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    So, Come Drink the Water If You Wanna Be Saved [Marceline Anicetus & Alex Hata]


    So, Come Drink the Water If You Wanna Be Saved [Marceline Anicetus & Alex Hata] Empty So, Come Drink the Water If You Wanna Be Saved [Marceline Anicetus & Alex Hata]

    Post by Guest 8th April 2017, 8:43 am


    A small village, unknown to many because of its strange location, in Desierto had begun to suffer from a drought caused by a lack of rainfall. Their river and streams had quickly dried up and they were left with no water, not even to feed the crops that were meant to feed them. So, they had sent out a call for help to anyone on Earthland that would have been willing to come out and help them with their issue. They were desperate, they wanted to survive, and they didn’t have the resources that were necessary to help them do such a thing. It pained Marceline to see the condition the small village was in, but she also knew she shouldn’t mess with the workings of Mother Nature. However, just this once, she didn’t want to see a mass devastation of a place that was so small and merely wanted to live out their days in peace. Thus, she had come to their aid, unlike what was known of her, with the necessary resources it would take to help them survive.

    She was bent down on her knees and had bowls filled with water, alongside bottled water that they could use to replenish themselves. Yet, she wasn’t too certain as to what else she could do, considering she wasn’t a water mage and couldn’t just spring water from air. It was devastating to see the condition that they were in and not know what she could do to help other than bring what little water she owned herself. Certainly, she could have gone out of her way to get more water from a stream or a store in town, but it would’ve caused her too much trouble. So, she had grabbed what had remained in her own castle and brought it out to the village in hope to make some dent in their misery. They were rather glad to see that she was there, helping them out instead of causing them more misery by killing their crops. Perhaps they weren’t aware of the danger that she posed, and so, it was easier for her to be able to help the villagers that lived here.

    I apologize that I wasn’t able to bring much in order to help you all, but I do hope that what I’ve brought has made your day better,” the woman stated softly. “I know I can’t be the only person who’s come out here to help you all, so I expect that there will be more to come with water.” She gave a small smile to those who had walked up to her and taken bits of the water that she was handing out to them and apologizing for. A few of the children even wandered up to her and gave her hugs of thanks and appreciation before they wandered off with their parents. Marcy knew it wasn’t much she was giving out, but she hoped that it was enough that it would let them get through the day a bit. Hopefully, more people would come and help them out; hell, even a few water magi would be helpful in getting the water back running. Once all the water was given out, the woman stood to her feet and looked around, seeing what else there was she could do before she left, but with as little as there was, there was nothing else for her to do. So, she didn’t need to stay.

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    So, Come Drink the Water If You Wanna Be Saved [Marceline Anicetus & Alex Hata] Empty Re: So, Come Drink the Water If You Wanna Be Saved [Marceline Anicetus & Alex Hata]

    Post by Shipping Goddess 8th April 2017, 10:18 am

    Hearing of the water supply being lowered in Desierto was a call to action for the dream mage. Alex had to, due to his own mindset, and wanted to help these people out with their water epidemic. Not only would they be dehydrated, the amount of heat from the deserts would make their lives living hell without the water. They could buy some, but that'd require more use of their resources to fix a problem that isn't permanent. So the purple-haired mage left Fiore and went to Desierto, and quickly made his way to the area with the post apocalypse-looking village. With him he carried gallons and gallons of water, given to him by the civilians of Rose Garden and Phoenix Island. Considering his guild was on an island, and underwater at that, purifying some of the water was a cinch and didn't cost much to do, and since he lived in Rose Garden, the mage was able to speak to his neighbors and gather bottles of water for the parched villagers. This was the good side of humanity, people that acted without expecting anything in return, and gave to the weak. Alex knew these people were good individuals, so he didn't waste any time asking for spare water. It wasn't like they would run out, right?

    Getting to the village with the giant pig and robot made of women's underwear carrying all the water they could, Alex began taking the gallons and bottles one by one from the two spells. Considering the pig's massive size, it was able to have a giant basket tied to its back that allowed it to hold more than Alex could, and the robot was able to carry about 10 gallons, while Alex was only able to carry 4, 2 in each hand. So they set everything down, and Alex began speaking to some of the adults of the village, whom each began passing around the water that Alex brought. Some of the villagers already had bottles of water, meaning someone was already here. That was nice, as whomever brought the extra water must have been another good person, one who actually cared to spare as much as they could, even if it wasn't an ocean of sorts.

    Rallying the civilians, Alex began speaking above them all to attempt to get them to all pay attention.

    "I have recieved word that there is another oasis that has fresh water 2 miles east. If we go that way, you'll not have to worry about the water problem any further. Adults will walk, children and elderly can ride on top of my pet here."

    Alex's authorial voice inspired the civilians, as they all began cheering in happiness. Just as Alex said, the children and elderly climbed atop the massive pink animal that was beside her, and those that were able-bodied adults walked alongside her. After about 45 minutes, as the pace was just walking and not running, and people went different speeds, the group reached the oasis. Alex was thanked by many, as the people each gave him a few jewels each, totaling up to about 2 thousand, and the children played with Porkchop while the adults began conversing about building another village in this particular area. Alex's mission was complete, so he made sure that the gallons of water were placed somewhere where no one would forget about them, then left back for home.


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