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    Bully The Bully Empty Bully The Bully

    Post by Dragofox 12th December 2016, 5:16 am

    A trio in school uniform walked down the pathway, laughing their asses off. One of them, slightly blonde, walked the front most, in the middle. Probably the leader amongst the three. The other two laughed to whatever he said, so it must be it. They wore their uniform messily, and with some accessories the academy wouldn’t normally allow.
     “You should have seen the look in his face when we peed in his bottle!” “No no, should have seen the loser’s face when we made him drink piss!” The trio laughed even louder, kicking a passing-by cat aside when it walked in front of one of them without any guilt. “So how much we got from that loser?” The bully with a cap pulled out money from his pocket, counting them with a huge satisfied smile as they continued walking pass the park. “Not much, we’ll have to milk more out from him later.” The leftmost bully with the glasses smirked, hands in the pocket like the cool kids.
     They were passing through an alley when they saw him; the kid they have been bullying. “That’s the loser!” “I don’t know why, but let’s go get him.” The leader thought of making more money out of him now that he stumbled upon them. They give chase to the kid, shouting for him to stop. “Hey Akizawa! Stop! Or you’ll get it when we get you!” But the chase continues anyway.
     Aaron, the leader, looked for a something to throw to the boy as they ran; he wanted to stop the victim so bad. Crein, the one with the glasses was good with his manoeuvre, he could avoid obstacles easily as he free ran. The one with the hat, Boyles, was slow with his legs, and so was left behind pretty far.
     Akizawa ran until he met a dead end. He stopped, turned to face the bully trio. “Wrong choice. Now that we’re here, no one will be here to help, or even watch.” Aaron cracked his fingers, folded into a fist. He remembered getting bad treatments from his teacher that day, and so wanted to unleash his dissatisfaction on his victim. Akizawa was sweating, but he was not in fear.
     Aaron moved closer to him, and finally swung his fist aiming for Akizawa’s face, when suddenly a hand caught his swing midway.
     “What!?” Aaron looked up, the man was taller than him.
     “What is this? Akizawa, you really need to learn how to defend yourself. And this three doesn’t even have any magic.” Garahad spoke, pulling off his hood backways. Garahad suddenly lifted his other hand, only to catch an incoming stone from Crein’s throw. “Nice throw.” Boyles would just arrived by the time the two was stopped by the male wizard, and was struggling with his breath. Garahad doubted that the boy would be of any threat. He was kind of the weakest in the pack anyway.
     Garahad let go of Aaron’s hand, seeing as how he was struggling to get his hand off of his. “Hai kids.” Akizawa stood behind him, hiding. But Garahad pushed him off so that he was standing next to him. It was an impromptu lesson for Akizawa so that he would be brave enough to face his adversaries later in his life, and not just hide behind people. The three glared at Akizawa, but they couldn’t do anything because Garahad was there next to him.
     “Okay guys, look.” Garahad sighed, “Look at me, the boy in the back.” Boyles had just finished catching his breath. “From now on, please stay away from this boy. Go get trouble somewhere else.” He made it quick and simple. They gritted his teeth, dissatisfied. But whatever.
     He made his leave with Akizawa, as the two made their way through the frozen trio. Poor boy, he has been collecting money for this job, and to pay ransacks to the three. The tired boy looks happy, but there was still signs of worry.
     Then it happened. In a flash, Garahad turned back, and caught Aaron’s hand with his left, and took the kick from Crein with his right. It stung, but not as much as how a real battle would feel. Quickly, he pushed them away, dashed towards Aaron and pulled his collar.
     “Do you ever learn?” Garahad pushed him to the wall, lifting him by the collar. He seemed scared, and so did his two friends. “You see, I don’t have any guilds I’m affiliated with..” He grinned, his eyes sharp and threatening. “..Which means, I can do whatever I want.. including breaking your little fingers one by one, and moving to your neck the next.” He threatened, whilst snapping his own fingers.  “And you two.” He mentioned, without even turning back to face them. “Don’t you ever. Get close.” And suddenly, the garbage bin behind them exploded. “I don’t have to play it fair.” Aaron and his friends gulped at the threat; they knew Garahad meant that he would use his magic to hurt them without even a slight concern about them being non-magical.
     “Now.. what say you?”

     “Hello there mister!” Garahad  stopped his tracks, his cloak tugged by a shorter figure. He turned around, and smiled. “Akizawa, what’s up?” He faced the boy, and gave a pat on the shoulders.  “You look fresh, and well rested.” “mhm! Thanks to you, mister!” Garahad nodded, giving a you’re welcome ruffle on the hair. The joyed kid made his leave shortly after, running along with his newfound friends ever since he stopped looking so freaky and tired.
     “Looks like those trio kept their end of the deal.” Garahad said, smiling, then turning around to continue whatever it was he was doing.


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