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    Hydra helps the Blood Drive (Job - Solo)


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    Hydra helps the Blood Drive (Job - Solo) Empty Hydra helps the Blood Drive (Job - Solo)

    Post by Jozuma 9th April 2017, 1:59 am

    Jozuma arrives at the entrance to Rose Garden, excited for his first job. "Well we're here at Rose Garden this is going to be great, now wheres the blood drive?" "Ugh, we're going to get lost again." "No we're not have a little faith will ya... wait this will make our lives easier, thanks bud." "What are you talking abou-" sniff sniff "Ooooh, clever human." Jozuma follows his nose to the scent of blood being drawn. After a few minutes of walking through the streets he arrives at the blood drive and is stopped by a guard. "Halt, sir I'll need you to take your hood off and show some identification before I can allow you to go further." "Alright sure." He takes his hood off and the guard notices the guild mark on his cheek. "Oh, I see you are from Infinity Hydra great we need all the help we can get." The guards eyes drift lower to the demon mark. "What about the one on your neck?" "Not important, I'm here to help the blood drive in anyway I can" "Um okay, you will mainly be helping with food, drink, entertainment and assisting the blood donors, you can start with the donors" The guard points to a small building down the walkway. "Gotcha." Jozuma walks towards the building.

    Jozuma really isn't that much of a people person but he was willing to give his best for his first job and the fact that it was for such a good cause made it easier on him. He started by helping the blood donors get to the dining are holding them over one arm and carefully walking with them till he could bring them to a seat then zipped back to the building to bring the next one. There was an old man who seemed like he couldn't make the walk so Jozuma brought him some water and carried him on his back to the dining area, he gave him a big smile when they got there "Thank you young man." "No problem sir!" Jozuma turned back to the small building but the old man seemed to be the last of them for now so he went to helping out with food and drinks. He noticed that they were on metal plates "You thinking what I'm thinking." "I usually am." He charges several of the plates and levitated them around him as he started serving the food and drink, It allowed him to serve the tables in bulk while providing a bit of a show for the diners though he did drop one getting a little too fancy.

    Everyone was served but the day wasn't over yet. A few kids, impressed by his floating plate show, walked up to him wanting to play, he gleefully agreed. The rest of the day was spent playing with the children. They played ton of magic games, he even had the chance to introduce them to new ones. Next was a long game of catch where the only target was Jozuma, everyone enjoyed watching the kids team up to try to catch a man moving as fast as lightning; when the kids finally cornered and dogpiled him laughter filled the room. Jozuma then showed off a few more parlor tricks using his electron magic until the day came towards its end. Jozuma finally took his leave and the kids waved him goodbye, smiles all across their faces. "Bye little guys!" Jozuma waved back also smiling as he left, it's been a while since he had that much fun. He met with the guard again. "Job is done." "Ya did good kid, I'll inform the Council and your guild of your work here." And so Jozuma takes his leave of Rose Garden.
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