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    Where's My Goldfish? (Part 1) [Job]

    Kai Dehiro
    Kai Dehiro

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    Where's My Goldfish? (Part 1) [Job] Empty Where's My Goldfish? (Part 1) [Job]

    Post by Kai Dehiro on 30th June 2016, 4:18 pm

    The first thing he needed to do was break the news to her, and then leave. She needed to learn to grow up, and that the things she believes in are not real. There is a place where everyone went when they died, and if spoiled little pricks like her are going to cry, she will be dying a slow and painful death as everything around her is literally ripping her inside out, laughing in the background as he blood is being spilled all over the place. It was a tormentors own dream But before that time comes, she was going to cry about a first world problem. Well, he could just steal a fish for her, and so he would have to find a pet shop first.And then he would break in, take a fish, and bring it back to the girl. Oh what fun this was. Yet at the same time, it was kind of getting boring. This was going in a constant loop, all of the stealing. If there was anything that he wanted to do, it was something different. Something exciting. Something that would get him in a hell lot of trouble if he messed up. Such a hope will never come though. The world was just too weak for him to handle. They were not going to catch him, not while he was just that much smarter than them. Oh well, it was not time to worry about that. And so he would just do what he normally did. he would walk in with a hoodie, he would then slam the clerks face into their glass or wooden counter, then take the fish, and leave the scene. Once that had happened, he would run back over to the home of the crying girl, where her parents had to comfort her. All right, that was fine, they stalled for time. And so he would bring her a new fish. It was a bit different than the last, but it looked nearly the same. The parent could say it was a new one, or say that it was a found pet. It did not matter to him, just as long as he was given his fair sum of jewels, he was happy to leave them alone. And provided they did not pay him, they could expect a nice happy little sword through their hearts. Or maybe just one of them. The father. The girl would take the fish and shut up. And Kai would take his jewels and leave the scene. It was finally time to go home. Maybe he could do something different next time so that he would not have to be bored? Nah, this was the fastest and easiest way to earn jewels. Stealing was fun. Killing was fun. It was all fun to him. It was time to go back to his guild, where he will spend the rest of the night... In an apartment. That was right, he was finally having the things that he wanted, slowly but surely. Soon, he will have a mansion all for himself.


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