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    Margaret Elle And The Baby [Job: Baby Steps]

    Necromancer Eon
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    Completed Margaret Elle And The Baby [Job: Baby Steps]

    Post by Necromancer Eon 11th August 2016, 6:34 am

    6AM, Margaret waved good bye to the Adams family from the front door of their home. They seemed like the nice sort, if not a bit tired. Well, that’s why she had taken the job and the first place, to teach their little bundle of joy to take his first few steps. Margaret stepped back into the house as the first slips of sunlight entered through the windows, basking the house in the colors of the sunrise. She stretched away the drowsiness from being up that early and decided to check on the baby. He was in his crib, sleeping like a, well, baby. She didn’t dare to wake up the baby and decided to let it wake up on its own.

    8AM, the baby was cared for during the previous hour and was now sitting on the floor and looking up at Margaret. “Okay…” She began as she paced back and forth, the baby’s head swivelled to and fro, following her movement. “How are we going to do this…” She said as she tried to think of a way to teach the infant how to take its first steps. She decided that she should start by asking nicely.

    By 9AM Margaret had already given up on asking nicely since the baby just stared at her uncomprehending of her words. He was a baby after all. “Okay, this isn’t working.” She said putting a hand to her chin and beginning to think of another method. “Maybe I could try drawing it to me with some food?” She said, making her decision on her next course of action. She went around the house and gathered some baby food and a spoon before kneeling down a bit of a distance in front of the baby and began to make cute and attention grabbing noises.

    At 10AM she had begun to give up on her food plan as well. She’d even tried other things like shiny things or his favourite toys. All that happened was it crawled to her on all fours and laughed when he reached her. With a sigh she set down her current bait, a squeaky ball, and began to pace the floor once more. The ball rolled off to the side with the baby watching it intently. Margaret sat on the sofa and began to think of more ways to teach the baby how to walk. “Hmm…” She began. “Maybe I should try guiding it?”

    Time progressed quickly with Margaret gently propping the baby up and moving its legs, mimicking a walking motion. Every once in a while she would leave him alone and see if he’d gotten the hang of walking. All the while, the baby kept looking at the ball. Finally Margaret was tired and lied down next to the ball, accidentally rolling it away from her and closer to the baby. The baby, watching the ball move wanted to play with ball. Slowly he stood, with Margaret watching him, and began to walk to the ball. He wobbled from time to time and fell on his bottom but he kept going for the ball and when he reached it Margaret went to him and held him up. “There! You did it!” She happily said. The baby cooed just in time for the family to return. Margaret looked at the clock and indeed noticed that it was already 12 O’clock. The family asked on whether she had done it and instead of telling them, she showed them by rolling the ball away by a bit and setting the baby down. The baby wobbly stood and stepped slowly towards the squeaky ball. The family thanked her and she made her exit, feeling proud of herself.


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