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    Too Earthland...And Beyond! [Solo job]


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    Too Earthland...And Beyond! [Solo job] Empty Too Earthland...And Beyond! [Solo job]

    Post by Aria 22nd March 2015, 9:50 am

    It was a hot summers day, the sun was high and the sky was blue. Not a cloud could be seen. A perfect day to go out and have some fun, unfortunately for our heroine today is the day that she decides to apply for her passport and after just a few minutes of standing under the hot rays of the sun, she began to regret that decision. Yes, our heroine is under the blistering heat of the sun, for as it turned out, other people and mages decided that today was a good day to cross out "Acquire passport" from their procrastination list. A long line that snaked its way around the embassy and people from all walk of life can seen. The rich, the poor, mages, merchants and regular folk. There are even kids, kids that keep on running around shouting and screaming making the closed road their playground, some whining to their parents "Can we go home now?" and the worst, those who had fallen to tantrum fits and are wailing like banshees on a prowl. In short, people fuses were so short that anything trivial could spark out a massive pandemonium out. Luckily for her she got there earlier and she was now 5 people away from being served.

    Everything was going smooth until it was her turn to be served. There was buzzing from behind her but she just ignored it because she just really wants to get her passport and leave that place. She was in the middle of being processed when she felt a hand on her shoulder. "Hey masked freak, mind if we cut in line, me and my boys are starving and we gots to eat." Aria looked at the man and his companions. The instigators looked big, probably the reason why the people lining properly didn't object. "Um sir, there's a line if you could just wait your turn I am sure the old lady would be glad to serve you." But these men doesn't intend to do that, they are really hell bent on cutting the line. Not really wanting to cause any commotion she ended up letting them take a cut which means the man after her originally wanted a cut too and so on and so forth until she was at the back of the line. "Great time to be a pacifist."

    As soon as the intermediating gang got its passport the air seems to have shifted, turns out that those guys frequent complaining got the people around them antsy and and with them gone the mood just turned upside down. It was a great day after all and somehow it wasn't as hot as it was before. People were talking to each other and laughing, some even started singing. It felt so weird but at least with the current mood time seem to flew by so quickly. After just 6 hours which seemed like an hour it was her turn. Even the old lady serving the passport was smiling. So it seems it was a great day after all. With a smile on her face and passport at hand, Aria happily walked home.


    Too Earthland...And Beyond! [Solo job] Aria13

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