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    To Earthland.... And Beyond! [Job/Solo]


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    To Earthland.... And Beyond! [Job/Solo] Empty To Earthland.... And Beyond! [Job/Solo]

    Post by Ahote 15th April 2016, 4:42 pm


    "A huge line of bustling people are going nuts in front of the Docks, it looks like Wall Street on a bad day. Families, children, old folks attempting to go on vacation; everyone's clamoring for a Passport! Count Sparrow and the Magic Council have reopened Fiore's borders to outsiders, and in turn, have opened the borders too Seven, Bosco, and Minstrel as a show of peace.

    Fiore, along with Bellum and Seven has always produced some of the most skilled wizards in all of Earthland; and so, the Magic Council has decided to offer the services of our wizards here in Fiore abroad in other Nations (for a hefty fee of course!); obtain your passport! Cut in line! Or wait in line! Do whatever is necessary! Because people are going crazy trying to get their entire families Passports registered! Come get your passport today, wizards!"

    Said the note... anyway. It sounded more like an intense movie trailer than an advertisement for mind-ripping, hair-tearing waiting for passports for places he couldn't go. It was actually a mystery to him as to why he actually accepted this task. Why would he accept this invitation if he would no use for it's product? Well, not now, anyways... but he thought it'd be nice to have some sort of access to other, foreign places when he had to opportunity to leave.

    In fact, this had been his first time in Hargeon Town, and it was truly refreshing. He hadn't got many chances to smell such salty airs and to see such busy ports! It was certainly a feeling he'd never forget, but he decided to explore after he got his passport.

    And just as the note depicted, the destination had been filled with raging people and busy with wizards of a diverse amount of shapes and sizes. It looked like people had camped here just to get the advantage when it reopened at dawn or dusk. But, Ahote was stuck at the end of the line. And though several minutes had passed, he managed to make no progress towards the counter whatsoever. "Hmm..." He sighed, realizing that no progress would be made at this rate. He'd be here all day! So it was time for more advanced maneuvers!

    Cutting. In. Line.

    Yes, Ahote truly felt a sense of pride and thrill from this devious act, but also ashamed and guilty. He had hardly ever gotten the opportunity to do much of anything requiring anything dangerous, so even simple tasks seemed like jobs only he could complete. Even something as simple as this task was everything to him. It was truly an exciting process he was about to go through. Or so it seemed, getting a little card wasn't exactly the excitement he thought he'd get but he was excited anyway.

    But, with deep breaths, he managed to build up the courage to gets on his hands and knees and crawl beneath the weighing bodies of the people in lines. His small, diminutive stature seemed to go unnoticed quite easily, making it easily to crawl over to the front counter. He snatched his passport, nodded in thanks, and walked back home.


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