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    Margaret Elle and The Goldfish [Job: Where's My Goldfish Part 1]

    Necromancer Eon
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    Completed Margaret Elle and The Goldfish [Job: Where's My Goldfish Part 1]

    Post by Necromancer Eon on 12th August 2016, 2:38 am

    Margaret Elle looked her client’s house up and down. It looked simple but gave off a certain feeling of warmth. That warmth however had become lesser when she heard the crying of a certain little girl. She knocked on the door and was greeted by the mother of the very young girl. “Thank you so much for coming in such short notice.” The mother said as she let Margaret into their home. “She doesn’t want to listen to me; she just wants her goldfish back. I figured maybe someone could come along and try to explain to her what happened to her pet.” Margaret sat down. “Alright before I go up there I’d like to know everything that happened.” She said, sitting down on a chair and getting comfortable before beginning to listen to the mother.

    “My daughter left for school this morning with my husband, he’s a teacher there. I stayed here to clean the house and maybe read a few books. So I was cleaning her room when I noticed her goldfish floating on the water. It wasn’t moving so I went up to it and tapped the glass a few times…I may have also moved the bowl a bit.” She explained. “Her goldfish didn’t move no matter what I tried so I figured it was dead so I uh…” The mother fidgeted slightly, as if she was admitting an embarrassing secret to a total stranger. “I…I might’ve flushed it down the toilet.” She finished, looking down at her feet. Margaret blinked at the mother before humming for a bit and standing up. “Alright, I’ll go break the news to her. I’ll be down soon.” She said before marching to the stairs. She eyed the steps for a few seconds before marching to the second floor and arriving at the door to the girl’s bedroom.

    Margaret knocked at the door twice, waiting for a response. When she didn’t get any she slowly opened the door and entered. The room was full of things you’d expect from a young child’s room. Toys strewn in one corner, children’s books stacked neatly on the bedside table, and stuffed animals on the bed. The girl was sitting on the bed, crying and hugging the fish bowl against her body. “Hello, I’m Margaret, I’m a mage from a guild and-“ She began before the girl suddenly looked up. “Are you here to help find Goldie?” She asked.

    Margaret took a deep breath and sat down beside the girl. “No, I’m afraid not… Listen kid…your pet is gone now. Mr. Goldie went to where all fishes go eventually. He just had to go now.” She said. “B-but…couldn’t he take me with him?” The girl asked quietly. “Unfortunately for us, that’s not possible. That’s just not the way things work” Margaret said. She wiped the little girl’s tears away and smiled. “But what’s important is that he had a lot of fun with you! I’m sure he won’t forget you when he gets there, I’m sure of it!” She said. The little girl smiled and put down the fish bowl. Suddenly her stomach growled and she looked a bit embarrassed. “Looks like someone’s hungry. Go, I’m sure your mom has dinner ready for you.” Margaret said. The little girl left her room with Margaret and split up at the bottom of the stairs. Just as she was about to leave the house she was called by the mother. “Aren’t you going to stay for dinner?” She said. Margaret shook her head. “No, I’ll be fine. Have a good evening.” She said before leaving their home. Clover Town looked beautiful at night; maybe she should stay the night? The journey back was going to be pretty far…She nodded to herself, deciding to stay the night at the inn before heading back to the guild hall.


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