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    Margaret Elle And The Game Of Tag [Job: Tag]

    Necromancer Eon
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    Completed Margaret Elle And The Game Of Tag [Job: Tag]

    Post by Necromancer Eon 11th August 2016, 8:51 am

    There was nothing quite like being in a magic rich environment like Rose Garden. Despite being 420 years old, it was still a wonderful thing to marvel at the beauty of magic. Rose Garden bustled with people and magic. She paused for a bit to breath in the various scents of their delectable food, taking note of which ones seemed to be the sweetest or made of grape. This lasted for quite some time before she had remembered why she was visiting this mythical magical place in the first place. She was here to play tag with some kids. It was an easy job that offered no pay, but she just couldn’t resist going on it since it reminded her of herself when she was that young.

    The purple haired mage made her way to the park where she saw a group of kid looking to and fro, as if on the lookout for something. ‘Ah, these must be the kids that wanted to play tag!’ Margaret mentally concluded as she approached the group. The group was composed of three boys and two girls. The three boys seemed to be bickering about something while the two girls just giggled at their foolishness. Margaret had a feeling that she was going to like the two girls.

    As Margaret approached them, the group of children couldn’t help but stare at the pretty lady coming towards them. “ Hello~! I’m Margaret Elle! I’ll be the one playing tag with you today!” She said with a smile and a tilted head. The kids clamoured up to her spouting questions by the bunch and she did her best to answer as much as she could. “Okay, enough about me then, what are your names?” She asked them nicely. The kids began to introduce themselves to her

    “So, Anne, Marie, Julius, Frank, and Robert, do you want to play some tag?” She said, much to the excitement of the kids. She volunteered to be first and let the children run away before she chose to move. She had decided to not use any magic while playing since it was only playing tag and they were kids. She had also chosen to let herself be tagged easily to make the game they were having a lot more fun. She started to walk first, picking out the kid closest to her and moving to her direction.

    She gave Marie a light tap on her shoulder, tagging her, before running away giggling. The children were laughing as they played together. The status of being it had been quickly passed to each other, some more than others, but the best part that they were having fun. Margaret was tagged again by Julius and the boy laughed happily as he ran away from her. This continued all through the afternoon until the sun was beginning to set. Margaret Elle waved the children goodbye before dusting off her clothes from the dirt it had accumulated from playing. She whistled a jaunty tune as she began her journey back to her guild.


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