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    You need some water (Solo,Job)

    Grey Masar
    Grey Masar

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    You need some water (Solo,Job) Empty You need some water (Solo,Job)

    Post by Grey Masar 18th July 2017, 6:38 pm


    It was a hot day and sunny day as usual for Hargeon,Lamia Scale was filled up with the guild members,lots of people were hanging out at the bar area ordering various drinks and food.He ignored the heat and walked up to the news board,apparently a village in Dessierto was severly dehydrated,they literally had no water available what so ever.He wanted to see if he could help the village out of kindness,he wondered what it would feel like to have no water for a long time,he's surprised that the village is even lively.If you've ever experienced heat,you probably have never experienced the heat in the village in Desertio,Mostly the the village had no water due to the fact that the village was not owned by any of the three sultans of tri-power,which mean they would not have any aid from them.

    The brown haired boy made his way to Desierto,fortunately due to the fact that he has a passport.The man was dropped off in the middle of no where in a scorching hot desert,this apparently was Desierto.There was barely information about this place so he had no idea what was coming,he definitely expected it to be hot but no so hot where it feels like he's melting.He walked around the hot desert,there were many hills of sand around the area,he saw a small house that was probably apart of a small village located here,he had no idea how anyone could even live here,he fell down in exhaustion and had a bit of a hard time breathing,he got up walking in a straight line,the desert seemed to be endless,it didn't seem like it would even reach the end of the desert without passing out.He soon saw an area with grass,trees and a pond of water,he really didn't believe what he saw and ignored it,he was probably imagining things.He really wished there was a reliable source of water anywhere near him,a few steps later and he encountered a small group of houses,this was probably the village that needed help.He ran towards it and there was a small well he passed by,this was probably a reliable source of water,he stopped and looked into the well.

    He was surprised to find a large amount of water,he started to drink the water like an animal or dog,he was refreshed and he had mroe energy,he made it to the village.Some residents came out there houses and greeted the man. "Who might you be?" One of the villagers asked him. "I'm Grey Masar,from Lamia Scale,i have come here as i hear that there was a water outage around here,is that true?" THe man said in reply to the villager,the villagers grouped up and were talking ot each other,Grey could not really hear what they were saying but they seemed to be happy.He led them towards the well he found earlier,and he told them that they should be careful and limit their water usage or it may run out quickly,they all agreed with him.He walked towards the oasis he saw a few minutes ago and apparently it was real.He drunk some water making sure it was real,the villagers saw him going ot it and followed him curiously,It was a real water source.Grey wasn't imagining things.As he drunk the water some water filled back up replacing what had been consumed by him,it was an infinite source of water! Who could've known about this,he was lucky to find the place.The villagers thanked him and they all gave him a small portion of all of there jewel,this was a generous donation,he got around 2k jewel,which was pretty nice.He walked off waving at the villagers as he left the village,he smiled being happy that he was able to help the village.


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