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    Baby Steps

    Merlin Ambrosius
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    Baby Steps Empty Baby Steps

    Post by Merlin Ambrosius 27th July 2016, 10:01 am

    Kyrie was granted permission to perform a job and answer the request to babysit the Adam’s family baby. Since Kyrie is found of little cute children, she just couldn’t resist in asking him, the elder magus couldn’t see why not so she was given a chance. It wouldn’t hurt and Kyrie always had handled paperwork and arrangements, as well as bodyguard duties while Mejai performs field work. To show his support, Mejai gave her a bag full of things needed for her babysitting, they were currently in Crocus right now, Mejai offered Kyrie to have her travel to Hargeon via his office, whereas his office exists in a dimensional plane, for once you open the office door, you’ll end up in another city, specifically a building or anything that has a door.

    Kyrie shook her head otherwise and decided to commute and take the train. Mejai respected her decision and allowed her to do as she pleases. Kyrie grabbed the bag and headed off towards the train station. After buying a ticket, she boarded the passenger cart and took her seat. She was quite early and the train is supposed to depart in the next fifteen minutes. Kyrie was lost in thought imaging what she would do and can do for the baby, she’d play with it, cuddle it, feed it, pretty much like having her own child.

    Kyrie has some maternal instincts to her.

    Then suddenly two hands shook her shoulders, it was the conductor, telling her that she had already arrived in Hargeon. Kyrie blinked twice and was embarrassed to have such expression of delight, time really flew for Kyrie. She covered her face in front of the conductor, obviously telling the conductor that her expression was embarrassing. She bowed down in thanks and dropped down from the train. Then it was a matter of arriving in the Adam’s family household. Their home was located in one of the far corners of the city. She knocked on the door twice before she entered, when she did, Mr. Adams and Mrs. Adams were waiting for her.

    They were glad to meet her and that a fine young woman is going to take care of their baby, hopefully teach it how to walk. They told her they would return a bit late in the afternoon because they plan on shopping in Rose Garden.

    Now was the final moment, meeting the baby and it was just as she imagined it to be, adorable.
    The Adam’s family mentioned the baby had a hard time walking so she had to prepare some exercises for the baby but so far all her attempts failed. Just as when Kyrie was preparing food for it, the baby manages to stand on two legs and was walking around. When Kyrie saw this, the baby sat down to crawl, as it was being watched.

    Now she begins to understand, the baby already knew how to walk but it was too shy to even show such talents to her parents or to anyone bigger than it was. When the adams family arrived back, Kyrie explained the situation and with a little trick, it was proven. She was rewarded and was asked if she could babysit again. Kyrie nodded and smiled as she would look forward to the next day that she’ll have to babysit another baby.


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    Baby Steps Merry_10

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