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    To Earthland...And Beyond! (Job,Solo)

    Aliarey Casady
    Aliarey Casady

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    To Earthland...And Beyond! (Job,Solo) Empty To Earthland...And Beyond! (Job,Solo)

    Post by Aliarey Casady 1st June 2017, 2:01 pm

    Job Description:

    "Oh, you have got to be kidding me!" Aliarey angrily clenched her hands into fists and stamped a foot down in a temper fit. What was with the line for passports?! Surely most people had one by now. She had come all the way to Hargeon Town to get herself one because she had thought it would prove useful in the future. If she had known there was going to be this long of a line she likely wouldn't of bothered. Patience and Aliarey did not go very well together.

    She watched for a few minutes, cringing at all the noise. Kids running everywhere and the adults didn't seem to take notice for they were busy entertaining themselves with gossip amongst themselves as they waited. "This line better go quick," Aliarey growled to herself as she walked to the end and stood.

    Twenty minutes had gone by with the line barely moving an inch. What was the hold up? Aliarey folded her arms across her chest and started to tap her foot loudly upon the ground, growing even more impatient. Aliarey leaned her body to the left to see if she could see the front of the line. It was far ahead but she could make out one of the passport issuers arguing with the person in front. Really? An annoyed sigh escaped her. There really should of been an express line for wizards.

    It ocurred to her she could use magic to make this line go quicker. The woman hummed to herself as she tried to come up with a plan. Her magic didn't really have any spells to help the situation. Bringing out her arsenal of requip weapons in such a public location would make it seem like she was some sort of terrorist. Being a target of the Magic Council was not something she was prepared to handle that day, and she doubted they would even give her the passport if she caused such trouble. "Bah! I hate this!" Aliarey lightly pounded her blonde covered head a few times in frustration. Thinking up strategies was not her strong suit. Waiting through the line was the only logical choice she had.

    It was then the man standing in line before her stepped backwards, bumping into her and stepping on her foot. "Ow! Hey watch it!" She forcefully pushed him forward which then caused him to smack into the person standing in front of him. They both turned her way and glared. "Don't go around pushing, girly!"

    "You're the one that bumped into me, you moron!" Lovely, not only did she have to wait in this absurd line she now had to get into a shouting match with some clowns. The man she had shoved forward didn't seem to take her insult very well. His thick brows narrowed deeper and the glare grew more intense. Before she knew it, Aliarey found herself pushed with enough force for her to lose her balance and land on her rump. "You sure have a mouth on you. Learn to apologize next time."

    She hadn't expected the man to outright push her or else she would have easily taken care of it without her being on the ground. The man had turned back around and was not paying any more attention to her. No one else around seemed interested in helping her up either. They were all too busy with their own little lives. She couldn't blame them for she likely wouldn't of helped anyone in her situation either unless there was a pricetag invovled. However, Aliarey was still angry. The woman got back on her feet and without any hesitation shoved the man once more, this time sending him further and into several more people that resulted in them all as a pile on the ground. The strength of her ancestors had an awkward habit of activating itself during moments that resembled the current one. She rarely had need of using it on purpose due to her way of fighting, but it did have its uses.

    "Apologies," Aliarey told him with a smirk on her face as she walked past. "I guess a girl like me just doesn't know her own strength."

    The line had become mis-shapen and was barely a line at all anymore. Some people had left their place in line to help those on the ground and the others, putting together what happened, quickly got out of her way. She wasn't sure why since she had nothing against them and wasn't going to hurt anyone. The man before had started the whole thing. Did they think she was going to start throwing people off the docks? Her power didn't last that long, but then again it wasn't as if they knew that little bit of information. Oh well, the shove match had gained her access to the front of the line.

    Soon Aliarey was at the front desk. The woman sitting behind it seemed unphased by what had happened, likely having seen worse in the past. She adjusted her glasses as she looked at the papers lying in front of her on the desk and calmly asked for a name. Well hell, if she knew these people would of been so numb to attacks during passport registration she would of done more to the bastard that pushed her. "Aliarey Casady!" She excitedly slammed her hands on the desk as she said her name, causing a large crack to form on the surface. Apparently the strength from her lineage was still active.

    The woman behind the desk glanced at the crack now on her desk but did not give much else of a reaction. Her brown eyes were quickly back onto the papers she was filling out. "Mhm. Guild name please."

    "Don't have one."

    'Makes sense."

    "What's that supposed to mean?!"

    Ignoring the question the woman continued on with her own bombardment of questions. No wonder the line had gotten so huge if the registration process was this lengthy. After the papers were filled out it was time for the photo. Aliarey stood up straight and stared at the camera that would soon take the picture that would forever be on her passport. As the light flashed, however, someone ran by and nudged Aliarey out of place. Instead of a perfectly good picture suitable for showing others, a more embarrassing image took its place. Aliarey looked at the picture upon her passport with a frown. Her eyes within the picture were as wide as they could be and her mouth open from the surprised scream she had given when someone ran into her during the picture process. "I demand a retake!"

    (Word Count: 1111)

    500 words for original turn in
    500 for D rank freeform


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