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    Baby Steps (Job)


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    Completed Baby Steps (Job)

    Post by Ursala 1st April 2017, 7:39 am

    Ursala walked into the town.  She didn't think much of it. She had been to this town countless times before while traveling. All of the times she'd been there though she'd quickly brush through it without second thought. Just like all the other times she didn't have much to do. She was thinking about renting a small room to stay in, because it was night. She didn't hate being out during the night, but she didn't want to travel at dark either. She wasn't exactly sure where any where to stay was, but Hargeon was a lively town. Surely there had to be some where for travelers to stay.
     After walking around for around an hour she came upon a small building with a sign saying 'Bed & Breakfast' in large letters. She quickly walked up to the door, and knocked. Almost immidiantly a small woman came to the door, and greeted her. Once Ursala was invited inside, she could hear a baby crying from up stairs. Before long the lady had checked her into a room, and showed her to it.  
     Ursala quickly settled in the room as the lady left. It was a cozy little place, and it reminded Ursala of her own home. She hadn't had much time to rest before the lady came back into the room, and offered her a job to pay for her stay with a little extra money. Without a second thought Ursala accepted it reminding herself she didn't have much money in the first place. The lady explained the situation. "My, and my husband are going on a date tonight, but we have a baby. I was wondering if you could watch it. If you can watch it I won't charge you for the room, but we have another problem. It's already getting older, and it hasn't learned how to walk. If you can teach it to walk I'll pay extra." The lady thanked Ursala, and led her to the baby.
     She introduced Ursala to the baby before she, and her husband left. The baby was adorable. It had big chubby cheeks, and bright blue eyes. Ursala picked it up under it's shoulder's, and placed it on it's feet. She casted Bubble around the babies torso which helped hold it up. Ursala picked up the babies feet, and made walking motion with them. The baby giggled thinking Ursala was tickling it. Ursala took the babies food, which the mother had left behind to feed it, and walked to the opposite of the room as the baby. It started waddling towards her trying to get the bottle. While it was in the middle of the room Ursala dismissed the bubble, and watched the baby happily waddle the rest of the way to get the bottle. Ursala picked it up, and fed it the bottle. It fell asleep in no time. Now that it was asleep Ursala had no idea what to do, so she just stood, and watched it sleep till the lady returned home. Upon arrival Ursala gently woke the baby, and showed the couple it walking. They gave her the extra money for teaching it, and allowed her to return to her room. She slept for a few more hours before leaving to continue her traveling elsewhere.

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