any tendencies to show mercy to those who have hurt innocent civilians or his friends. When his friends are hurt or someone does something that he strongly disagrees with, Izo will become encased with rage and will begin to  rampage at his opponent, although reckless, his magic becomes stronger and allows him to sometimes even fight equally with high-ranked mages.

    He is rather fond of guilds and aspires to find one that prioritizes friendship, and where he can
    be himself and find lots of friends to journey with. He values love but is rather dense to when
    obviously being liked.

    When showed with disrespect Izo barely ever holds grudges though, its possible he will if you hurt or kill his friends. Overall he does have a very forgiving personality. Zeno is very dense so he does not show any perverse tendencies. Izo can shake it off when someone disrespects him, though when someone disrespects his friends, he doesn't allow the opponent to leave without a bruise or scar.

    Izo considers flowers the only thing that is truly beautiful, and wishes that once he passes on that he can become a flower and rest in peace with nothing but the wind making it flowing with it.

    He is someone who is easily convinced, so he could unknowingly fall into the dark side without even noticing. He can easily be taken advantage of because of his kindness, and people always try to use him for his abilities and power.


    Flowers - they are the only thing he truly loves and believes they are beautiful.

    Eating - He likes tasting new delicacies.

    Peace - He loves peace, and wishes the world could have it.


    Conflict - He hates conflict, but he will do it if he has to.

    His comrades being hurt - Due to being a fiercely loyal and protective friend, he doesn't stand for it when his friends are hurt.

    People who hurt others for no purpose - boy you bout' to get some ass whooping.


    Killing the ones he care about -  he doesn't want to hurt the ones he care about.

    Killing a flower - because of his weird obsession to flowers, he doesn't want to kill one.

    Becoming Evil - He knows he is naive, so he doesn't want to fall into a trap and be taken advantage of.

    General Appearance:




    120.2 lbs


    White Shoulder-Length hair.


    Vivid Green Eyes

    Skin Tone:



    he has pale skin, vivid green eyes, masculine facial features, two scarlet dots on his forehead which all the members of his bloodline possessed, and shoulder-length white hair, which he wore divided down the middle on his head (distinguished by an atypical 'zigzag' hair parting) with two separate partings on either side of his face. His outfit consisted of consisting of a light lavender, loose-fitting, long-sleeved, zip-up shirt, black pants cut off around mid-calf, bandages wrapped around his ankles, traditional sandals, and a purple, rope-like belt tied in an inverted bow around his waist. He also wore two red, tube-like hair ornaments; one on either side of his head, securing two locks of his silvery-white hair.


    Savage Skull (Yes, I have been accepted. I am waiting for the tag.)


    Just under his throat and minimized to a smaller size.



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    Fireworks Expert

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    Re: Izo Kaguya.

    Post by Salrynn on Tue 11 Jul - 4:36

    Approved! ^^


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