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    Deliver My Letter! [Job/Solo]


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    Deliver My Letter! [Job/Solo] Empty Deliver My Letter! [Job/Solo]

    Post by Brand 15th October 2016, 6:17 am

    Arriving by train Brand was once again back in Magnolia. He was wearing his usual white, black vest and blue tie. This was the last job he would have to do until he could do his C rank exam. He was so close and it was killing him. All he had to do was deliver a letter today. He got off the train and was in no rush. He did not have to be quick today he had a few hours to be there. He quietly walked around town thinking about his past. Never did he think he would be part of Sabertooth. Now that he was he was going to try as hard as he could to be the best. During his short time traveling he met a kid with a dream similar to his. Now he is living this dream for the both of them. After Brand snapped back into reality he walked toward his destination.

    When he arrived at the man's house knocked on the door and was invited in. They had a long conversation about dreams and ladies. It turns out that this man was childhood friends with the celebrity that was coming into town. She was also the reason people where freaking out about today around town. During this conversation he mentioned he was totally in love with her and has always been. He told Brand it was never about the money and he would still be interested with her if she was not. Brand smiled all the way through the conversation and agreed to take the letter to her no matter the cost. After a quick cup of tea Brand was on his way to find this celebrity and deliver the letter.

    As soon as Brand walked out the door it so happened that the magic-mobile limo was passing him. Stunned for a moment he stood there and watched it then realized who it was and started running after it. Brand could see where the destination was and knew he couldn't keep up so he slowed down to a jog but continued to follow the limo. When he arrived security was already set up. Brand swore under his breath he knew that he would have to get to her before the show started or she would be busy. Brand slowed down to a walk and dipped into a group of strangers and when the security guard was turned he ran past him into the propped open door. With a sigh of relief he hid inside until the next set of guard past them he found a locker room full of security guard jackets. He slipped this over his then walked around back stage until he found her room and knocked on the door. When she opened the door he handed the letter to her then sprinted full speed right out the door. The security guard outside tried to stop him but couldn't keep up and Brand lost him on the way back to man's house. When he arrived gave Brand his reward then left for work.

    Brand was on his way home and a post man found him in the train station and gave him a letter I turns out that she was interested in him as well and they where going on a date so I sent a letter to the man and a letter to the restaurant in Rose garden and explained everything and got them a free meal at the restaurant. After a while Brand arrived back at the Ace of Spades. He cracked his knuckles walking back into town and smiled. "C Rank here I come." He said before running toward the castle that is Sabertooth.

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