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    Death Is the Wish of Some [Marceline Anicetus]



    Death Is the Wish of Some [Marceline Anicetus]

    Post by Guest on Fri 26 Aug - 20:57

    Job Description:
    Job Title: Motor City Rush!

    Rank: D

    Player Requirements: Must be at least D-Rank. The character must be over 16 years of age at least physically.

    Job Requirements: 5 posts. 100 words per post. You must roll once to get your Driving Instructor/Test-giver who rides with you and can pass or fail your test.

    Job Location: Motor City

    Job Description: With the popularity of vehicles of all sorts on the rise, people from all over Fiore and the surrounding kingdoms have been flocking to Motor City in hopes of getting their hands on a Driver's License and shiny new car, motorcycle, truck, or other vehicle! However, to legally drive one on any road one must have a license in their possession! Getting one is no easy task however; you must successfully prove to your Driving Instructor that your skills for navigating the high-traffic Motor City are top-notch! Fasten your seat-belts, this is gonna be a bumpy ride!

    Enemies/Dice Roll:
    Weak-- Everyone's favorite Driving Instructor! She's an older lady, kind, sweet, caring, and very forgiving.... to the point where you cannot fail.

    Normal-- The greatest distraction of your life! This person really is bored with their job and does not mind chatting up a storm while you drive, messing with the radio or other buttons, and pointing out different things going on outside as you cruise. Don't take your eyes off the road!

    Strong-- A veteran Driving Instructor, he is in no mood for games. Strict as a line, ready to point out all your driving flaws, and happy to withhold your license if you fail... drive defensively! And don't forget to use your blinker... or else.

    Reward: Driver's License if you pass the test. (Ability to Drive Vehicles in General)

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    Re: Death Is the Wish of Some [Marceline Anicetus]

    Post by Guest on Sun 28 Aug - 2:05

    Inside of the vehicle sat an aged man, staring down at a clipboard that had a few slips of paper settled on its flat surface. Marceline solemnly walked toward the driver’s side of the car and grabbed hold of the handle, pulling it up and opening the door. Instantaneously, a rush of air ruffled her hair, sending it fluttering with the wind before she bent down and settled herself inside the vehicle. Instinctively, the woman turned to the side and pulled the seatbelt up and over her, clipping it into the  bottom half of the seat. Her hands settled onto to positions ten and two, then she looked toward the driving instructors that hadn’t said a single word to her. It was eerie almost, but she figured that if he wasn’t talking much, that meant he meant business and she liked that about people. Finally, the man cleared his throat and looked up at her, his beady, orange eyes focusing in on the woman in a meticulous way.

    “Seatbelt. Check. Hands positioned correctly. Check,” he listed off what she had done correctly so far, then glanced ahead of himself. “So far so good; I have good faith in you, but don’t think I won’t hesitate to fail you if you happen to do a single thing wrong. Now, let’s put the car into gear and I want you to head straight and make a right when you get to the stop sign up ahead.”

    Marcy nodded her head and looked instantly to rearview mirror, reaching out to adjust it so that she was able to see out of it better. Once it was fixed to how she wanted it, the woman turned her gaze back to the road and shifted the car into drive and stepped lightly on the gas petal. The car lurched forward slightly, but moved fluently overall and headed straight or the stop sign, where she slowed to a stop naturally. Looking both ways, Marceline turned her right blinker on and made a right onto the road, heading down the street at a default pace of 35MPH.

    “Make a left at the next stop sign,” he murmured, looking back down at his paperwork and marking it up as she went along.

    She quietly obeyed what he said and turned when she had slowed down and stopped at the stop sign, looking both ways before going. Evidently, she was just going around the block and she figured it wouldn’t be that hard to get passed by this supposed “veteran” driving instructor. However, little did she know that her magic was taking effect on both the vehicle and the man, which was why he was so apathetic toward her. Before long, the man had her making a few more twists and turns before he had her pull back into the driveway of the DMV. He let out an exasperated sigh and wrote down a few more words before silently handing her a slip of paper that allowed her to get her driver’s license. Marceline stared at it in awe quietly, but she smiled and turned to look at him, only to see that the man had gone still beside her. Frowning, the woman silently exited the car and closed the door, creeping away from it with her driver’s license in her hand.

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