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    Baby Steps!


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    Baby Steps! Empty Baby Steps!

    Post by Dragofox 12th December 2016, 3:43 am

    A knock came from the door. A man rushed to the door, opening it to see a white-haired male standing in front of the door, holding up a job poster. He would recognize it as the one he put up last evening. Replies sure came fast, thought the man in his busy head. It seemed like he was preparing himself for an outing.
     “Er.. Adams residence?” Garahad politely asked, to which the man nodded. “Mike, Mike Adams.” Garahad took the handshake offer from Mike, giving off a nice gesture of modesty. Mike would then invite Garahad in, giving the exposure of a so-so house, with pictures of grandparents, uncles, aunties and almost everyone in the family tree hanging on the green striped walls. There were ornaments on the table, and noticeably a huge cabinet where they probably keep the medals, jewelleries and whatnot, seeing from the big lock the cabinet door had. A family guy, Garahad thought.

     “You sure you can do this?” Mike reassured, with his wife fixing his bowtie as the two couple stood in front of the door. Giving a confident grin, Garahad gave a pat on his own chest. “Don’t worry! I’ll do my very best!” He remembered being a baby once. He taught himself how to walk during the fire in his house. Just as the gloomy memories started to enshroud him, Garahad shook his head away from it. But when he came back to his senses, Mike and his wife was already away on their way.
     He had until noon.

     “WHAT!?” The baby smirked, suckling off his pacifier as he laid sideways like a lazy housewife, one hand scratching the butt. Turns out the baby, Nakadori, knew how to walk. The problem is that he was damn lazy. Too lazy to the point he never walked in front of his parents. No wonder his parents didn’t know. Or if all the magic they got help with never worked. Garahad sighed. The last time he had a naughty baby capable of destroying a house if left unattended overnight. Now he had to deal with this… lazy ass. This cute lazy ass.
     “Okay, look, you need to walk. Or at least show to your parents you can.” Garahad put the baby on his little feet. Suddenly, the baby pulled out his pacifier, and threw it right to the unsuspecting mage’s face. “Gah!” Garahad rubbed his face, picking up the pacifier, clenched on it to the point of almost breaking it.
     He almost threw it back to the baby when suddenly Nakadori slipped on his feet. “Uh oi!” Just as the baby was about to fall flat on his head, Garahad formed a simple, guillotine-like barrier behind the baby. It caught the fall as if the baby was falling onto a pillow. “Geez, you alright?” Garahad picked the baby up, looking over is there were any injuries. But the change of face the baby had caught his attention. “Oh no…” The baby smirked, mischievous mood on. Purposely, the baby slip himself away from Garahad’s grasp, falling towards the floor only to get his fall caught again by the guillotine-kind barrier. The baby liked the game he invented himself, which involved him falling and Garahad catching.
     They played all morning long, Garahad joining inadvertently since he had to make sure the baby stays safe. Both of them almost forgot that Nakadori had to show that he ‘learnt’ how to walk from Garahad, or that was it for the mage.
     Mike sighed, his wife feeding Nakadori. “I knew it wasn’t easy.” Garahad sighed, he wanted to tell the truth, but who would believe him? Mike opened the door just now to the sight of the both of them playing drop and catch, with Garahad being the one to blame. He readied himself home, with Mike seeing him off. “I’m sorry. Well at least you didn’t have to pay.” Garahad tried to make the situation light, but only seem to work so less. With him chuckling lightly, Garahad smiled away, turning his back. Sighing, he left, not because he failed, but because he was wrongly accused. Heck, technically he did complete the job. But whatever.
     As he left, Mike’s wife shouted for him, the parents surprised at the sight of Nakadori on his feet, chuckling. Mike took his money, ran to the front door and shouted for Garahad.
     Only to find him gone from view. Now the family owed him one. Surely, the next time they meet, Garahad will be receiving what he deserved. The parents smiled to each other, nodding as the doors closed.
     What could be heard next was a couple of laughter filling the house as the family had their playtime together with the newly-able to walk baby, happily.


    Baby Steps! KFGWJhK

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