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    Blood Drive||Solo


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    Blood Drive||Solo Empty Blood Drive||Solo

    Post by kittykool75 14th June 2016, 9:24 am

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    The young assassin walked into the area where the blood drive was taking place. Knowing that he couldn't wear his sunglasses, or a hood, he just had his hat. He wanted something to protect his eyes from light from the sun or the artificial ones in the rooms. When he got in there he was basically sent right to work after someone asked him "Do you know what you need to do?" which he then responded, yes, so then he went right to work. Helping out the weak people who just got their blood drawn, to the place where they could get served some food and drinks. Which preceded to do, passing out drinks and some food. He let out a sigh, it wasn't the most interesting job he has been on. Not that the other jobs that he has been on have been all that interesting in the first place, it's only fun if he gets to fight somebody, or kill somebody. Setting a tray down he noticed out of the corner of his eye somebody about to fall over, he rushed over and caught them. Before he could even ask 'Are you alright?' in a worried tone, a thought popped into his head. Why was he doing this, helping people, that is the last thing he wants to be doing. Lucius is a psychopathic assassin that loves killing, so why wasn't he doing that, why wasn't he killing these people. Nobody can stop him here, it's just some kids, doctors and the weak donors or the ones that are hooked up to something. A grin spread across his pale colored face, the person he held slightly so they could stand, looked at him, worried about the face he was making "Are you alrig-" the person started to ask before the arm of the teenaged boy was wrapped around their neck. Then, SNAP, neck broken, instant death for the young donor. Some people noticed what he did and started to freak out, which set everybody off. Before anybody could leave, the green haired boy was already at the exit, he locked the door then pulled a cupboard down in front of it, glass and whatever else was in it fell out and broke. He continued to grin, gazing across the faces of the hostages as he walked by the few windows and locked them and pulled the curtains closed. The people in the room either grabbed something to defend themselves, or hid, or at least tried to hide. Lucius waltzed right up to the group, and disarmed the person in the front by grabbing their wrist and slamming it up against the wall. The person tried to back away, but before he could, the boy grabbed the knife the man was previously holding, and slit his throat. The person immediately hit the floor, choking on his blood that was coming out through his throat. His head started to throb slightly, stupid headaches, he thought as he threw the knife at a person who tried to approach him. Landing in the dead center of his forehead, the person collapsed. After that point, it was just a blur of screaming, blood, death, and lots and lots more blood. At the end of it he stood at the center of the room just laughing, out of pure enjoyment and pleasure, this it what he wanted to kill, this is what he was, a killer.

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